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by: Dell Boehm DVM


Marketplace > Oklahoma State University > Geography > GEOG 1113 > INTRO TO CULTURAL GEOG
Dell Boehm DVM
OK State
GPA 3.84

Adam Payne

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About this Document

Adam Payne
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dell Boehm DVM on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 1113 at Oklahoma State University taught by Adam Payne in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/232820/geog-1113-oklahoma-state-university in Geography at Oklahoma State University.




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Date Created: 11/01/15
Final Exam Review So this is the ne print The exams will consist of a combinations of multiple choice matching and true and false questions for a total of 100 points The test includes the relevant lectures and chapters outlined below The exam will be weighted a bit more toward lecture than the book Below is a list of important terms and concepts that are essential for success on the exam You should be able to answer the following questions for each item who what where when and signi cance Email me with questions payneaokstateedu Good luck Economy and Energy lecturesChapters 9 5 economic sectors and percentages of US workforce nonrenewable resources all discussed pros cons locations etc renewable resources all discussed pros cons locations etc Who Killed the Electric Car American Foodaways Lecture food preferences meat chicken beef etc beef consumption by race and region grain consumption nutritional wasting of grain by eating meat fruits and vegetables US drink preferences types most popular McDonald s history and impact fast food why leading restaurants budget spent ethnic restaurants Super Size Me facts Ethinc Geography lecturesChapter race one drop rule difference between US and Brazil ethnicity ethnic group problems in de ning ethnicity role of ethn1c groups ethnic homelands Acadiana ethnic Islands Little Sweden USA ethnic neighborhoods ethnic ghettos groups that became main urban ethnic groups ethnic ghetto life cycle ethn0burbs Chinat0wn San Francisco39s Chinatown Political Geo ra h lecturesCha ter number of countries total and by continent boundaries unitary government federal government nations states and nationstates centripetal forces on nationstates centrifugal forces on nationstates nations without states states with more than one nation folk fortress territoriality enlcaves V exclaves Treaty of Westphalia Geopolitics Halford Mackinder heartland theory electoral college patterns in the US according to election maps by regions and states 2008 election results political geography and other assorted things online classroom nationalism gerrymandering buffer state marchland satellite state Roads and Automobiles Lecture Depa1tment of Transportation statistics meanings of the road and car evolution of the car roads to go with the auto Syllabus Fall 2010 Geography 1113 Intro to Cultural Geography Department Geography Oklahoma State University TTH 200315 North Classroom Building 101 CRN 13952 TTH 330445 CLB 212 CRN 13955 Instructor Adam A Payne MA Office Hours Office Murray Hall 414 Tues and Thurs 100 150 pm Phone 744 3 792 and by appointment E mail pagea okstateedu checked daily Course Description A thematic appraach t0 the study Of human graups and activities araund the warld including agricultural practices demagraphic trends palitical behaviar religiaus beliefs language patterns falk and papular cultures ethnicity and ethnic landscapes urbanizatian and industrializatian This course investigates seminal themes in cultural geography In particular population cultural settlement economic and political patterns will be emphasized During the semester we ll ask how and why the spatial patterns of cultural geography occur We will look at global patterns and processes and will also investigate cultural themes about the dominant global cultureithat of the United States Course Objectives Upon completion of this class students should be able to explain the five fundamental themes of geography using global examples to support each theme delineate cultural distributionsiincluding those of population religion economic activity political affiliation and languageifor the world and United States explain why in each of the above spatial patterns occurs analyze local regional national and global cultural landscapes compare different perspectives on globalization and other economic trends Required Book 1 The Human Masaic 11 h edition Terry G Jordan Bychkov et al 2010 Course Requirements 1 EXAMS There will be three exams total each worth 100 points They will be composed of multiple choice questions The exams will cover the material discussed in class and all readings that are assigned The final will not be comprehensive but will include geographic principles studied throughout the semester If a make up exam is necessary it will be all essay In addition you have one week 5 school days to make up the test missed If you need to make up an exam you may go to Murray Hall room 337 at any time between 800 am and 500 pm until one week after the exam After one week you will receive a zero on the test NO EXCEPTIONS 2 PROJECTS Two projects will be assigned over the course of the semester Each project will allow for in depth investigation of themes in lecture and will be discussed in greater detail later in the semester Some projects may include field work that requires adequate access to public or private transportation All projects are due at the beginning of class on the due date stated in the course schedule Any project that is turned in past the start of class on the due date will be docked five points a day for up to one week weekends do not count After that one week you receive a zero Ex If a project is due on Friday and you turn it in on Monday you will only be able to receive a maximum of 20 out of 25 points If it is turned in on Tuesday you will only be able to receive a maximum of 15 points To turn in a late assignment go to room 337 in Murray Hall and hand it to one of the secretaries make sure they stamp the date on it so Iknow When you turned it in and no unnecessary points will be taken off 3 ONLINE QUIZZES There will be 10 quizzes comprised of questions concerning material over specific chapters All answers may be found in the book The Human Mosaic llth edition Each quiz will be timed and you will have 2 hours to finish the quiz Moreover you will have only one attempt at each quiz The quizzes may be found on the On Line Classroom under the tab labeled quizzes Each quiz will be available from 800 am Monday to midnight Thursday the quiz must be finished by 12 am or you will not be able to turn it in If you miss a quiz it will not be available in the future and you will receive a zero for that quiz grade It is your responsibility to complete the quizzes so plan accordingly Grading Exams 3 300 points A 1000 895 650 58175 points Project 1 50 points B 8949 795 58174 51675 points Project 2 100 points C 7949 695 51674 45175 points Online Quizzes 10 200 points D 6949 595 45174 38675 points Total 650 points F 5949 00 38574 and below IMPORTANT If you email me any questions about grades the email will be automatically deleted If you believe there are any discrepancies or problems with your grade you must talk to me during o ice hours or schedule an appointment Moreover the grade distribution above is fin al ie ifyou lave a nal grade of 8949 you get a B Class Attendance and Participation It is expected that you will come to class prepared Attendance is vital to succeeding in Geography 1113 While there is no grade attached to attendance it is expected that you come to class and be prepared to participate Also you should show up on time as being consistently late is rude to the instructor and your fellow classmates If you are absent for some reason you do not need to contact me and explain but you will be responsible for getting the note from a friend in class I do not for w reason give my notes to students Tentative Course Schedule may be changed at the instructor s discretion 2 Week 1 week of August 23 2 Course Introduction The Five Themes of Geography Global Trends READ CHAPTER 1 Quiz 1 Week 2 week of August 30 2 Population READ CHAPTER 3 Quiz 2 Week 3 week of September 6 2 Language READ CHAPTER 4 Quiz 3 PROJECT 1 due Thursday September 9 Week 4 week of September 13 2 Religion READ CHAPTER 7 Quiz 4 Week 5 week of September 202 Religion Cont EXAM 1 Thursday September 23 in class Week 6 week of September 27 2 Folk and Popular Culture READ CHAPTER 2 Quiz 5 Week 7 week of October 42 Agriculture READ CHAPTER 8 Quiz 6 Week 8 week of October 11 2 Urban Geography READ CHAPTERS 10 and 11 Quiz 7 over Chapter 10 only Week 9 week of October 18 2 Megalopolis Economic ActiVities Week 10 week of October 25 2 Economic Activities continued EXAM 2 Thursday October 28 in class Week 11 week of November 1 2 Mining and Energy READ CHAPTER 9 Quiz 8 Week 12 week of November 8 2 American Foodways Week 13 week of November 15 2 Ethnic Geography READ CHAPTER 5 Quiz 9 PROJECT 2 due Thursday November 18 Week 14 week of November 22 Ethnic Geography Continued NO CLASS THURSDAY NOVEMBER 25 THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY Week 15 week of November 29 Political Geography READ CHAPTER 6 Quiz 10 Week 16 week of December 6 Roads and Automobiles EXAM 3 Finals TTH 200315 Final on Thursday December 16 at 200 pm TTH 330445 Final on Tuesday December 14 at 200 pm Plagiarism Presenting the written published or creative work of another as the student s own work Whenever the student uses wording arguments data design etc belonging to someone else in a paper report oral presentation or other assignment the student must make this fact explicitly clear by correctly citing the appropriate references or sources The student must fully indicate the extent to which any part or parts of the project are attributed to others The student must also provide citations for paraphrased materials The following are examples of plagiarism 0 quot Copying another student s assignment computer program or examination with or without permission from the author quot Copying another student s computer program and changing only minor items such as logic variable names or labels quot Copying or paraphrasing material from any source without proper citation quot Copying words and then changing them a little even if the student gives the source quot Verbatim copying without using quotation marks even if the source is cited quot Expressing in the student s own words someone else s ideas without giving proper credit Oklahoma State University Academic Integrity Policy Oklahoma State University is committed to the maintenance of the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct of its members This level of ethical behavior and integrity will be maintained in this course Participating in a behavior that violates academic integrity e g unauthorized collaboration plagiarism multiple submissions cheating on examinations fabricating information helping another person cheat unauthorized advance access to examinations altering or destroying the work of others and fraudulently altering academic records will result in your being sanctioned Violations may subject you to disciplinary action including the following receiving a failing grade on an assignment examination or course receiving a notation of a violation of academic integrity on your transcript and being suspended from the University You have the right to appeal the charge Contact the Office of Academic Affairs 101 Whitehurst 405 744 5627 academicintegrityokstateedu Students with Disabilities According to the Americans with Disabilities Act each student with a disability is responsible for notifying the University of hisher disability and requesting accommodations If you think you have a qualified disability and need special accommodations you should notify the instructor and request verification of eligibility for accommodations from the Office of Student Disability Services Please advise the instructor of your disability as soon as possible and contact Student Disability Services to ensure timely implementation of appropriate accommodations Faculty have an obligation to respond when they receive official notice of a disability but are under no obligation to provide retroactive accommodations To receive services you must submit appropriate documentation and complete an intake process during which the existence of a qualified disability is verified and reasonable accommodations are identified Call 405 744 7116 or go to sdsokstateedu


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