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International Business Ethics

by: Lafayette Anderson

International Business Ethics MBET 60330

Marketplace > University of Notre Dame > General > MBET 60330 > International Business Ethics
Lafayette Anderson
GPA 3.55

Georges Enderle

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About this Document

Georges Enderle
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lafayette Anderson on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MBET 60330 at University of Notre Dame taught by Georges Enderle in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/232714/mbet-60330-university-of-notre-dame in General at University of Notre Dame.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Mendoza College of Business Prof Georges Enderle University of Notre Dame Office 393 Phone 6315595 Email genderlendedu Office Hours At your request Spring 2010 MBET 60330 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETHICS January 12 to February 23 Tuesday and Thursday 1000 am 1 l 50 am in Room 158 Purpose and Objectives The fundamental purpose of business ethics is to enhance the ethical quality of decision making processes at all levels of business at the personal micro organizational meso and systemic macro levels This 2credit course on international business ethics builds on the previous course Foundations of Ethical Business Conductquot and concentrates on the international dimension of business ethics at all three levels with a special focus on China The course includes two parts In the first part we attempt to gain a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of what corporate responsibility in economic social and environmental terms can mean and how it is crucial for both big and small companies facing globalization We discuss several companies as examples to substantiate corporate responsibilities in the global context and explore different but complementary frameworks for global ethical standards Amartya Sen s capability approach and the contributions of world religions particularly the Declaration Toward a Global Ethics and the Interfaith Declaration of International Business Ethics The second part of the course focuses on crucial aspects for developing business ethics in China We use the books Developing Business Ethics in China 2006 and China 2020 2009 complemented by a number of videos and further articles as background information By investigating a few major challenges of doing business in China we hope to overcome widespread prejudices and cliches about China to become more sensitive for the complexities of this country and to help improve mutual understanding between the East and the West Assignments 0 Required readings to be completed prior to class 0 Notes to be prepared prior to class 0 Group assignment Chinese companies go global 0 Research paper by two students Draft of 12 page submitted by January 28 Final paper of 12 pages ca 4200 words due by February 23 see guidelines Grading The nal grade will be computed on the basis of active class participation including use of required readings 10 the preparation of notes 25 group assignment l5 and the research paper 50 Remember the Honor Code Pledge quotAs a member of the Notre Dame community I will not participate in or tolerate academic dishonesty quot Textbooks and Further Readings Lu Xiaohe Enderle Georges eds 2006 Developing Business Ethics in China New York Palgrave referred to as BE China available from the instructor through Guangrui Li gli2ndedu Santoro Michael A 2009 China 2020 How Western Business Can 7 anal Should 7 In uence Social anal Political Change in the C oming Decade Ithaca Cornell University Press Course Packet MBET 60330 referred to as CP Accessible at the course website Icoursesp10mbetmbet603300l Class Schedule Part Corporate Responsibilities in the Process of Globalization January 12 Introduction and Overview G Enderle Corporate Responsibility in the CSR Debate CP United Nations Global Compact wwwunglobalcompactorg and Global Reporting Initiative www globalreporting org January 14 Small Companies in the Global Economy M Yunus The MicroCredit Movement Experiences and Perspectives CP G Enderle Global Competition and Corporate Responsibilities of Small and MediumSized Enterprises CP January 192 Big T quot 39 Cnmnanies in the Global Economv H Steinmann Corporate Ethics in Germany BE China chap 23 U Baerlocher Global Corporate Citizenship BE China chap 25 January 21 No session Session with Professor Qibin Niu to be scheduled Readings for January 21 on Key Features of Corporate Ethics January 26 January 28 L Sharp Paine The Corporation s Evolving Personality BE China chap 22 D Rossouw Business Ethics and Corporate Governance BE China chap 24 G Enderle Beyond Pro t and Rules CP Frameworks for Global Ethics A Sen Culture and Human Rights CP H Kung A Global Ethic in an Age of Globalization CP S Webley Values Inherent in the Interfaith Declaration of International Business Ethics CP Human Rights and Business K Leisinger Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights CP Protect Respect and Remedy A Framework for Business and Human Rights UN Document NHRC85 7 April 2008 CP Submitting draft of research paper Part I Perspectives of Developing Business Ethics in China An Overview of the Essays as a Platform for Further Dialogue BE China Introduction February 2 February 4 February 9 China s Growing Economy and I I quotquot Video PBS 2005 Y Zhu On China s Traditional Business Ethics and Its Modern Transformation BE China chap 1 K J Lam Confucian and Christian Ethics about the Market Economy BE China chap 3 Z Hu and K Huang Fundamental Business Ethics Issues in Contemporary China BE China chap 6 J Yang Ethical Evaluation of the Income Distribution in China According to Its Five Income Sources BE China chap 12 The Chinese Consumer Video PBS 2005 Z Zhou Ethical Concepts of Consumption in China and the West BE China chap 11 Environmental Challenges Video GE Case E Economy The Great Leap Backward The Costs of China s Environmental Crisis CP Z Wang The Ethics of an Ecological Economy BE China chap 2 Shakeups of Chinese Companies Video PBS 2000 L Li Moral Reticence Corporate Management s Tendency to Avoid Addressing Ethical Issues BE China chap 18 X Zhou The Necessity and Prospects of Promoting Ethics in Chinese Enterprises Experiences of Dazhong Transportation Group BE China chap l9 F Qiao The Moral Values of JointForces Culture The Example of Xuchang Relay Group BE China chap 20 H Lu C Chiu Corporate Citizenship Behavior in a Transitional Economy An Exploratory Study in the People s Republic of China BE China chap 21 To be scheduled Session with Professor Qibin Niu Beijing Visiting Scholar at the Mendoza College of Business Business and Marketing Ethics in China Observation of Recent Cases February 11 Chinese Companies Go Global February 16 February 18 February 23 Group projects presented in class The Role of Foreign Business in China s Uncertain Path to Democracy and Human Rights M Santoro Chapter 1 SolVing China s Sweatshop Problem M Santoro Chapter 2 H Gao On the Moral Principles of Contract Ethics BE China Safety of Drugs and Other Products Manufactured in China M Santoro Chapter 3 Promise and I 39 of China s Intemet as a Catalyst for Social and Political Change M Santoro Chapter 4 R De George Business Ethics Globalization and the Information Age BE China Foreign Business and the Rule of Law in China M Santoro Chapter 5 D Xu Business Corruption in China s Economic Reform and Its Institutional Roots BE China G Brenkert Rules Roles and Moral Disparity The Problem of Corruption BE China C 39 The Two Chinas of 2020 M Santoro Chapter 6 February 23 Submission of research paper


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