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by: Summer Little


Summer Little
OK State
GPA 3.51

John Nazemetz

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About this Document

John Nazemetz
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Summer Little on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 1342 at Oklahoma State University taught by John Nazemetz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/232870/engr-1342-oklahoma-state-university in Engineering and Tech at Oklahoma State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
obiget Desi nProces 5ste s 1 Recognize Need Tolerances and Allowances Hidden 2 Decide to act a Runni ands ng ea Centersymmetry 3 Define Problem 7 Locational clearance FiMLClall Phantom a Product o intended for normaiiy stationary parts out Thread o Scope can be freely assembled a disassembled yrs 7 NC one ouarterincn Diameter Sequence of attack a Locational interference Fits Livia Threadsinch Uniform National Coarse Thread Form d Evaluate criteria o Accur cy of location is of prime concern 7 me 5 Gas 2 MSW Weed B 5 Meme 4 Develop Scnedule no transmission of friction l 5 ideation e Locational Transitional tie mes primarysecnndaiy and 6 Develop broad Solution conceoB o ccuracy important utsome tertiary mum reieyence was 7 Evaluate M cl arance interference fitallowe 8 Select Conceptfor development a Shrink Fits miss tolerance value 9 DetailDesignAnaiysis of concepB 0 Made for high friction 10 Prototype testing D39mens39 39ng geomdricchaiadeiislic 11 Final commitmentrGo anead Between Views ONLV one Dimension Provided for Feature svmbolnimmscase 12 implementationProduction Place Dimensions on FrontView Wnen Possible Smallest I 13 useMonitoringAssessment Dimensions Closest to Partooiect 5 390 14 Repairredes39gn Datums amunamamm Symbol 15 Disposalrecycle feature on an object used to create a reference system fo suremerit material condiinns oi tolerance Most important features i if Mm W6C de WWS malefialcondilionsoldatums Design ConceivePrototyoeTestProve Design39 Symmetry oi Eng J 39 39 39 r ivi FrontFace isTrue Size WithoutDistortion OperateServiceMaimainUse Product39 M Fea reso ecedin Face r snortened 39 39 quotl r Product s39 quot Receding Edges top and side faces usuaiiy at45 or 30 Design Nlost characteristics face Depth is Min hair DisposeeRecycieor Discard Product39 Gravitationailystabie T le ames mbOls Form Controls Variation from desired m P Mareriei cehuiion rive tolerance may be specified as a factor or percentage of the newness oi reeiire see are quotperm Pro ile Controls Variation of Profile nominal value a maximum deviation from a nominalvaiue WC Positionquot from desired Profile or Datum Orientation Controls Variation from a publisned standard with this information or be implied by armored Tninranae zon the numeric accuracy of the nominal valueToierance can DatumDatum be symmetrical as in 40101 or asymmetrical such as quot99 m Rummt ControIs Variation Permitted 400ZT01 Diaiiieirical overriuiictili rritZuiieui anlulE d uring 360a Rotation Bilateral Dim tol or Dim tolatol1 3 5 Location controls Variation from a Unilateralltoim tol ea or Dim 0 stole a or Emmi Dimension 39pe rfect location relative to datums Tolerances are xexx inches nuiuiiineuiuiesyiiiuur otherfeatures j seeiue emu refit TayR era ge A e Nearlytwo mileslong s spans At the time it was Unless otherwise noted WW Tm the ionges bridge in the world it carried a single tillJ 39 railtrack The quothigh girdersquot astheywere no Tolerance Geomemc mbols were 27ft hig with an ssft clearance ahovethe high W water mark it was these saanswhic fell swam cudadcrsaisric s was Look for common datum 7 quotAt approximately 7 15 m on the stormy night of a V T Look for pushpull 23 Dece h 37 ent al navigation saansof m Brea ltdo to l the Tay dg collapsed intothe Firth of a 7 Look for feature control frames Dundee taking I th in 5 carriagesand 75 7 FOW soulstotheirfate At the time agale estimat d t g Ciw w Rn indievii MM Emmi Sue Or we i I force 10 to 11 was blowing dovim the Tay estuary at WWW 7 g m mm 039 W m 6100 i 075 right anglestothe bridge The collapse of the bridge 7 I E a n T 7 mm of Theoretical I 7 r a l U l i e Pinon limitAxis Definedfmni A39 Sl i3 04 i L lA lC iB l dTrade sem Shockwaveswough me in rmquot i r riiiiieoia sviiee e A disaser is one of the most famous bridge failures and Plane B to date it i still the worst structural engineering roeiociieiimsnuei esal MW e tiiiieuiiiinii llumhe c camrvim mm 7 The Court of Inquirvreport concluded that quotThefaii Eareii iii 6x D mi o W of the bridge was occas39oned hythe insrfficiency oiiiioi ciuiuii 39 rm the crosshracirig and itsfasteningstosustairr the rc the alequot me when mpg POSlllunoiinmi e The court of Inquirvindicatedthat if the piers and in V Hui De ned particularthe wind hr cing had been properly Pnsriim X ampEd39mquotmiw consructed and maintained the h idge could have Ev Center nl Bolt m smallW quotdef factorof ety o5wasthe norm t 7 9mm i WWWquot 7 sh homas Bouch was held chiefiyto blame for the e Denied hynfiglt collapse in not making adequate allowance for wind Dimension oadi He u ind e sqftfor a p ssureof 10 he r the des39gn oftheTavhridge it isinterestingto note 67 that when working onthe design of a proposed Forth hridge 1355 he used SOIhsfsq 5 To this day however there is still speculation as to the fundamental cause and as to whether o designer Thomas Bouch was to blame Apart from the results ofthe original Court of Inquiry various theories have been put forward for the collapse including derailment of the train Preamble Ethics Engineering is an important and learned profession As members of this profession engineers are expected to exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity Engineering has a direct and vital impact on the quality of life for all people Accordingly the services provided by engineers require honesty impartiality fairness and equity and must be dedicated to the protection of the public health safety and welfare Engineers must perform under a standard of professional behavior that requires adherence to the highest principles of ethical conduct Fundamental Canons Engineers in the fulfillment of their professional duties shall 1 Hold par amount the safety health and welfare of the public 2 Perform services only in areas of their competence 3 Issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner 4 Act for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees 5 Avoid deceptive acts 6 Conduct themselves honorably responsibly ethically and lawfully so as to enhance the honor reputation and usefulness of the profession Problem Identi cation 1 Identify problems and failures with the current bicycle design through research observation and past experience 2 Identify the components that are the source of the problems and failures within the current bicycle design 3 Create an Engineering Type question andor a HotWorded question in order to produce abstract thinking and creativity 4 Brainstorm and record all ideas and designs to improve the functionality and design of the current bicycle design 5 Organize all ideas and designs into a visual aid 6 Decide which components and functions were most critical and needed to be reengineered 7 Complete a focused analysis of the selected components and functions 8 Add the results of the analysis to the visual aid 9 Attach the fully developed visual aid to the Project Report Technical Failures 39 ul39e Not Known by anyone stretching state of art Not Known by Designer Known by Errors in Calculationsassumptions Ethical Failures Post Event Analysis Provides Insights into Ways to Improve Ethical Problems Not Comprehensive Not quotDoing the Right Thing Due to Pressure NonComprehensive Analysis Folding under Pressure Analysis Requirement Not Known Greed Analysis Methods Not Known Not Doing the Right Thing Analysis Methods Not Applied Correctly Performing Outside of Competence Analysis Methods Not Applied Need to Ncle During Design Which Must Anticipa NoncomprehensiveLifeCycle Wiretrame represents an object by its edges only Nothing is between the edges Therefore wireframes cannot hide objects that are behind them M have both edges and surfaces plus cimpuercalcualted mass under the surface Some solid models look like wireframes Problem De nition quotEngineering Type Problem Definition Development quotHot Worded Problem Definition Development 0rtho mode to restrict the cursor to the horizontal or vertical axis Really Pay Attention to Life te all Phase Requirements Design Phase analysis failures Production Phase inadequate procedures quality control OperationMaintenance failure to hee instructionslack of instruction poor maintenance failure to anticipate modes of failure and required inspection and repair UpgradeLife Extension 7 analysis failures inadequate g technology complacency T S Disposal Phase inadequate w a E 8 procedures control a g 39 a m k 5 1 EL T o l 3 a a E 1 E I l quot g 392 l g lt a a x x 39 s g GE 3 z a g 23 g 2 H3


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