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Fluid Mechanics

by: Yesenia Hansen

Fluid Mechanics AME 30331

Yesenia Hansen
GPA 3.64

Philippe Sucosky

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About this Document

Philippe Sucosky
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Yesenia Hansen on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AME 30331 at University of Notre Dame taught by Philippe Sucosky in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/232721/ame-30331-university-of-notre-dame in Aerospace Engineering at University of Notre Dame.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
AME 30331 Fall 09 Review session 1 Problem 1 The fluid in direct contact with a stationary solid boundary has zero velocity there is no slip at the boundary Thus the flow over a flat plate adhesres to the plate surface and forms a boundary layer as depicted below gt x edge of the x I boundarylayer y I l L x I a d The flow ahead of the plate is uniform with velocity ZUf U30 ms The velocity distribution within the boundary layer 0 S y S 6 at cd is approximated as 2 12 1 z U d d The boundary layer thickness at this location is 5 mm The fluid is air with density p 124 kgm3 Assuming the plate width to be 06 m calculate the mass flow rate across the surface be of control volume abcd Problem 2 Water steadily enters a sheet nozzle at z39 with a uniform speed and gage pressure p The nozzle consists of a piece of inner diameter D capped at the other end with a thin slot of axial extent L and thickness T The water exits the slot normal to the pipe surface as a horizontal sheet jet at e with a velocity profile that increases linearly with x from V to VAV Neglect gravitational effects 1 Calculate the velocity U of the water at the entrance section 2 What is the net force 13 exerted by the flow on the nozzle U 1 x p n 39ly VAV Problem 3 Find the total force per unit width ydimension due to the hydrostatic pressure distribution in the water density p acting on the parabolic dam shown below The free surface is at pg 0 p 2 pm The zaxis starts at the base bottom ofthe dam Z wate p Problem 4 A circular gate of radius R is placed on a vertical wall with its center at a depth d below the free surface of a reservoir of depth D containing liquid of uniform density p Behind the gate is air at atmospheric pressure 1 Without performing a calculation determine which way the gate would open clockwise or counterclockwise as viewed on the left side of the figure if there were no spring in the hinge J I A I to keep it closed Justify your answer Determine the pressure distribution in the liquid and use this to write the explicit integral that you would have to evaluate to find the force exerted on the gate when it is in the closed position It may be possible to place a spring in the hinge to keep the gate closed Write the explicit integral that you would have to evaluate to find the moment exerted on the gate to keep it closed It is also possible to keep the gate closed by placing the hinge at a different vertical height across the gate surface Set up the explicit integral accomplish this 1000 kgm3 CD 9 Q orthogonal View of the te m w necessary to determine the location that would Problem 5 A small lawn sprinkler is shown in the sketch below At an inlet gage pressure 17 the total volume flow rate of water through the sprinkler is Q and the sprinkler rotates at a constant angular velocity a The diameter of each jet is d planar View of the sprinkler exit 6 5 1 Calculate the jet speed W relative to each sprinkler nozzle 2 Evaluate the friction torque at the sprinkler pivot required to hold the sprinkler stationary


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