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by: Xander Quitzon III


Xander Quitzon III
OK State
GPA 3.71

John Best

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About this Document

John Best
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Xander Quitzon III on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ETM 5291 at Oklahoma State University taught by John Best in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/232769/etm-5291-oklahoma-state-university in Electronics Technology at Oklahoma State University.




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Date Created: 11/01/15
Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Lecture 23 Design FMEA Customer Defined FMEA The definition of quotcustomerquot for a Design FMEA can be the END USER NEXT ENGINEERING H GROUP ll MANUFACTURING REPAIR CENT ER 2 Living Document FMEA The Design FMEA is a living document and should be initiated at or by the design concept finalization be continually updated as changes occur throughout the phases of product development and be fundamentally completed along with the final drawings What is DFM EA FMEA A Design FMEA is an analytical technique utilized by product or process designers as a means to ensure that to the extent possible potential failure modes and their associated causes have been considered and addressed Design FM EA FMEA The Design FMEA supports the design process in reducing risk of failures by Aiding in the objective evaluation of design requirements and design alternatives Increasing the probability that potential failure modes and their effects on system operation have been considered in the design I development process Providing additional information to aid in the planning of thorough and efficient design test and development programs DFM EA Assumptions FMEA The Design FMEA addresses design intent and assumes the design will be manufactured to this intent Potential failure modes causes which can occur during the manufacturing or assembly process are not included in a Design FMEA Their identification effect and control are covered by the Process FMEA The Design FMEA does not rely on process controls to overcome potential weaknesses in the design but it does take the technical and physical limits of the manufacturing process into consideration DFM EA Phases FMEA Planning Phase Timing early in the design process Purpose quick visibility of most obvious weak points Development Phase Timing design and preliminary component specs are available Purpose expansion of planning phase Verification and Introduction Phase Timing completion of engineering model and start of Customer testing Purpose nal failure modes and risk assessment prior to production 7 Time Phase FMEA CONCEPT The FMEA develops in complexity and detail as the product DEVELOPMENT progresses through the design phases ENG PROTOTYPE Technique Listed Items FMEA HARDWARE quotBQIIOMUP 739 quot FUNCTIONAL BLOCK RELIABILITY BLOCK System Breakdown Concept FMEA System A composite of subsystems whose functions aret Integrated to achieve a mlssmn or speCIfIc ou u Subsystem composite of assemblies whose functions are Integrated to achieve a speci cactIVIty necessary for achIeVIng a mlssmn Assembly a composite of subsystems Component a composite of piece parts Piece Part least fabricated item not further reducible Interface the interactions Points necessary to produce the necessary e fects between system elements Interfaces transfer energyInformation maIntaIn mechanical Integrity etc 10 Functional vs Geographic FMEA Functional Cooling system Interface components Propulsion system If an enginedriven Braking system belt powers both a Steering system WWWquot7P find a Geographic powersteerng En ine com artment Sysmm39 be sure to g p include it as part of Passenger compartment one was a separate Dashboard Control Panel interface element Rear end etc 11 System Breakdown Example FMEA SYSTEM SUBSYSTEM ASSEMBLY SUBASSEMBLY AUTOMOBILE COOLING RADIATOR WATER PUMP COOLANT HOSES CLAMPS THERMOSTAT PROPULSION FUEL STORAGE DELIVERV AIR CARBURATOR SPARKI IGNITION BATTERV GENERATOR PLUGS COIL DISTRIBUTOR ENGINE ETC TRANSMISSION ETC Functional FM EAs FMEA Focus on the functions that a product process or service is to perform ratherthan on the characteristics of the specific implementation When developing a functional FMEA a functional block diagram is used to identify the toplevel failure modes for each functional block on the diagram Functional Block FMEA MOUNTING DECK COVER STAMPED BASE DECK COVER COVER SEAL TAPE SEAL Much of a complex product can be analyzed by looking at functional blocks rather than individual items Reliability Block FMEA RELIABILITY BLOCK PRE AMP FILTER AMP ABC SLIMMING DECDDE CONTROL BUFFER Detailed FM EAs FMEA Focus on the characteristics of specific implementations to ensure that designs comply with requirements for failures that can cause loss of enditem function singlepoint failures and fault detection and isolation Technique Hardware FMEA FMEA follows the hardware BOM from the bottomup or AS the topdown Ti 1 22 still I MOUNTING BRACKET MAGNET MOTOR POLE Handbookpg 1 4 Interface FM EAs FMEA Focus on the interconnections between system elements so that the failures between them can be determined and recorded and compliance to requirements can be verified DFMEA Form DESIGN FMEA pkanucr 5333 2233 Vquot Viggfgfgw m 55ng Rimms mm vws DES GN Worksheet FMEA WORKSHEET pwocsss om rmszqu mung DFM EA Steps Teams FMEA Ra u nesch 0R rnoczss mm ENGINEER WITH DESIGN ENGINEER 3 RA 1 MANUF ENGINEER DESIGN ENGINEER MANUFACTURING ENGINEER QUALITY ENGINEER RELIABILITY ENGINEER Ground Rules FMEA 1 Do not consider all conceivable failure modes 2 Initially write the failure mode as loss of function 3 Decide on the approach function or hardware 4 Develop each column ofthe FMEA independently Function FMEA FMEA WORKSHEET ENGR TvRE DESIGN PROCESS OTHER ITE A W POTENTIAL EFFECTS OF POTENTIAL VERIFICATION OR A FAILURE MODE FAILURE CAUSES CURRENT CONTROL Common problems Not all functions are identified The description is not exact or concise The description is not in direct language PotentIal FaIure Mode FMEA FMEA WORKSHEET ENGR TVFE DESIGN PROCESS OTHER ITEM FUNCTION OTENTIAL EFFECTS OF POTENTIAL VERIFICATION OR FAILURE MODE FAILURE S CAUSE I O I CURRENT CONTROL I E IRPNI The manner in which the item product component system could potentially fail to meet the design intent Assume that the failure mode could occur but may not necessarily occur Potential failure modes should be described in physical or technical terms not as a symptom noticeable by the customer Effects of Failure FMEA FMEA WORKSHEET ENGR TVFE DESlGN PROCESS OTHER lTEM FUNCTION POTENTIAL FFECTs OF POTENTIAL VERIFICATION OR FAILURE MODE FAILURE CAUsEs O CURRENT CONTROL E RPN Describe in terms of what the customer might notice or experience State clearly if safety or compliance to regulations is an issue Keep in mind the hierarchical relationships between parts subsystems and systems FMEA WORKSHEET ENGR TVFE DESlGN PROCESS OTHER lTEM FUNCTION POTENTIAL EFFECTs OF POTENTIAL VERIFICATION OR FAILURE MODE FAILURE s AUsEs CURRENT CONTROL E RPN l l An assessment of the seriousness of the effect Only applies to the effect If several effects exist for a failure mode choose the worst case severity Rank on a scale of 110 Severity of Effect Design FMEA SEVERITY EVALUATION CRITERIA Severity of EFFECT Ranking Improbable minor Unreasor able to expect that the mir or nature of this failure would ca use any 1 real effect on the overall performance OW The failure is insignificant and the user is only minimally affected 2 The product is fully functioanl and the failure is viewed as a nuisance item 3 Moderate Failure causes customer dissatisfaction in the form of annoyance 4 Failure notices by customer requires correction 5 Customer notices slight performar ce degradation 6 399 Loss of so me product function but not of system performance 7 Product inoperable orfails to meet performance criteria 8 Extreme Potentailly hazardous affect possibly safetyrelated 9 Product safety of liability hazard 10 27 wurks wnh wur leam In ensure wild cmena are used Ennslsle lly Develu lnuanEmclemDesl quotFMEA Develu m anEmcleniPrucessFMEA Severity Occurrence and Delecllnll crnerrmr nesrmr FMEA Seventy min Inn crnerrz Hazarduu srwlihuui Warning Wlihuuiwamm wrmwamme yeeren Vehicleiteminuperable wlihlussulprlmawfuncilun High Vehicleitemuperable buiaireducedlevelulperfurmance Cusiumerdlssails ed Meeerale m l if m n r w aw in l if m n r m VanLBW rrlmnrslrseueakmamerlemeeesnelcemerm Defecirmilcedbyayeragecusiumers Minn rrlmnrslrseueakmamerlemeeesnelcemerm Defecirmilcedbymusicusiumers VENMlnm N are t me Zero 0 rankings rorSeverlm Occurrence oruerecrron are not allowed Potential Causes FMEA FMEA WORKSHEET ENGR TVFE DESlGN PROCESS OTHER lTEM FUNCTION POTENTIAL EFFECTS OF POTENTIAL VERIFICATION oR FAILURE s CAUsEs 0 CURRENT CONTROL E RPN FAILUREMoDE For each potential failure mode list all possible causes Goal is to get to root cause or to a reasonable place to break the causeeffect chain Rotate columns is necessary Iftheteam starts finding causes of causes promote the original cause to potential failure mode Testing the Relationships FMEA Use the following to see if you got the relationships in the proper sequence lF cause THEN failure mode HOW DO I KNOW effect CauseEffect Model FMEA FAILURE MODE LIKELY EFFECTS LIKELY CAUSES TRIGGER CONTINGENT ADAPTIVE CORRECTIVE ACTIONS PREVENTIVE FMEA FMEA WORKSHEET ENGR TVFE OESIcN PROCESS OTHER lTEM FUNCTION POTENTIAL EFFECTs OF POTENTIAL VERIFICATION OR FAILURE MODE URRENT CONTROL E RPN The likelihood that a specific cause will occur and result in the failure mode Rank on a scale of 1 1O Occurrence of Cause Design FMEA OCCURRE NCE EVALUATIO N CRIT ERIA Fossble Frobabllltythe cAuszm occur Failure Rate Ranking DFFM FaHure rs unhke y No Known faHures assomated vwm a most rdermcaw desrgns lt1 in 105 1 lt1 Very Low omy so ated faHures assomated vwm srmuar desrgns Low Occassronaw faHures assomated vwm srmuar desrgns oderate Prewous condmon Extreme FaHure a most mewtame lt 1 in 2000C 2 lt50 lt1 in 4000 3 lt250 desrgns have apenenced promemsor occassrona factory outrof contro s 1in1000 4 1in400 5 1in 80 6 1in40 7 1in 20 8 1in8 9 1in2 10 33 Occurrence Another Example FMEA surruesreu Occurrence Evaluation Crnenn u n 10 3 u 33 gt1 m 2 mmmmmarmusrmrame a 3 u 33 1 m 3 a 3 u 51 1 m a Hlull REpea ed Ya uves 7 3 u m 1 m 20 0 3 u 83 1 m an 5 3100 1m mm mm Occamwm o 1 17 1 m 2000 3 1 33 1 m 15 m rmRerarwrrrewrarm 2 3150 Mm nnnn 1 3m mum Male Zero 0 ranmngs YorSeverW Occuvence orDeIecnon are not allowed Remote FaHuve rs unth v Engineering Verification FMEA FMEA WORKSHEET TVFE DESlGN PROCESS OTHER lTEM FUNCTION POTENTIAL EFFEcTs oF POTENTIAL FAILURE MODE FAILURE s cAUsEs DQURRENT coNTRoLDE RPN The activities that will assure the design adequacy for the failure mode cause Ifthe design FMEA is done very early it may not be possible to determine the engineering verification 35 Effectiveness FMEA FMEA WORKSHEET ENGR TVFE DESlGN PROCESS OTHER lTEM FUNCTION POTENTIAL EFFECTS OF POTENTIAL I I FAILURE MODE I FAILURE I s I cAUsEs I o IcURRENT coNTRdl E htPNI l l l l l lvr l l l The ability ofthe proposed design control to detect the potential cause Rank on a scale of 1 1O Effectiveness of Design Verification FMEA EFFECTIVENESS EV TION CRITERIA Effectiveness of the Ve cation Activity Ranking Very Effective Design evaluation controls will detect a design weakness prior to production release I 2 High Controls will have a good chance of detecting design weakness 3 VWI be detectable after release but before build 4 Moderate Controls may detect design weakness before initial shipment 5 VWI be detected prior to shipment to customer 6 Low Controls not likely to detect design weakness and must wait for larger volume 7 8 Very Low Controls will probably not detect falure 9 Controls cannot irwill not detect failure 10 37 Effectiveness Detection FMEA suggesml Delemwn Evnl Cmenn Absulule Uncenamlv MudevalelvHigh High VEN High Almusicenem 1r Mole Zero 0 rankings rorSevem Occurrence orDeIecIion are not allowed Risk Priority Number FMEA FMEA WORKSHEET EM TVFE DESIGN PROCESS OTHER IT FUNCTION POTENTIAL EFFECTs OF POTENTIAL FAILURE MODE FAILURE s CAUsEs O CURRENT CONTROL E RPN Occurrence x Severity x Effectiveness RPN O x S x E Action Priority FMEA Final ranking or risk assessment in order of importance Priority RPN range A OVER 200 B 100199 C 2699 D 125 20 Shortcomings of RPN Method FMEA 39 Q 65 0 Nd 61 amp 9 K 0 63 6 9 9 9 Q0 5 0 A 6 A 3 96 B 4 6 3 96 SAME RES UL T Handbookpg 29 Shortcomings of RPN Method FMEA f x 9 3 o 3 96 3 96 FOCUS ON SEVERITY 21 Another Scoring Approach FMEA FMEA Area Chart HIGH PRIORITY MEDIUM PRIORITY LOW PRIORITY SEVERHY anwhmmuoooo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 OCCURRENCE Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Paul Paladay PT Publications 1995 43 Actions FMEA A welldeveloped Design FMEA will be of limited value without positive and effective corrective actions The design must be improved based on the results of the FMEA study 22 Specifications FMEA What problems do we encounter with specifications 4 Component misspeci cation due to communication problems 4 Unenforceable specs can39t be veri ed with present technology 4 Improper spec standard conditionsquot can be a trap OR specs for past products no longer sufficient for new ones FMEA Homework 2 FMEA Complete a design FMEA for the product shown on the next page Use the forms provided on the web page or create forms ofyour own Ifyour company already has FMEA forms you may use them for this exercise Concentrate on the function failure mode effect and cause columns Make up something within reason for the engineering veri cation and scoring Each person is to submit an FMEA Submit the FMEA to me attached to email Assignment is due 422004 23 FM EA Homework 2 FMEA 1 Evaluate the design of a pressure ensitive 39 ent case adhesive label attached to an Instrum 2 The case contains sensitive electronic components that cannot be exposed to contamination from particles or vapors Including possible contamination from the ADHESIVE pressuresensItIve adhesIve 3 The hole is used for nal adjustment and is ADHESIVEFREE covered with a pressuresensitive I e T AREA keep the inside of the ca e from being exposed to possible contamination from the adhesive the label was designed with a noadhesive area 4 The final adjustment of the components is intended fort e actory only and must not be done by the consumer 5 Remember that you are product designers and not process engineers at this poin however the process engineer on your team RECESSED AREA says that a manufacturing constraint exists the labels must be attached by hand by an operator on an assembly line 6 List any process concerns that you will want to consider as part of a later process FMEA TOP VIEW SHOWING LABEL IN PLACE 47 Design FMEA Form PM DESIGN FMEA Immmmm I m m mm mm r s x we x m mm m SYSTEM WENT mm mm CAUSES BF mama m cumcrm mm mm mm WWW m N m m m D s 0 E 24


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