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Week 4 - Medieval Spanish Art (Wednesday)

by: Hazel Medina

Week 4 - Medieval Spanish Art (Wednesday) Rel Std 100

Marketplace > University of California - Irvine > Religious Studies > Rel Std 100 > Week 4 Medieval Spanish Art Wednesday
Hazel Medina
GPA 3.0
Medieval Spain
Betancourt, R.

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About this Document

Alright, everyone! I hope you're all keeping up with those papers and readings! If you feel like you're lacking when it comes to Medieval Spanish art knowledge, then be my guest, and download some ...
Medieval Spain
Betancourt, R.
Class Notes
medieval Spanish art
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hazel Medina on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Rel Std 100 at University of California - Irvine taught by Betancourt, R. in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Medieval Spain in Religious Studies at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Professor Betancourt 10212015 Art HistoryReligious Studies Medieval Spain Week 4 Wednesday lecture Illuminated Manuscripts in Iberia and Beyond I Wall paintings A Apse Santa Maria Tahull 1123 vs Apse Sant Climent Tahull 1123 111 5 lin cnt Tahull 1123 Iquot 1137 1 Obvious relations both sitting in mandorla both have Christ with sacred texts with their hands held in blessing gesture both have cruciform nimbus 2 Draw connection between two figures of Christ a Important to note that the one on the left gives an important connection of Christ coming from Mary b The one on the left has a border around it with design of shorttallshorttall etc similar to the quotfake Arabic declaring the faith B Left wall painting shows three kings visiting Mary and Christ Apsc Santa Maria Tahulll 123 1 The hierarchy of size acts as reminder that Christ is a higher power than the kings 2 Can draw associations from depiction of six kings in one of the desert palaces a More Byzantine in this image though b Brings up question of where the east is and where they are coming from c Note the red flourishes of the left star indicates that it is the star that guided the three kings and how you can find red dots on Mary s blue robe as if clothed in heaven d What the kings are holding seem the same seem to look like the Eucharist Animal life A Lion from frieze made in Burgos CastilleLeon Spain after 1200 Lion from frieze made in Burgos CastilleLeon Spain after 1200 1 Structure isn t what you d expect from a lion 2 Draws from various iconographies B Bear L and Camel Hermitage of San Baudelio de Berlanga province of Soria Spain 1125 A i l I A39 l l Lquot 17 1 l39 l t it i a lt quot 7quot v Bear L and Camel R Hermitage of San Baudelio de Berlanga province of Soria Spain c 1125 1 Sad bear 2 Weirdlooking camel 3 Both appear to be a blob of paint camel contoured by another color I Martyrdoms and tortures A Stoning of Saint Stephen Church of Sant Joan Boi Cataluna Spain late 11th century 1 Hand of God shining light on Saint Stephen a Saint Stephen showing much piety to God in intense suffering b Detail of Saint Stephen s head shows streams of blood and he is bleeding from his ears red used to contour his face 2 Last person throwing stones looks at audience a Normally person awaiting death or person committing atrocities look at audience b Give notice of how people can repent B Antependium altarfront Hermitage of Santa Juilieta de Durro Valle de Boi 12th century shows acts of martyrdom surrounding Virgin Mary and Christ f l 3 x I 1 7 39 114quot J A l I v I 4x AH2 x ntepemlium altarfront Hermitage of Santa Julieta de lurm Valle de Boi 12th Century 1 Made to commemorate martyrdom of saints 2 Sort of fantastical oddity about their figures IV Santa Maria de Sigena England and Manuscript Artists A Chapter House Santa Maria de Sigena Aragon Spain 1188 1208 1 Where people would to be sure all the rules were followed more discussion than religious 2 Destroyed in a fire and its surviving items have been moved into a museum B Museum Reconstruction of Chapter House Santa Maria de Sigena Aragon Spain 1188 1208 1 Flagellation of Christ Chapter House Santa Maria de Sigena Aragon Spain 1188 1208 quot L Flagellution fCln ixt lmptor lluuw Santa Maria do Sigvnn rragon Spain HHS 1208 a Shows man holding up whip b Appropriate for placement because there were disciplinary actions in the Chapter House C Images similar between Chapter House Santa Maria de Sigena Aragon Spain and Winchester Bible 1188 1208 Ornamental Band with Angels Chapter House Santa Maria de Sigena Aragon Spain 11881208 V39Vinchester England c 1150 1180 1 Similarities between images in Winchester Bible and the Chapter House 2 Unlikely to have been copied from one another More similarities A Image of the lion 1 Bizarre musculature 2 quotGrinsquot appear awkward B Eve Chapter House Santa Maria de Sigena Aragon Spain 1188 1208 and Eve Cathedral of Monreale Sicily 1174 1182 amp F39e Chapter House Santa Maria LlC Sigena F39e Cathedral of l ionreale Sicily Aragon Spain 11881208 11741182 1 Both have muscles and bizarre bodies 2 Both depicts a relationship between Eve and the snake C Simeon Chapter House Santa Maria de Sigena Aragon Spain 1188 1208 and David s Warriors Winchester Bible Winchester Englang c 1150 1180 l uquot lAlf Simeon Chapter House Santa Maria do David s Warriors Vinclws tur Bible V Vinchmlcr Sigcna Aragon Spain 1 lSSllllb anland c l 150 180 2 Interesting interplay between similar iconographies VI Beatus of Liebana s Commentary on the Apocalypse and its illuminated manuscripts A Last Judgment Morgan Beatus Commentary on the Apolocalypse Tabara Spain c 940 945 a r i 39 quot nkk39e 39 1363th g n 39 quot t V r quot 3quot 3 lt L 39i tn quot l L 39 39 r Y I a 39 I 39 quot C O U 2 a O K g V 6 5 i a 3 c u t I N In I C 39 quot STE v 39539 J o quot i 39 H u w 39 1 4 u Morgan Libray New York Last Judgment Moran Beatus Commentary on the Apocalypse Tabara Spain c 940 945 1 Brightly illuminated 2 In first image upper left Christ seated in majesty 3 Very ordered chaos where everything is ended and punishments and salvation are given B Adam and Even from Genealogical Tree Morgan Beatus Commentary on the Apolocalypse Tabara Spain c 940 945 b 1 I 1 O C 39 mu v v l 5 A mm T quotHE quot ECNF L at A A LIA 45quot x I 39 4 fquot 39 lt 2Q f quot quot l a h 39 6 Morgan Lbrary New York t I m Adam and Eve from Genealogical Tree Morgan Beatus Commentary on the Apocalypse Tabara Spain c 940 945 1 Adam and Even not engaging with audience 2 Covering themselves which reveals sense of shame after having partaken in the tree of knowledge a Not the paradise Adam and Even they have been expelled from paradise and humanity unfurls in moment of sin b Alludes to awareness of sex and unity of Adam and Even 3 Similar to Adam and Eve Escorial Beatus c 950 C The Heavenly Jerusalem Bamberg Apocalypse 11th Century The Heavenly jerusalem b mnberg Apocalypse 11 h Century 1 Often depict heaven as sort of heavenly Jerusalem 2 Jerusalem heavily fortified 3 The Heavenly Jerusalem Chapel of St George in the Monastery of Saint Chefen Dauphine sereFrance c 1056 Vil fl u quotJ 39 i quot qquot 2 n may Aquot i 61923 M is w I v v if I J 4 l he Heavenly Jerusalem Chapel of St George in the Monastery of Saint Chefenlauphine lsere l rance c 1053 a Shows Christ in majesty surrounded by saints b Fortification reveals it to be Jerusalem


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