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by: Felipe McLaughlin
Felipe McLaughlin
OK State
GPA 4.0

Gary Yen

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About this Document

Gary Yen
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Felipe McLaughlin on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAE 3723 at Oklahoma State University taught by Gary Yen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/232794/mae-3723-oklahoma-state-university in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Oklahoma State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
ECENIMAE 3723 Systems MATLAB Lecture 1 Lecture Overview El Introduction and History El Matlab architecture El Operation basics El Visualization Programming El Other useful information Introduction and History n Invented by Cleve Moler in late 1970s to give students access to LINPACK and EISPACK without having to learn Fortran n Together with Jack Little and Steve Bangert they founded Mathworks in 1984 and created Matlab El The current version is 7 El Interpreted code based system in which the fundamental element is a matrix El Available for a large number of platforms l Windows Linux HP UX Mac OS X and Solaris Architecture El Currently the Matlab core contains a mixture of routines in C and Java El New routines can be obtained by acquiring toolboxes l Control systems signal processing image processing neural networks fuzzy logics among many others El Simulink is one of their major toolboxes Architecture 2 n Simulink is a software package for making modeling and simulation easy and fun It is all based on block diagrams Fiie m View mm mm mi Heiv Di issaaairwzirNmmai vimemi moms Mama may 17mm if if i aaeis Architecture 3 Toolbox SIMULINK Control Systems Operation Basic Interface 52 ml Mew WBh Maw Hiah D m a i n Mquot myynnvmanrl wmmcmszas v J mums Eoncxol syltem mum w 9 u mm mm 7mm 41ng Running mum 4mm m I Workspace Or Launch Pad dumcczb629s P112 gtgt al 2 3 a ww i albax Command History or Current Directory i thutwh 3 1 Lhznuuh 6 Command Window Operations Basics 2 El 4 basic variable types I Double precision matrices I Strings I Cell arrays I Structures El Variable assignment I Single value a 1 7 a 8 IMatrixm 12 43 1 2 4 3 Operations Basics 3 El Using variables in expressions lb s rta10 llO q b 09 El Using functions I Single outputs Ely sqrtx I Multiple outputs II rp k residue numolen Partialfraction expansion Operations Basics 4 II Example function Partialfraction expansion Bs 54 853 1652 9s6 As s36szlls6 6 4 3 s2 53 52 s1 num l 8 l6 9 6 den l 6 ll 6 rpk residuenumden Operations Basics Matrices gtgt v gtgt v39 ans 397 ILLquot rm 1 r r39 quotfx JLv HAW HEN U ms u u Operations Basics Matrices 2 El Matrix multiplication 1 2 3 411 0 0 1 ans 1 2 3 4 El Dot multiplication 1 2 3 41 0 0 1 ans 1 0 0 4 El Dot division Kronecker tensor product kronMN Operations Basics Matrices 3 Other important matrix functions I Inverse invM Rank rankM Determinant detM null matrix M n by m matrix of zeros M zerosnm n by m matrix of ones M onesnm l Identity matrix n by n M eyen Uplotxy Visualization 2 El Add titles to graphs and axis I title this is the title I ylabel y l Xlabel x mmm Visualization 3 El Multiple plots I plotxyl b Xy2 r I legend yl y2 Visualization 4 El Matlab can also do 3D plots such as mesh surfaces I XY meshgrid 222 222 I Z X exp XA2 YA2 I meshXYZ Visualization 5 n Or simple 3D plots IX 2022 ly X IZ X exp XA2 y 2 I I Plot3xyz Visualization 6 El All calls to plot plot3 mesh etc will overwrite on the current figure Make sure that you want to erase the current figure El To create a new empty figure use the command figure Visualization 6 El Adding figures to reports I Print the figure directly I Save it to a TIFF file and add to the report Eile 9 Export I Copy to clipboard and paste to the report Edit 9 Copy Eigure n The background is copied too By default it is gray To change the background color use 39 set gcf color white Programming El Programming in Matlab is done by creating files I File 9 New 9 M File I edit El Programs can be divided into two categories Script programs Functions Programming 2 Script M files I Storing a sequence of functions I All variables are global I Call the program by writing the name of the file where it is saved I 00quot can be used for commenting Programming 3 Functions M files I It has to start declaring the name of the function its inputs and outputs II Eg function a b c fooinl in2 I The file name has to be the same name of the function foom I The variables are local I Call it by calling the function name with inputs and outputs Programming 4 I To create a new script M le Go to FILE gt NEW gt M file I 5 Euanv r L as m Um EgtMrldu 1 27 E E11 E1 22 mm t00130 xexp 1tsin23t nxis0 30 1 1 p1ottx grid y1abe139xt39 x1abe1C39Time sec39 1 r Save file as filenamem To run the file In the Command Window type fiename Programming 5 El Matlab accepts if then else constructs if ltconditiongt ltcommandsgt elseif ltconditiongt ltcommandsgt else ltcommandsgt end Programming 6 El For loops for k ltarraygt ltstatementsgt end The commands are executed repeatedly and the variable k is given each value in the loopvector Programming 7 El Example of using if elseif thenquot and for command arandnl5 for i1lengtha if aigtO sil elseif aiO siO else si l end end gtgta 11909 11892 00376 03273 01746 gtgts 1 l l l l Programming 8 El Other important Control Flow functions I if statement I for statement I while statement I No goto statement I break exists from for and while loops I switch case otherwise end combination I try catch end combination I end is to end control statements above I return is used in functions in the same way as Fortran Other useful information El To run programs they have to be in the current active directory or in a directory in the path Eile 9 Set path El help ltfunction namegt displays the help for the function I If you create function the first things commented after the function declaration are considered the help information El Helpdesk brings up a GUI for browsing very comprehensive help documents Other useful information 2 El save ltfilenamegt saves everything in the workspace or the function variable space to ltfienamegtmat If no ltfienamegt is given saves to matlabmat El load ltfilenamegt loads the file El More information on Matlab software visit httpwwwmathworkscom


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