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Mathematical Methods I

by: Yesenia Hansen

Mathematical Methods I AME 60611

Yesenia Hansen
GPA 3.64

Joseph Powers

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About this Document

Joseph Powers
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Yesenia Hansen on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AME 60611 at University of Notre Dame taught by Joseph Powers in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/232718/ame-60611-university-of-notre-dame in Aerospace Engineering at University of Notre Dame.

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Reviews for Mathematical Methods I


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Technical Review Pat Student AME 60611 23 September 2005 In their recent article Dahm et ll 1 describe a novel and efficient method form The physical problem of interest is The problem has application in the elds of A key model equation in this study is the reaction kinetics equation 8c 1 T E u VC 7 EV pfchz jar WT 1 In this equation t represents time c the molar concentration of the species 239 u the velocity vector p the density D the diffusivity of species 239 Vlj the matrix of stoichiometric coefficients and wj the reaction rate of the jth reaction The typical method of solving this problem is toln many cases this is de cient because Hence a new method is proposed which The method is applied to a set of test problems It is seen that The authors summarize their major conclusions as follows T e article is generally well written A small de ciency is seen in that Nevertheless the strength of this paper is its clarity inand novelty inThose who are interested in problems in the related elds of would nd this paper to be useful Notes 0 Use the format provided here as a template the text is entirely yours to write 0 Your review must consider a recent t E 2000 AD gt0 and substantive article from the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 0 One page maximum 0 Run your text le through a spell checker linux command ispell lenametex 0 Always use complete sentences 0 Leave two spaces after a period Leave one space after a comma 0 Give a footnote in the precise format given below Do not be redundant with the text 0 Use commas or periods at the end of equations as appropriate 0 Do not use contractions such as don t 0 Do not begin sentences with variables x is distance 0 Avoid itemized lists in formal technical writing it s too much like PowerPoint 77 u 77 u 77 u 0 Avoid too many empty quali ers such as very reasonably quite rather Unless contrasted The equations is good is essentially the same as The equation is very good or The equation is rather good 0 Identify acronyms Ordinary differential equations ODE s are manna from heaven 0 Use sin not sin ln not Zn cos l not cos l 0 Avoid fortran or matlab type notations A x not A x for matrix products my not as y for scalar products 602 X 1023 not 602E23 1Dahm W J A Tryggvason G and Zhuang M 1996 Integral Method Solution of TimeiDependent Strained Diffusion Reaction Layers with Multistep Kinetics SIAM Journal on Applzed Mathematzcs Vol 56 No 4 pp 10391059 ac Use properly sized parentheses ltalicize units 1 have a mass of 118 kg Leave a space between the number and the unit Avoid referring to equations or gures Which are above or below7 Avoid unweildy terms for inline equations Don t use y Do use y 952 Do take advantage of the extra space for equations Which are set off as y E Minimize quotations When necessary use matched pairs of single quotes like this your quote here Identify all variables With words of description All mathematical variables Whether Within the text or in a separate equation should be Written in math mode eg When 95 0 there is a singularity77 English text Within equations should be in text mode use the mbox and qquad commands for this When 951 y0 Do not let your review become dominated by equations Avoid simplistic or trite statements such as WThe authors have pointed the way to a method from Which we can all bene t77


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