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Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials

by: Yesenia Hansen

Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials AME 60645

Marketplace > University of Notre Dame > Aerospace Engineering > AME 60645 > Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Yesenia Hansen
GPA 3.64

Ryan Roeder

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About this Document

Ryan Roeder
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Yesenia Hansen on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AME 60645 at University of Notre Dame taught by Ryan Roeder in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 99 views. For similar materials see /class/232716/ame-60645-university-of-notre-dame in Aerospace Engineering at University of Notre Dame.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials Fall 2005 DEFORMATION SOLUTIONS GivenResultant Conditions geometry and dimensions 8 lnlij 1 etc 0 appliedresultant forces F O A pressures torques work it volume 0118 etc H H Applied Stress State Gxx ny xz 011 CW Oyy Oyz 02x 02y 022 H Stress Transformation Rotation of Axes Mohr s Circle Tensor Rotation H Principal Stresses and Strains Friction Slab Method Forging F pmgQaw pleg Y 1 MCIl1 p Y exp2Ma xh sliding pleg Y 1 a 2h p Y 1 a x h sticking Rolling WR39 Ah low friction JR Ah Y NR Ah 1 M J h1gh f1ctlon 2h avg F s F s h p Yf expMHo H entry zone h p Yf expLuH eX1t zone H2 5tan1 54gt hf hf Extrusion p Y 1 tanrx Au R HM 1 die only p s 17 Y lnR die only 1 3931 172 Y 1711112 2L D0 die amp container 02 and 82 Drawing O d Y 1 tanrx Au 1 Af Ao 39c m 03 83 ad Y1xMlnAf ACIgt inhomog H H Effective Stress and Strain Zresca maximum shear stress 003 01 ifc73 gt 02gt 01 s23 1 3 von M ises distortion energy 1 O 3amp01 702 02 0 3 2 03 01212 E 1 22 82 832 83 802T Material Properties Plastic 7 Y perfectly plastic ideal I K 8 strain hardening power law 5 K 2 note strain rate effects could also be included here H Yield Criteria yielding occurs when E Y 2 k Tresca E Y k von Mises Y yield strength k shear yield strength Y 2YJ3 plane e Y H H Dislocations iii E motion analogy m in 3 ll edge Direction of motion screw 3 WD Callister Jr Materials Science and Engineering 2nd Ed John Wiley and Sons New York 1991 AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials RK Roeder Plastic Anisotropy Deep Drawing Figure 142 Drawing failures by neck Figure 143 Wrinkling in a partially ing at bottom of cup wall With very low drawn cup due to insu icient holddown friction the failure site tends to move force From D J Meuleman ibia39 onto the punch radius as shown at the right From D J Meuleman PhD thesis Univ of Michigan 1980 Figure 1412 Earing behavior of cups made from three different copper sheets Arrow indicates rolling direction of the sheets From D V Wilson and R D Butler J Inst Met 90 1961 2 pp 473 83 WF Hosford and RM Caddell Metal Forming 2nd Ed PrenticeHall Inc Edgewood Cliffs NJ 1993 AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials RK Roeder Plastic Anisotropy Deep Drawing A R lt 0 AR gt 0 J 45 90 J 45 90 0 9 a r W h h 1 Rolling direction Rolling direction 90 135 180 90 135 180 Figure 1413 Relation of caring to angular variations of R Here h is the wall height WF Hosford and RM Caddell Metal Forming 2nd Ed PrenticeHall Inc Edgewood Cliffs NJ 1993 AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials RK Roeder Recovery Recrystallization arid A early recrystallization 3 s at 580 C grain growth 15 min at 580 C 8 s at 580 C AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials RK Roeder Grain Growth I partial recrystallizatio 4 s at 580 C grain growth 10 min at 700 C Recovery Recrystallization and Grain Growth Annealing temperature quotFl 400 600 800 1000 1200 600 I I I I I 60 Tensile strength 50 E 500 3 E u c 40 0 o u I 400 30 Ductility 20 0 l I I I RECUVBW Recrystallization Grain growth I I Cold worked xquotquotl I3i 5 1 and recovered quotmmquot x grains 39 m I i a H39 R 0040 New E grains E 0030 m 5 0020 E 5 0010 l l 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 Annealing temperature C WD Callister Jr Materials Science and Engineering 2nd Ed John Wiley and Sons New York 1991 AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials RK Roeder Strengthening Mechanisms Steel Structures Composition al C 25 1600 5quot 1400 2500 1200 39 quot 39 3 2000 g 5 1000 g N m a 2 g g I 800 1500 077 0022 600 a Fe3C ampa Ferrite 1000 quot Cementite Riga 9 400 I O l 2 3 4 5 6 670 Composition wt C Adapted from Metas Handbook Metalography Structures and Phase Diagrams Vol 8 8th edition T Lyman Ed American Society for Metals Materials Park OH 1973 AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials RK Roeder NMPCI39 1094 Strengthening Mechanisms Steel Structures Unrcacted y Fc3C Moderate Slow Rapid Cooling Cooling Mattensile d Si Pearlite 3C Bainite Martensite m e a r230 01 Fe3C BCI phase Diffusionless Tend to be Nam 50 and quot0 Desi le Transformation Equilibrium Exceedingly Combination Structure C I 9 of Strength Hardest Strongest but eheat oarse Fine and Duqu 675 C 540 C Most Brittle R 0 Ductility 250650 c Harder and mom ductile than Coarse Heat to 700 C imam Tempered for 182QO Toughnese Martensite and Duc liry vs Martensite 1 F23C Spheroidite a 4 R30 Sottcst of all Alon Steels Driving orce a Size and Shape of Fe3C Reduction in a FeSC 3 3 phase boundary area Fe3C Particles 1 Determine Mechanical Properties AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials RK Roeder Superplastic Forming Titanium alloy aircraft panel produced by diffusion bonding followed by superplastic expansion using internal pressure Courtesy of Rockwell International Corp Complex shapes formed from Zn22Al sheet metal using superplastic forming Courtesy of US Fields IBM Corp WF Hosford and RM Caddell Metal Forming 2nd Ed PrenticeHall Inc Edgewood Cliffs NJ 1993 AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials RK Roeder


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