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Wide Bandgap Device Physics

by: Jordyn Renner

Wide Bandgap Device Physics EE 87024

Jordyn Renner
GPA 3.71

Debdeep Jena

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About this Document

Debdeep Jena
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordyn Renner on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EE 87024 at University of Notre Dame taught by Debdeep Jena in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/232762/ee-87024-university-of-notre-dame in Electrical Engineering at University of Notre Dame.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Valence band engineering of AIN lnN and AllnN Guangle Zhou Zongyang Hu quing Lu Jia Guo 091123 Outline Background and motivations AlN and InN band structure calculations byE3 Strain effect on the A1N and InN valence band and optical properties Quantum well con nement and strain effect on InXAllxN with di erent Al composition Conclusions and future work IllV nitride band structures vhmzilc my 02 an Mlvalleys 03 04 06 A if 39 10 k He ales k 11 5 i 11qu halts Splix oll band Band structu re of wzGaNioffe m FAWN h wanN c ernN A 0 1W 5 DA VP w E 02 u 391 00 9 E 02 7 s E o 4 7 f r Ref PHYSICAL REVIEWB 77 075202 2008 Wawlcnglll mu JW width fur lniphne polarjz Jon 7 4 l 3 2 l 0 05 07 V V l 0 A lcon positin 0K au T10K 6031 eV Absorpnon mam B PS ll v LID 6H ill Energy EV Energy CV PL Spectra ofAN on0001 plane Ec has much larger emission intensity than Eic Related to Valence band structures of AIN valence band structure and li ht polarization can be modified by introducing strain effect and quantum confinement Ref Phys 5tat50C No6 236472366 2007 4 Ref Appl Phys Lett Vol 33 N0 25 22 2003 k method for Band structure calculations I h31r HuuktlliHn lmu rmo FAA2O kvamukrn GAA2H EkukrL 2 x77l AkfA3kkff F K iH o o o quot39o 39 A G Aid1 o v u AD D2fv u x o o o f X 7 1 0 F K 7H 0 lmoAkA4kkVe o o 0 11 G AFH o o 0 71H A H A gU 2 EA1A27H r K A51kYikv3Dst mo Armw A7A91 L72 77 v 1 El quot3 V 2 HA II 1 A kgk I m ng mo a ArAj z A 5572 Ae where 6 Ref SLChuang PR8 Vol54 No4 1995 Straln tensor 5 E EVeV Unstrained AIN and lnN valence band structures nn 004 008 7015 7010 yo 0 kz CH 5 00 005 010 Wavevector A kx E eV nn AIN energy at F pointeV 67 EcrE9625ECHr 3 W ECHF456e04 EHHr0163 WGgKV ELHr0176 000 AIN CHX 7005 o1o 7015 HH o20 fir LH o 7015310 7005 000 005 01k0 015 I Wavevector A 4x lnN enery at F pointeV EcrE9078EHHr EHHF 00417 ELHF 00385 Em 144e04 Strained AIN valence band structures Energy atl polnl 70 02 7001 We straws J 1 01 002 Tensile AIN 002 4101 000 Comgressive Straw 001 0 2 Tenslle 687 AIN 7 Energy at polnl 000 Straws 02 0 01 001 V umgressrve Tensile Important parameters for AIN Strain tensor 6 55 JV a 19meV SD 002 Strained lnN valence band structures 39 7001 Camgrsssive 000 001 Straink n on inN Energy at 139 point 0 85 HH InN 9 Energy at polnt 5150 LLI 075 0 i I i 7001 000 001 4101 000 001 Comgressive sum 411mm We Straws T D JLe Important parameters for InN Here consider a strainedlayer wurtzite crystal pseudomorphically grown along the 0001 Z axis direction 8 Strain effect on AIM and lnN Valence band 0 VAIN 0 MN 04 15tensnelysn 1tensHe ystramed LH 03 0 no2 S 301 300 K Lu Lugt CH 01 0 1 02 0 70 015 0710 0 05 0700 0705 010 015 015 7010 7005 0 0 005 010 015 I k WavevemmA kx kl Wavevectom m kx Uquot I I I I I AIN m HH 4135 15 compressive y strained HH 0 nN 39040 lucompresslvely strained H 045 CH 501 1 IE 4350 02 CH 7055 039 7015 7010 7005 005 BAG 015 5 39010 39 5 005 010 015 k Wavevmma w x k WavevectorrIAJ k Strain effect on optical transition properties Use transition matrix elements to V39alenLAFNrgVInN in r axis z axxs 5 m0 y afci holegt 1 HH U HH TE 5 CH LH Erma z mo cgtlegt LHgtagtltu2bgtltu5 TE 75quot HHgtu1 CIIgtbgtltuziagtltuG E3 LH CH maE 1 1 qu 1 quot 7 ATP u XiYTgt 1 l Sum mO m7 TEp TE L12 7X71Y Tgt J u5 Z igt Ep2mU lPi pr 2m0filP 1 13 m0 1EgAA1i ZA3ZA P131110 mg wgny 39 P hl nuo IiLuaupAuzpmgxem if i 39 lmp mi i ESAAEA3A o o 1 1517 by Eai 1 39 EEES 5253 Unstrained AIN Unstrained InN E2456e04eV E2 00385 eV E50176ev E5 144e04 eV a200026 a209963 b209974 b200037 Strain effect on AIN and lnN optical transition properties Normaiized intensity 1n AIN o a r u inN E 06 a E 7 Poiariztion along 0 axis E 06 w E r i i quotn 0 4 E 7 Polariztion perpendicu ar to c axis g 04 m 02 g 2 02 002 1001 D 00 001rensHe O 2 D n om resslve 39 39 S ra39max 4 001 000 o m Comgressive 5mm Tensiie Consider two top bands 1AN CH8LHH Band 21nN HH8LLH Band Assump tic7517 Itotal Itop eXpEbottom39 EtopkTIbottom 11 Only top valence band considered AINAIInN quantum well used Analytical solution of 6X6 rX39 t I E For this calculation strain effect on mZ At kO was not included that would effect the quantum effected energy split Qw Width nm 39 lnplane Strain 1 12 AllnN Phase diagram caxis polarization From side From top Inpiane polarization 0 92 09 O 96 098 1 Al composition x AllnN Strain 092 094 096 098 Al composition x Conclusions 0 Unstrained AlN and InN have different valence band structures AlN has valence bandsCH HH LH and InN valence bandsHH LH CH Different strain effect can caused different valence band structures For AlN gt12 compressively strain can change the top band from CH to HH For InN gt03 tensilely strain can switch top band from HH to LH Therefore the optical proprieties are also changed by strain effects an Al composition has to be larger than 09 in order to have the polarization switch from the phase diagram which is mostly due to the large lattice mismatch between AlN and InN Future work a P type doping 0 Write up


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