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by: Jared O'Keefe


Jared O'Keefe
OK State
GPA 3.68

Robert England

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About this Document

Robert England
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jared O'Keefe on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1113 at Oklahoma State University taught by Robert England in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/232824/pols-1113-oklahoma-state-university in Political Science at Oklahoma State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Anthony Gaskill Political Science 1113 Exam 1 Study Guide What is a republic Representative democracy Pure democracy What are two reasons for government identi ed in class According to class notes what are two major features of all governments What are the characteristics of a nation state De ne politics De ne public policy How is public policy made What is government Anthony Gaskill What is the difference between liberals and conservatives What is the difference between Democrats and Republicans What is policy formation policy evaluation and policy implementation Why are they important Describe the structure weaknesses and accomplishments of the Articles of confederation What are capitalism socialism and mixed economy Identify and discuss various strands of liberalism and conservatism Anthony Gaskill What were the major agreements and compromises made at the Philadelphia Convention Explain how the Constitution has changed by interpretation How is the Us Constitution amended What events lead to the Constitutional Convention Describe a federal system of government Differentiate between expressed implied reserved and concurrent powers What is a grantinaid Anthony Gaskill In what various forms do grantsinaid come What are intergovernmental relations What was our rst written constitution What is the signi cance of McCulloch V Maryland Identify and explain the signi cance of the underlying principles of the Us Constitution Why federalism THINGS TO KNOW Bill of Rights Article If Legislative Branch Article II 7 Executive Branch Anthony Gaskill Article III 7 Judicial Branch 1787 7 Constitutional Convention 1789 7 Adoption of the US Constitution 1776 7 Declaration of Independence George Washington Thomas Jefferson James Madison McCulloch V Maryland PRACTICE ESSAY QUESTIONS MATCHING MULTIPLE CHOICE SHORT ANSWER AND FILL IN THE BLANK Anthony Gaskill Political Science 1113 Exam 2 Study Guide What is a nomination Why is a party label important to a candidate What is a nonpartisan ballot a partisan ballot a closed primary an open primary What role do the states play in nominating the President What is a national party convention Anthony Gaskill What is a caucus What are the key components of campaigns What types of workers are involved in campaigns Identify two major types of media use with respect to campaigns Which type of media use is paid advertisements Why do we care about the amount of money spent in campaigns Anthony Gaskill What was the purpose of federal election campaign acts passed in the early 1970s Why don t people in the US vote What generalizations about electoral behaVior can you offer in other words who votes How is the president elected What are criticisms of the electoral college How might you defend it How might you change it Anthony Gaskill What is a PAC What is partisanship party identi cation splitticket voting straightticket voting political ef cacy What are political parties What functions do they perform What is meant by dealignment realignment What is a rational political party Anthony Gaskill What is a responsible political party What are the characteristics of political parties Explain the nature of each characteristic Explain what is meant by the statement that each political party is actually comprised of three parts components Be able to generalize who votes for whom according to demographic characteristics Discuss reasons for the decline of political parties Anthony Gaskill What is a political machine What is an interest group What are the goals of interest groups Why and how do interest groups affect public policy What is an iron triangle or susbsystem politics Identify and explain the linkages in the subsystem Anthony Gaskill ESSAY QUESTIONS 1 What is a general election What is a primary election Identify and discuss the two types of primaries outlined in class Now describe in some detail how 39 1 39 39 1 39 1 Anthony Gaskill 2 Discuss in some detail the three major characteristics of American political parties as outlined in class Anthony Gaskill 3 What is an interest group In class I identify four primary interest groups resources what were they Discuss each Finally what is subsystem politics What is the signi cance of subsystem politics Your essay should include a gure that shows the linkages of subsystem politics


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