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Graduate Operating Systems

by: Mrs. Damaris Hyatt

Graduate Operating Systems CSE 60641

Mrs. Damaris Hyatt
GPA 3.79

Douglas Thain

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About this Document

Douglas Thain
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Damaris Hyatt on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSE 60641 at University of Notre Dame taught by Douglas Thain in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/232743/cse-60641-university-of-notre-dame in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Notre Dame.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
CFar a Categorically Fault tolerant abstraction of Map and Reduce Haoyun Feng Badi AbdulWahid Motivation 0 Abstractions for distributed computing 0 Many applications eg Image processing Molecular simulation and etc 0 Map and reduce abstraction Motivation 0 Control of trustworthiness 0 Lack of control over the network 0 Potentially misleading results 0 MapReduceHadoop 0 Data is replicated on distributed FS 0 Controlled environment 0 Recursive map and reduce Solution Java library of map and reduce for distributed computing on ND CRC Nodes User controlled job replications ensuring trustworthiness Mobile functions Actors for job execution Applying concepts from Category Theory and functional programming Why Category Theory 0 So abstract as to be unsatisfying 0 The answer is simple as computer scientists we value abstraction It is the very generality of the monad concept which we value so highly it is because category theory is so abstract that its concepts are so useful for programming John Hughes Generalizing Arrows to Monadsquot Functional Programing H H Function application Types by Type variables it s all greek to me Type constraints gt apply0 gt0 gt0 gt0 gt0 gt0 applyfabfab rstclass functions add Nunagt0 gt0 gt0 add apply sub NLmagt0 gt0 gtolt sub apply currying Interface map 1 Int gt 8 gt B gt a gt B gt a gt B Pmap39 2 OK gt B gt OK gt B pmap39 pmap repeat 1 head preduce Int gt a gt a gt a gt 0 gt a gt a preduce39 a gt a gt a gt a gt a preduce39 preduce repeat 1 head dnap 2 Int gt B gt B gt Node gt OK gt B gt a gt IO B drap39 Node gt a gt 3 gt a gt IO 3 dmp39 dnap repeat 1 head dreduce Int gt B gt B gt Node gt a gt 0 gt a gt a gt IO 0 dreduce39 Node gt a gt a gt a gt a gt a dreduce39 dreduce repeat 1 head Usage how to generate the nodes to connect to F0 getmodes currymrrygeneratenodes syncdir suffix choice Function average Fl chooser new FlltListltIntegergt IntegergtO public Integer FListltIntegergt 1 return averaged reducing function executes rerrotely FZ reducer new F2ltInteger Integer Integergt0 public Integer 5Integer a Integer b Listdntegergt 1 sanerea11ycmp1icatedtunction ab Listdntegergt 12 diswapgetnodes mapper 1 drap39 return distReducngetJlodes reducerZ 12 dreduce39 in min or elsemere List replications list1121342 int result distReduceCreplica39tions chooser getnodes reducer rrylist Distribution Other connections 0 Data with size gt Data outflow Initiating reduce gt Data In ow gt Failurenoise Terminatim Actors 0 Concurrency abstraction 0 Capabilities 0 receive messages 0 make local decisions 0 create new actors 0 send messages Mobile Functions Inspired by Swarmdpl s use of portable continuations Sent data is optional 0 curry to do so Initiator Function gt out ow Distributed data structures 0 Am 0 Data gt In ow 0 potential automigration Swarmdpl httpcodegooglecompswarmdpl Category Theory 0 Two main ideas 0 Functor 0 Monoid Functor 0 Computational context container class Functor cl where fmapolt gt3 gt 0 gt B 0 Laws fmap id id FmapCF gfmapffmapg Monoid O A set of objects with a binary operation class IVonoid olt where mempty O mappend olt gt olt gt olt mconcat Monoid olt gt a gt a mconcat foldl mappend merrpty Evaluation 0 A sample usage in Computational Biology 0 Generate trajectories of protein motion as sets of coordinates 0 Examine probability of transmission from region A to region B in trajectory 0 Evaluation 0 Fault tolerance 0 Scalability map coordinate gt Generate trajectories Evaluation map of map reduce map gt gt gt gt gt reduce reduce mark region mark regionkk examine mark region mark region mark region mark region mark region examine mark regIon transmISSIon mark regionv mark region mark region mark region examine mark regIon transmISSIon mark regionv mark region transmission Calculate probability Trustworthiness 0 Stochastic program 0 Number of redundancies VS number of reasonable trajectories II of reasoname trajedones 439 of redundancies Trustworthiness Uncontrolled V T environment 087 Increasing noise 7 VS percentage gt 016 of correct result 04 Green Repl 03 Blue Rep2 02 OI Red Rep3 x10 Scalability Test on 32 core machine A l m l Number of jobs VS time consumed Running time lmillisecond m l Red sequential l l l l l l 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 B l P Lengxh ol list Scalability Test on 32 core machine 4 Number of jobs VS time consumed Red sequential Lengihollist Length ol list Conclusion 0 Higherorder functions amp currying help 0 Redundancy amp trustworthiness 0 Any node can dmap amp dreduce 0 Required info remote location 0 dmap amp dreduce unstable 0 Kludgy 2nd iteration Clojure Scala Questions


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