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System Interface Design

by: Mrs. Damaris Hyatt

System Interface Design CSE 40416

Mrs. Damaris Hyatt
GPA 3.79

Aaron Striegel

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About this Document

Aaron Striegel
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Damaris Hyatt on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSE 40416 at University of Notre Dame taught by Aaron Striegel in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/232745/cse-40416-university-of-notre-dame in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Notre Dame.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
102809 Today39s Lecture CSE 40416 El Interface controls l Android 20 System Interface DeSIgn El Byte Tags I How to use Prof Aaron Sine 9 Department of Computer Scienie amp Engineering El Exam Ratum university of Notre Dame El Midsemester Survey I Download print the Word document I Turn in by next Monday Blog Post Week PM Project 2 Lecture 25 7 October 28 2009 39 Homework 5 mums 2 Halloween Interface Android 20 Android 20 Of cial Viden unirum qu mam vulzan cg 0mmquot Irelus httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvop269P0ch 3 luluus lDZSDS Discussion XML File Structure Refresher El The cloud ltMyInfogt Text I Good bad I TMobile Microsoft ltClass Name CSE40416 gt ltClass Name CSE40422 gt ltInfogt Attribute Element EndElement Document Object Model on Friday s musus musus 102809 Initialization Code El Need to define the spectrum of good tags I Otherwise we don t get called ptlvate vula lhltlallzeoeflhltlene fut hyte k 1 k lt 5 k ByteTagVisualizatinnDefinitinn t gDef new EyteTangsuallzatlunDef1n1t10n The tag value that thle deflnltluh mull teapuha ta alue k tag ef The xaml flle fur the UI tagDef Source new UriquotCameravisualizatinnxamlquot UrlKlndRelat1VEi musus 13 Other Initialization The maxlmum number for thls tag value tagDefMaxcount 2 The Vlsuallzatlon stays for 2 seconds after the tag ls llfted tagDefLostTangmeout zuuuu The orlentatlon offset default tagDefOrlentatlonOffsetFromTag EI The physlcal offset horlzontal lnches vertlcal lnches tagDefPhyslcalCenterOffsetE romTag new rEE n25 The tag removal behaVlor default t an r e orlent UI to tag default tagDefUsesTagorlentatlon true Add the deflnltlon to the collectlon Hm n rmm h M t an r luluDE 4 Filling up the info El React to tag appearing prlvate vold OnVlsuallZatlonAddedobject sender Tagv gs e lsuallzerEventAr camera cameraVlsuallzatlon eTangsuallzatlon Case 1 quotE abrlka ABC 12 m Inc quot cameracameraModelcontent e quotE abr kam Inc DEBRAquot break What did we do El Determined how to render the visualization l TagVisuaIization gt CameraVisualization l Separate XAML file El Determined where we would recognize ta 5 l TagVisuaIizer in main Surface window musus 16 What did we do El Registered the tags I Whom do we care about I What is the Visualizer XAML file for that particular byte tag value El Reacted to the tags I Set the content in the visualization l Manual binding of the content musus 17 Exam Results El Scores El Regrades etc El Earn back points I Pick one problem I Make an excellent tutorial discussion on it I Earn back up to V2 of your lost points musus la


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