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by: Solon Harvey


Solon Harvey
OK State
GPA 3.8

Jay Kroblin

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About this Document

Jay Kroblin
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Solon Harvey on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HRAD 4723 at Oklahoma State University taught by Jay Kroblin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/232767/hrad-4723-oklahoma-state-university in Hospitality at Oklahoma State University.




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Date Created: 11/01/15
HRAD 4723 Spring 2011 MidTerm Review Know the formula for fermentation Sugar Yeast Alcohol amp C02 Know the three basic types of wine Still Sparkling and Fortified with alcohol added Know the term for a lightly sweet wine Dry No to little sweetness Offdry lightly sweet Know the three main colors of wine Red White and RoseBlush pink Look over the slide on sparkling wine production and types of bubblies Sparkling wine is created by a secondary fermentation in the bottle The methode champenoise is considered the best started in the champagne region of France but used in other countries Cava Spain Prosecco Italy Sekt Germany amp Austria Sparkling Wine USA Look at the slide on fortified wine Fortified wine is wine that has additional alcohol added to it such as port Terms with which you should be familiar a Terroir the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced including factors such as the soil topography and climate b Appellation a de ned named geographic area dedicated to growing grapes for wine production also known as an AVA By law an approved AVA must be listed on the wine label c Body the weight of the wine light lemonade medium orange juice and full tomato juice d Finish refers to the length of time the wine s avor persists on the palate Wines are described as having a short 0 to 30 seconds medium 30 to 60 seconds or long more than 60 seconds finish Minimum percentages for varietal labeling in California HRAD 4723 Fal2009 Alex Kroblin 4054061907 alexkrobinoksiaieedu alexlhirsiwinecom 75 85 90 or the United States Legal Minimums 75 Varietal Name 85 Place Name AVA and 90 Vintage Oregon 90 varietal 100 AVA 95 vintage Whyhow we evaluate wine critically The Five 5 5 1 See 2 Swirl 3 Sniff 4 Sip 5 Savor Look over the Grape Varietals slides especially Chardonnay Sauv Blanc Pinot Grigio Cab Sauv Pinot Noir Syrah Malbec amp Zinfandel Ill 039 n D D 7quot Chardonnay is most popular white in the world Common flavors include apple pear citrus and tropical avors but depends on climate amp wine making chameleon Cooler climates lighter body higher acidity flavors tart apple pineapple citrus warmer climates fullerbodied avors ripe apple pear honey peach Sauvignon Blanc has two distinct styles depending on location California lean crisp amp clean mouthwatering citrus lemon grass green herbs gooseberry and mineral and is seldom oak aged New Zealand racy acidic amp tart aromas amp flavors of grapefruit lime bell pepper amp jalapeno and is seldom oak aged Riesling is frequently disrespected but has a wider range of styles than any other varietal from bone dry to dessertstyle sweet Flavors are hugely variable as well crisp green apple lemonlime citrus tropical fruit stone fruits slatemineral Pinot GrisGrigio is the most popular imported wine in the US but are generally pretty boring avor wise They re considered a porch wine or table wine They re most famously made in France Gris Italy Grigio Oregon Gris and California Gris or Grigio Cabernet Sauvignon is ranked rst as the King of the noble grapes Napa Valley CA and Bordeaux are known for making the best cabs Typical avors include black cherries coffee chocolate mint herb and cedar aging it in oak adds vanillin smoke and other spices as well as increasing silkiness Pinot Noir is known as the heartbreak grape because it s difficult to grow common regions include Burgundy France Oregon California New Zealand and Australia Typical flavors are red berries tea cola spices and earth Cheap versions suck AD 4723 Fall 2009 HR Alex Kroblin 4054061907 alexkrobinoksiaieedu alexlhirsiwinecom Merlot is similar to cab but softer with more red fruits less tannin and a an rounder palette Flavors include raspberry blueberry plum and cherry The best merlots come from Bordeaux 339 Syrah or Shiraz in Australia has a large avor range from soft and light to tannic monsters Flavors can include blackberry stewed fruits oral leather meat herbs and minerals The best syrahs come from France s Rhone Valley Australia Northern California and Washington Malbec is Argentina s most important wine t s balance with soft tannins and flavors of blackberry black cherry leather and earth Zinfandel is America s indigenous grape t ranges in avor from light and u fruity to jammy amp tannic with hints of ripe berries and spice This vine survived prohibition very hardy Look over the slides on the major AVAs of California and the varietals for which they are known especially Napa amp Sonoma Napa Valley is best known for cab the four most important sub AVAs are Rutherford Oakville Stags Leap District and Spring Mountain Sonoma County contains 13 AVAs Carneros the Russian River Valley Chalk Hill and Green Valley are best known for chardonnay and pinot noir the Alexander Valley is best known for cab and the Dry Creek Valley is best known for zinfandel and syrah Mendocino Valley has 10 AVAs The top two are the Anderson Valley best known for chardonnay pinot noir Riesling and gewijrztraminer and the Redwood Valley best known for zinfandel and cab Know the top four wineproducing states in the US The top four wine producing states are California Oregon Washington and New York Look over the slides on Oregon especially the most important appellations amp varietals Oregon is best known for pinot noir pinot gris chardonnay and Riesling and has 19 AVAs the most important being the Willamette Valley Its six subAVAs are Dundee Hills Chehalem Mountain YamhillCarlton District McMinnville Eola Amity Hills and Ribbon Ridge Washington has nine AVAs the two most important of which are the Columbia Valley and the Walla Walla Valley It is best known for cab merlot and syrah HRAD 4723 Fal2009 Alex Kroblin 4054061907 alexkrobinoksiaieedu alexlhirsiwinecom


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