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Week 5 - Medieval Spanish Art (Monday)

by: Hazel Medina

Week 5 - Medieval Spanish Art (Monday) Rel Std 100

Marketplace > University of California - Irvine > Religious Studies > Rel Std 100 > Week 5 Medieval Spanish Art Monday
Hazel Medina
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Week 5! This professor uploads the Wednesday lecture images over the weekend after the lecture, but rest assured that I will upload when I can to help keep your Medieval Spanish art history knowled...
Medieval Spain
Betancourt, R.
Class Notes
medieval Spanish art
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hazel Medina on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Rel Std 100 at University of California - Irvine taught by Betancourt, R. in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Medieval Spain in Religious Studies at University of California - Irvine.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Professor Betancourt 10/26/2015 Art History/Religious Studies: Medieval Spain Week 5 (Monday lecture) – Santo Domingo de Silos I. Christ in majesty A. Ch▯ist a▯d E▯a▯gelists, Pa▯teo▯ de los Reyes ▯▯Pa▯theo▯ of the Ki▯gs▯▯, “a▯ Isido▯o de Leon, Leon (1065 – 1067) B. The Heavenly Jerusalem, Chapel of St. George in the Monastery II. Images of heavenly Jerusalem A. Haimo the Bishop of Auxere, Vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem, Commentary on the th Apocalypse, German (12 century) 1. Note the commentary as the lamb as the central figure 2. Figures of angels near the top of the image a. Have wings and sort of flag as well as shields b. Wearing armor – represent a sort of pageantry B. Vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem in the Morgan Beatus, Spain (c. 940 – 945) 1. Accents flatness of the image 2. Shows twelve apostles in image of collapse architecture 3. Can interpret it two ways, both as fortified enclosures a. City walls b. Courtyard 4. At center, angel and Lamb of God and John holding the book and witnessing the revelation 5. Ka’▯a i▯ Me▯▯a, Futah al-Haramain, (Description of the Holy cities), Turkey (Mid-16 th century) a. Representation of courtyard or representation of larger enclosed space b. Similar to Heavenly Jerusalem in Morgan Beatus III. Play of words in image A. Ka’▯a ▯a▯us▯▯ipt (13 century?) th B. F▯o▯tispie▯e of G▯eat Mos▯ue i▯ “a▯’a Ye▯e▯ i▯ a Qu’▯a▯ ▯▯. 8 century) 1. Depicts of sort vision of paradise throw act of prayer 2. Also a hypostyle hall with sense of vertical as well as horizontal C. Ascension of the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse, Jerusalem in the Morgan Beatus, Spain (c. 940-945) 1. People and bricks and arches falling to represent collapse 2. Organized manuscript disrupted 3. Similar to Martyrdom of Saints Castus and Cassius, Santa Maria Nuova, Sicily (c. 1180 – 1889) IV. Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain (c. 1100) A. Doubting Thomas, Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain (c. 1100) 1. Christ from the Road to Emmaus, Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain (c. 1100) 2. Very detailed B. Elongated men (compensates for perspective of viewers below figures) 1. Know furthest right figure is Christ because of cruciform nimbus 2. Christ is tallest figure C. Gil de Siloe and workshop, Saint James the Greater, Spain (c. 1489 – 93) D. Doubting Thomas, Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain (c. 1100) 1. Christ surrounded by the twelve apostles 2. Above the groups shows people eating V. Images playing with one another A. Ascension (L) and Pentecost (R), Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain (c. 1100) 1. Heaven like ocean waves and earth like people (well-organized and looking up) 2. Two moments of interaction juxtaposed against one another B. Deposition, Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain (c. 1100) 1. Figure at leftmost of Deposition as Mary a. Appears motherly b. Intimate moment, sort of like in images of Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus 2. John at right of Deposition 3. Top part of Deposition shows angels on both sides swinging incense burners blending in with clouds and closer to center shows angels with shrouds a. The one with veil on right has halo with holes to revealing something being embedded in it – probably Veronica b. A▯gel o▯ left ▯ith ▯eil ▯ay ▯ep▯ese▯t idea of Ch▯ist’s fa▯e too glo▯ious fo▯ hi▯ to sketch c. Two scenes from Passion of Christ and Crucifixion 4. Bottom of Deposition has tomb (could have had a skull (with Christ bleeding onto it)) C. Entombment of Christ, Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain (c. 1100) 1. At the top, there are three holy women with angel beside them a. Angel says Christ has been resurrected b. Women usually holding containers for burial rite 2. In the middle, Christ is being put in the tomb 3. At the bottom, there are guards asleep in front of the tomb (have chain mail, shields, etc. 4. Deposition and Entombment next to each other VI. Coronation and Annunciation of the Virgin, Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain (late 12 century) A. Very naturalist, almost hyper naturalistic (especially the drapery) B. Flat background surrounded by hyper-emphasized details C. Mary at the start of her biblical life next to Mary being announced queen of heaven


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