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by: Vivien Murazik DVM


Vivien Murazik DVM
OK State
GPA 3.71

Carmen Greenwood

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About this Document

Carmen Greenwood
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vivien Murazik DVM on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENTO 2003 at Oklahoma State University taught by Carmen Greenwood in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/232828/ento-2003-oklahoma-state-university in Entomology at Oklahoma State University.




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Date Created: 11/01/15
Kingdom King Phylum Philip Class Came Order Over for Genus Green Species Spinach Know the 5 Kingdoms 1 Animilia 2 Plantae 3 Protista 4 Monera 5 Fungi 7 Characteristics of the Phylum Arthopoda 1 Distinct body segments 2 Rigid Exoskeleton 3 Paired jointed appendages 4 Double ventral nerve cord 5 Dorsal Tubular Heart 6 Open circulatory system 7 Bilateral Symmetry Classes under the phylum arthopoda 5 Classes 1 Aracnida Spiders 2 Major Body Segments 4 pairs of legs No Antenna pairs 0 Pairs of wings 2 Diplopoda Millipedes 2 Major body segments 2 pairs of legs segment 1 pair ofantenna 0 pairs of wings 3 Chilopoda Centipedes 2 Major body segments 1 pair of legs Segment 1 pair ofantenna 0 pairs of wings 2003 Test 1 Studv Guide for Dr Carmen 39 4 lnsecta Bugs 3 Major body segments 3 pairs of legs 1 pair of antenna O 1 or 2 pairs of wings Malacostraca Crustaceans 2 Major body segments 5 to 7 pairs of legs lor2pair of antenna 0 pairs of wings U Six orders under the Class lnsecta Orthoptera Grasshoppers Gradual Metamorphosis Chewing Mouthparts 2 pairs of wings Hemiptera True Bugs Gradual Metamorphosis Piercing Sucking mouthparts 2 pairs of wings Diptera Flies Complete Metamorphosis Piercing Sucking mouthparts 1 pair of wings 4 Coleoptera Beetles Complete Metamorphosis Chewing mouthparts 2 pairs of wings Lepidoptera Moths Complete Metamorphosis Chewing mouthparts 2 pairs of wings Hymenoptera Bees Complete metamorphosis Chewing mouthparts 2 pairs of wings N W U 0 Four Types of metamorphosis 1 Complete Metamorphosis 0 Egg 9 Larvae 9 Pupa 9 Adult 2 Gradual Metamorphosis 0 Egg 9 Nymph 9 Adult Incomplete Metamorphosis 0 Egg 9Naids Aquatic form 9 Adult 4 No metamorphosis 0 Already Adult just grows size by size from each molt Gene Terms 04 Diploid 2 Copies of each gene are in the insect Haploid 1 copy of each gene are in the insect Egg Laying Terms 1 Oviparity Hatch the eggs outside of the body 2 Ovoviviparity Hatch the laid eggs inside the body and then release the young 3 Viviparity Live birth with the young A Body Parts 1 Head a The Eyes 0 Ommatidia make up a insects compound eyes 0 Occeli The insects simple eyes normally in groups of 3 b Mouthparts o Chewing I Left and right mandible Jaw I Left and right maxilla w maxillary palp Cheek I Labium w labial palps Lower lips I Labrum Upper lips o Piercing Sucking I Labrum I Mandibles and maxille formed into tubes located under the labium I Labium is an elongated tube like structure 2 Body c Thorax o Prothorax I 1 pair of legs I No wings at all 0 Mesothorax I 1 pair of legs I Fore wings I Maybe one pair of spiracle o Metathorax I 1 pair of legs I Hind wings I Maybe one pair of spiracle d Legs and relation to a human6 parts in this order Coxa hip Trochanter Knee cap Femur Big bone Tibia Long Bone Tarsus Toes Feet J PWE JE e Abdomen Spiracles System of gas exchange Ovipositor Female reproductive system Claspers Male reproductive system Plates of Armor I Sclerites Hard armor protective shell I Sutures Membrane like in between layer of the sclerite Parasitosis Information Parasitosis Actually infected by parasites lllusory Parasitosis Thinking you are infected but you aren t and can be persuaded you aren t Bells Syndrome You see someone scratch so you feel like you have an itch Delusory Parasitosis Thinking you are infected but you aren t and you cannot be persuaded you 1 2 aren t Ekbom Syndrome


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