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by: Cleo Emmerich IV


Cleo Emmerich IV
OK State
GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cleo Emmerich IV on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HHP 2603 at Oklahoma State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/232764/hhp-2603-oklahoma-state-university in Health and Human Performance at Oklahoma State University.




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Date Created: 11/01/15
Total Wellness Final Study Guide Circulation 0 Pulmonary circulation 0 Blood to and from the lungs 0 Systemic Circulation 0 Blood through the rest of the body Systole the hearts contraction top Diastole the period of relaxation bottom Major Risk Factor for CVD 0 Tobacco use 1 in 5 due to smoking 0 High blood pressure hypertension 14090 high 12080 is normal 0 High levels of cholesterol 0 Physical inactivity o Obesity 0 Diabetes Prevention 0 Exercise and physical activity 0 Decrease fat and cholesterol 0 Total fats less than 30 of total calories 0 Low saturated fats 0 Increased fiber intake fuller longer and quicker o Decreased sodium intake and increased potassium intake 0 Moderation of Alcohol Atherosclerosis arteries narrowed by fatty deposits 0 Coronary heart disease CHD 0 Coronary artery disease CAD 0 Build up in an artery 0 Peripheral arterial disease PAD o Blockage in a limb Total Wellness Final Study Guide Signs of Cardiac Arrest and Stroke 0 Sudden numbness or weakness of face arm leg or one side of body 0 Loss of speech or difficulty speaking o Dimming or loss of vision in one eye 0 Unexplained dizziness in relation to other symptoms 0 3 simple questions to recognize stroke 0 S smie with both sides 0 T talk state a simple sentence 0 R raise both arms 0 Cardiac Arrest 0 Heart has been damaged by some condition and cannot maintain its regular pumping rate and force and fluid backs up into the body tissue 0 Pulmonary edema Fluid accumulates in the lungs as well as the rest ofthe body Causes problems like pneumonia 0 Controlled by I Reducing cardiac load eliminating excess fluid restriction of salt Cancer 0 An abnormal and uncontrollable multiplication of cells or tissue that can lead to death 0 Benign tumor mass of cells in a membrane that prevents the penetration of other tissues 0 Malignant tumor cancerous tumor 0 Metastasis the spreading of cancer cells from one part of the body to another Lung Cancer 0 Most common cancer death in the US 0 Risk factors tobacco smoking amp environmental carcinogens 0 Detection and Treatment 0 Persistent cough chest pain or recurring bronchitis 0 Diagnosis chest x ray or CT scan LifeEnhancing Measures Biological aspects 0 Challenge your mind 0 Develop physical fitness 0 Maintain a healthy weight 0 Do not smoke Regular physical exams o Recognize and reduce stress Total Wellness Final Study Guide Planning for Social Changes 0 Changing roles and relationships 0 Children leaving the home empty nest syndrome parents have to form a new identity 0 Increased leisure time o The economics of retirement Presbyopia o A condition where with age the eyeexhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects Adapting to Physical Changes 0 Hearing loss 0 Vision changes 0 Glaucoma caused by increased pressure in the eye due to built up fluid Pressure that builds up causes damage to optic nerve Effects peripheral vision can lead to total blindness if untreated 9 to 12 of all blindness due to this Preventable Cataracts clouding of vision due to lifelong oxidization ofthe lens in the eye Normal byproduct of bodily chemistry Surgery for it Treatable Arthritis 46 million have some form Cause by joint inflammation Leads to pain swelling And possible loss of some mobility O Menopause Osteoporosis 10 million Americans 80 are women Key to prevention build bone mass when you re younger Gerontologistsbiological psychological and social aspect of aging doctors nurses Geriatricians a physician specializing in diseases and preventative medicine are beginning to practice medicine in hopes to lessen the overall costs through education and prevention strategies Palliative Care a form of care aimed at reducing intensity or severity of disease by controlling pain and other discomfort Brain death developed when traditional signs are inadequate because of supportive technology 1 Lack of receptivity and response to external stimuli 2 Absence of spontaneous muscular movement and spontaneous breathing 3 Absence of observable reflexes 4 Absence of brain activity Prolonging life or hastening death a Withholding or withdrawing treatment 39 The right of patient to refuse unwanted treatment Now generally established in both law and medical practice All state recognize a written advance directive if available to honor the wishes of patients unable to speak for themselves Sometimes called passive euthanasia 2 Total Wellness Final Study Guide


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