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by: Ms. Bridie Kohler


Ms. Bridie Kohler
OK State
GPA 3.96

Charles Ellis

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About this Document

Charles Ellis
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Bridie Kohler on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 1003 at Oklahoma State University taught by Charles Ellis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/232835/cs-1003-oklahoma-state-university in ComputerScienence at Oklahoma State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
CS 1003 DesireZLearn Access and Usage Instructions gtrvme F55 Snapshtrl n fan i e p llcanvers 1 llhanes d1 3923 a St m Cuni uter 39 start After logging on to the lab computer this is similar to your initial screen You will launch Internet Explorer by clicking on its icon on the Desktop lntemet Explorer will launch and start in the ITD home page as shown on the next page e Icroso Internet Bolorer le Edit m ngurita look quotall 4m U a g g psgm Favumzs a ahuma State UNISSW OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY I I INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY USU HUME Look helore Entering V s The IT Labs in MathScience and cmpmerAssxstam on Classroom Building often have classes in In Gad argue ve T Labs When In you need assistance you 2 nd them From this screen type httpocokstateedu in the Address eld and press the enter key This will transfer you to the DesireZLearn login page as shown on the next page 533 v Q E E f psem Favun zs a a We a uaanmas acmm UNLINE ELassHaaM AND EGMMUNI rv P Ease nasaynw puma isase sensqu nun p y Mnmmu ayqm eas m hgr far a System Chczk heinr Von Innm Desxreneam Ina an ghts rasarv Enter your Okey id and your network logon password the one use to access email etc and click the Login button You will be taken to your DesireZLearn home page as shown on the next page We g3 Gum s DHahumaSta EUmIasmt ndar FAQ HE p Luguut Dumas CLASSHDDM AND EDMMLIIVITY m Weimme CHARLES y Settings My Okmhnma am a Mv Piefersrwes g m a My sanai Hume a e W gt C COMPUTER sEcuRn vesEc IS 352 Desiree ieemk reneam Inn w Ham reserved Hum Drw Once you re logged into Desire2Learn you will see a screen similar to this one with your name and any courses for which you are registered The course you want is CS 1003603 Cornputer Pro ciency 7 Sec LB 603 Click on your course link s ELAss aaM am S 1009 uMPUIHz PROIH quotNu su u bu EDMMLINITY cuss 11 Message ta Fanllbl Welmme amuse The new cuurse menegement system annne Classmam and Cnmmumtv s ace autamatically eetwetes tms nurse 7 days before tne rst day of classes wnen tms My 52mm classi e vate all enmlled students Wm he abletu access tms anurse and mew t Manage kuhns a Mv meter twnen v lug entea c Additmnallvytmsmurse Wm autnmai u E M 5m mm a E eeectwete 21am a erthel v fclass an entwm nuthelast s 4H yewnu tm e ecD Plates n SAME u lnger abl EM a Viewtne mu e Ifyuu need eemener lateraucess w e net using ace Vuu will e at changethesesemnq Tun neetnes m gs 11 an 11 urse k and eneck nruncheck tne Acuv l enee x nr alD anivatmq nrdeacuvatmg m e emee eentect vaur lncal aampus rr Haludesk or Vaur campuscullqu aunt of Contact far further assistance or enek here for Faculg mg Masaqe ts studens Nu hankmark added s a an vnurclasssched 1s amuse nes he ddad ta tne Onlme Classmum and Cnmmunmas ace available to Vnu by e svStEmrwi e cumuuter update tnet occurs at tne beqmmng of tne semester Even tnwgn tms course is nstea es available it dues at meen your instrumrwill be using UCCfaryaurcuurse Please mntect yaw instrumr ta determine wnetner Vau mu be using as far tms caurse aunng tne semester and se wnen cantent will he added we tn Jan 2L zan7 4am m Week 1 Day 1 eends Jan 24 2am 4am m Sum News a amends a Week 1 Day 2eenus Jan 24 2am 4am m Weekz Day 2 eenus Clicking on the course link will transfer you to the course home page There are links to the Course Home Content the assignment schedule for the semester Dropbox Where assignments are tumed in for grading Quizzes and Grades a link Where you can review your grades as they are posted Click on Content link to go to the screen on the next page s ELAssHaaM am 5 10m uMPIHHt PROI h IENLV SN m on EDMMLINITY an Dscussmns Drnpx szzej Casslsl mag course Content E 7 7 syHabus 5 camg e far gHrmna 5mn3 Cnurs Syllabus JHWWMH g9 Administratmn erk 1 Day 1 I Cuntsnt Disgiav 52mm wzzk 1 Day 1 am m5 w mgan came smuz mgr Mmsun WW g3 When an assignment is available you can click on the assignment instructions eg Week 1 Day 1 and be sent to the screen on the next page m y a m 1 r can v L 8 lg Usem Favun zs g mm a Quayle Dldahuma Stab UNIale E M Home l M Calendar l FAQ l Help l Luguut nuns ELAss aaM am 5 10m uMPIHHz PROI h quotNu su m on EaMMumrr cuss u File Download Dnmmlnwwuvalhs la E Name WEEkJDEyLdu Type Manganmmnummenmmw edu me unokstat Mays ask name upemnglhislype was WME Me hum the Mamet can be us ul same Me can pmermally 1 a mnSDesireneam Ina Nlngmsresarved 3 o Tmstzdsims On this page you will nd the assignment instructions in the doc le and any data les required to complete the assignment When you click on Open for the assignment le you will see the following screen hell am v L E a Usem Favun zs g mu g3 Gaagle DHahumaStatEUmIasmt m Home i m Calendar i FAQ i Help i Luguut Dumas 55mm am S 100 umunm PROI n imu su HJ mu EDMMLIIVITY cussmns Hme szzej Casslsl Graig Surveys Edit Course Weeleayl Emiimlmzm g 1 i i i 1 Week 1 Day 1 cs 1003 Computer Pro ciency V LISL of les you WI need for this lab Veek 1 Day 1 Answer Sheen Home Drive as described In the Dcm lnam Access and Usage lusrmmons 7 o g a l 2 w lt i u l gt l g3 ommm a These are the instructions for the assignment These instructions and any required data les can be found at the Data Files link Click on that link to download the instructions and data les to your PC either to My Home Drive for OSU lab computers or the hard drive of your personal computer The next page has a picture of the screen W e 111 7 quotit 1 ten em v 1 8 LE 5 jseardu Favun zs g a 1 E a mmmm Week 1 Dev 1 Week 1 Day 1 Data mes wwwmmw Name week 103 DataJD Type CumWEssed mw d may 1 02MB me neonatal Riga ask heme upemnglhlslype wne WV E Me hum the Mamet can be us d same Me can pmermalb W Home Drive as described m we Demc zleam Access and Usage lusrmmons Click on Save You will then see the following screen to select the location for the le download IE i E 3 f 3 mm mm Q i mmmn Week 1 DEV 1 Week 1 111v 1 1111 me Q H name i Dav i Dali 1m v MyNetwmk SaveasypE Campresedmppedenlder v Click My Home Drive and then the Save button to download your data les and instructions At this point you will not need to be in Desire2Leam until you have completed the assignment Click on My Computer and then your H drive You should see the file you downloaded and maybe other files if you have used your H drive for other classes The file you downloaded is a compressed zip file Follow the next steps to uncompress the les contained in that le to complete the assignment First find the zip le to uncompress click on the zip file and then FileExtract to uncompress the files it contains See the screen shot below 9 Xquot 39 m Hasl Sue R u Tasuhmnme ma Na 3110 35 spimnsmpm chekanme 39 1m ND L16 1w minimumuva rnwsa Man and select the le that m want to uDluad Enter a brief Tu wmulete vnur submissmm click ant e Dlaad button m sea a hwy at the les that m have summed click an the Hustnry buttun start 6 It 3 mammu mymm m we mt D Ignore or click Yes to an alert boxes you may get The WinZip Wizard will start click next on all steps to extract the data files into a folder onyour My Home Drive You may now click that folder and the files in it to complete the assignment When you have completed the assignment log back on to DesireZLearn select Dropbox and the link for the assignment you just completed see the screen shot on the next page y me it m ngurita male use e ark v L E Q A Useamn Favun zs g The ma submissmn area af Drummx is where m The Druphnx nan Pick up assignmentskhat have been submitted aHaws m m Dick TmaiFHes n submitted 7 Unchecked Fuss n Draphnx Fniders Tn add a new Dmuhox Fnider or m em me Dmvemes of an existing Dmvhnx raider chck an the Admin human Chck an the name nfa awn ax miner m retrieve assignments harm that Fu der m can emanate a Grade nem with a Fu der Click the link for the assignment you just completed you will see the screen on the next page e ack v L E I jsearm Favun zs g visa m g Quayle Q DHahumaStatEUmgslb Home l m Calendar i FAQ i Help i Luguut amm s ss aaM am S 1009 uMPIHHz PROI n quotNu su u bu EDMMLINITY cu 39 Tasubrmta le a mum Weeleay and select the le Immamquot u lna Deadlllll Jan 72 2nn7 A an PM a mi Descrlminn w mg mg There sa hm nfesn characze mcmmng Suaczs Tu aumvlete vnur submissmm click an the Unload human Czrlzel unload have summed c ken he n l a ZDDSDesireneam Ina Nlnyhtsresarved g3 ommm Use the Browse button to locate the files for the assignment completed click on the file to be uploaded click Open and then click Upload in Desire2Leam When the file is uploaded you will see the following screen and can repeat the process for all the les required for grading the lab Click Done When you have uploaded all the required les 1 dar l FAQ l HElp Luguut nuns ss aam am S 100 uMPuIHz PROIH quotNu su u mu EDMMLINITY cuss nns gt Ta add annther me u yaw Drapbnx Uploaded By eemk click unlnad Anather me MM Folder Week 1 DEV 1 39 Ya can click an the mm mm me name Week 1 Day 1 Answer SheetiZdac m gel e recnrd uf le ha DateDe42DDE unleaded nme2 19 D1 pm me Slz 31232 bytes Week 1 Day 1 Answer sneectzmee uvlnadad sumessfully mm Done Upland mum El Contents Frame l a mnSDesireneam me Nlnghtsresarved g3 ormsedees m 3 vuanumasreteu mitermweee lt When you click Done you will be returned to the Dropbox and will see number of les you uploaded indicated next to the Dropbox folder into which you uploaded the les At this point you can close out Desire2Learn or go back to Content to work on another assignment


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