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History of Ethics

by: Miss Frederik Ward

History of Ethics PHIL 109

Miss Frederik Ward

GPA 3.71

Robert Trawick

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About this Document

Robert Trawick
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Frederik Ward on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 109 at St. Thomas Aquinas College taught by Robert Trawick in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/232693/phil-109-st--thomas-aquinas-college in PHIL-Philosophy at St. Thomas Aquinas College.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
l Aristotle s Life amp Work II Division of Science a Poeisis b Praxis c Theoria lll Levels of Knowledge IV Metaphysics V Modes of Being a Analogical Nature of Being b Four Modes Per Se Per Accidens Categories Truth amp Falsity Potential amp Actual 239 E Aristotle lived in Macedonia now part of Greece Taught Alexander becomes Alexander the Great Obsessive listmaker and categorizer Division of science Poeisis means production making things 0 Creation the making of something Praxis the goal is the action itself 0 Politics acting wisely ethics Theoria highest level of human activity 0 THOUGHT Logic allows us to make decisions based on reason Levels of Knowledge All men want naturally to know Senses are the lowest level of knowledge gets data Empeiria experience collates data from senses 0 Can t be taught builds on data Tekhne technique art as in skill 0 Acquired skills 0 Needs senses and experience Sophia wisdom 0 Highest level of knowledge beyond human reaches Metaphysics is about 3 interrelated things Entities things objects 0 Natural objects plants animals people rocks I Something that contains within itself the principle of motion change I Natural objects change 0 Mathematic relations object I never change but they exist only in the mind God perfection selfsufficient knows all has sophia o The possibility of a real entity that never changes Substance Sub below underneath stantia standing 0 Below the framework 0 Why things exist In metaphysics everything has a reason for existing lt tries to understand why everything is here We need to learn how to observe things Modes of Being Univocal one word one meaning Philip s head screwdriver Ambiguous one word with different possible meanings foot body part or unit of measure Analogical one word with different but related meanings healthy body appetite mind Wants us to describe things accurately Four Modes Per se Per Accidens 0 Essence v accident Categories 0 Various questions we can ask to describe something 0 Substance quality quantity relation place time position activity passivity 0 Truth amp Falsity I An object is true when it presents itself as what it actually is I An object is false when it tries to present itself as something it is not 0 Potential amp Actual I An acorn has the potential to become a tree but ONLY an oak tree I The goal of ethics is to realize your potential


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