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Design Methodology

by: Yesenia Hansen

Design Methodology AME 30362

Yesenia Hansen
GPA 3.64

Stephen Batill

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About this Document

Stephen Batill
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Yesenia Hansen on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AME 30362 at University of Notre Dame taught by Stephen Batill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/232722/ame-30362-university-of-notre-dame in Aerospace Engineering at University of Notre Dame.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
A new rapid prototyping machine currently costs 75K and has an anticipated service life of 3 years How much money would you need to make each year after all operation maintenance and service costs by using this machine to fab prototypes in order to justify this investment Assume a 6 annual interest rate F l t 7 3 W Ayn Am a A 75K MP Mop iYSKUb 374i 28058 It You anticipate that you will need to replace a major piece of equipment in 2 years You have a commitment from the vendor that the equipment will cost 100K In preparation for the expenditure you want to invest a fixed amount each month for the next two years in order to make the purchase in cash How much money will you need to invest each month at 6 nominal annual interest rate in order to purchase this equipment eve06 gt iltNm 4 7 IZ 3 OvSVo A al5 a 1 3 4 2395 74 0 look W HWV L A 39I A F NF on FlFJ 027324 Show 00393 ti B93o Wln quot3 How much would you be willing to pay at the time of purchase for a one time payment maintenance agreement for a new automated drilling machine that you plan on using for the next six years in lieu of signing a contract for a uniformly increasing maintenance agreement illustrated by the following cash flow diagram When you purchase the machine the rst year s maintenance is free in all subsequent years you pay for the maintenance at the beginning of the year Use an interest rate of 6 600 500 400 300 200 I I l l I gt 0 1 2 3 4 5 ilk720 1 3 I v m d i Z quot5 r 5 7 Gt lee rm it Kean I400 t r A P A LAwro5 a Pa 2765 1 on 4204 Lloa 73345 is me You need to purchase a new machine tool and have three purchase options for the same machine Option A Purchase the machine for 10000 and at the same time purchase an upfront maintenance contract for 1500 that will cover all repairs for 2 years and it will be renewable in two year increments for 2000 for as long as you own the machine Option B Purchase the machine for 11000 with a one year initial guarantee and then purchase an annual maintenance agreement for 1000 per year paid at the beginning of the covered year Option C Purchase the machine for 14750 and get a lifetime guarantee that covers all maintenance You plan using the machine for 6 years and your current MARR interest rate is 8 E C 2 41 6quot1 i V I i 4 chlOK l39S39KvZKPFgt8 Toizh ZKtPF137 i4 l lax lzK mm whirlQ 2iltoes 73 zvlt 075570 445485 K lSK quot a mix llik39PAe7 5gt K K33939139lgt 4933 2 W51 V m 739 4 w e H rd 9 InaTrap w 7 i You want to decide which machine tool to purchase for a new product line Two options are available Your organization is using a minimum attractive rate of return MARR of 12 UnitA UnitB Initial Cost 16000 30000 Expected Lifetime 8 15 yrs Salvage Value 2000 5000 Annual Operating 2000 1000 Cost CE 39 i i i i 1 L 1 lea 6K l5 MK VSOK e Ae ic K Memes 2K 2K lt Mr W LKom3 2K 2Koioal3 33927 K 2K 4 0462K f5053a31 A 3ltI39gt ltltl r23 l1 7MtSgt llt SK AFJl ole 3bk0l498 quot K 439 5KO39OZ GS NLHoLl tec cl 3 5270 AME30362 Design Methodology Spring 2006 Some Design Terminolog l N E 4 V39 Design variable A speci c quanti able descriptor of some feature of a design over which the designer has control Speci c values of a complete set of design variables de ne a speci c instantiation of the design There are various types of design variables 0 Continuous the DV can assume any number over a range 0 Discrete the DV can assume a nite number of values in a range 0 Batch the DV is represented by a choice of nite number of options If you can t specify it and know you can control it within some reasonable tolerance it s probably not a design variable and most likely it s a state Design parameter A speci c quanti able number that is used to describe a feature of the design or the environment in which the design functions Parameters are those quantities used to model the design and its environment and over which the designer does not have or does not wish to exercise control at this point in the design process Design parameters can remain xed or vary during a design study Behavior or state variable A quantity that is the result of analysis numerical simulation or experiment and is used to describe a characteristic behavior or state of a speci c instantiation of a design You in uence these by controlling design variables Constraint A limit stated as either an equality or an inequality that is imposed on either a design variable or a statebehavior variable Constraints are most often used to assure the satisfaction of a design requirement Some constraints are hard and some are soft and this usually is determined by the consequences of violating the constraint Merit A state or combination of states and design variables that is used to establish preference between different instantiations of a design concept Each instantiation of a design concept will have a single value of meri for the merit to be useful Engineering Design Studies 1 N L 4 V39 Research study developing new knowledge or locating and evaluating existing knowledge that can be used in feasibility or trade studies Feasibility study use analysis ie formulate and solve equations numerical simulation or experiments or some combination of all three to determine if an instantiation of an idea or concept will satisfy design requirements Component selection study use analysis numerical simulation or experiment to assist in the selection of existing components for a specific instantiation of an idea or concept to determine if it will satisfy design requirements May be composed of a series of feasibility studies Trade study use analysis numerical simulation or experiment to identify key design variables parameters and constraints and to determine the behavior of a design concepts over a range of choices It is not limited to a speci c design but can be used to identify multiple feasible designs Trade studies are often most useful in identifying design variables parameters and states that are most important in a design and often to identify those that aren t very important that is one of their key roles Design optimization study systematic trade study in which design variables are selected in order to satisfy constraints but to also improve the merit of the design or locate a single design with maximum or minimum merit To nd an optimum you need a quanti able measure of merit


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