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by: Summer Little


Summer Little
OK State
GPA 3.51

Gary Yen

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About this Document

Gary Yen
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Summer Little on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 1111 at Oklahoma State University taught by Gary Yen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/232872/engr-1111-oklahoma-state-university in Engineering and Tech at Oklahoma State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Fall 2006 Outline for ENGR llll Instruction Session Summary list of items that must be covered so that students can complete the assignment Have the students search a general topic in the engineering handbook database Knovel so that they could see that the library has full text engineering handbooks How to find a book Via the Catalog Title search Author search Checked out or checked in Locate call number in the catalog record 3X5 call slip to show oor located Perform a keyword search about a topic such as case studies selecting as a phrase from the pulldown menudrop box On the second line add the word base ball Then run the search How to find a journal when I know the journal title volume issue and page Catalog Enter the journal title and select journal title on the respective pulldown Print and electronic fulltext Indicate the difference between current and bound current on first oor and bound located by call number on respective floor Note that bound prior to 1980 in engineering and science has been moved to the Annex Fulltext periodical tile list Enter journal title in the Fulltext periodical title list How to find an article39 whenl have a topic and nothing else Proquest Difference between journal title and article title Online full text availability via full text linking orange link html pdf Print availability Go to Next page Find the subject list for engineering specifically the CompendeX database From the Indexes ampDatabases page select the Subject Listing link select Engineering Computer Science and Technology CompendeX is in alphabetical order on the left hand side Locate using the Find icon link to online style manuals lVTLA etc Tour of the library approximately 12 minutes Description of the building Reference Desk items that are frequently consulted Almanacs Terminals throughout the building Reserve Course reserve Electronic and print Circulation Current periodicals Current vs bound show via hands on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Task List I develop ppt as a backup saved on flashdrive I Bring a handouts 1 take home assignment 2 evaluation form 3 20 questions for undergraduates 4 take home assignment solutions I Set up for the room all the pc s are turned on39 however the overhead projector is not used Presentation Starts Here I started the sessions by talking about the availability of fulltext of complete books on the web and related copyright issues Then having the students search a general topic in the engineering handbook database Knovel so that they could see that the library features a full text resource for engineering handbooks I questioned them on the availability of the same full text for free on the web and given that this is unique to a tuitionbased arrangement within the university that they should take advantage of this and other library resources in their coursework Then I proceed with locating books locating articles website navigation Hello I am the engineering librarian here at OSU my name is Kevin Drees Question to ask students Why is this instruction session important to you You will learn how and where to locate information in an academic library Why should we be interested in searching the libraries databases Is everything available for free on the web What about limiting to scholarly materials can we do that by using library resources Yes How canI tell if a web source is credible what mightI look for Look for something about the identity of the author credibility PhD or the website itself edu gov How canI tell if a book or article is credible Look for references in the book and article Is there anything that describes the authors qualifications such as the place of employment their education years of industry experience and so on At the conclusion of this session I will give you a takehome assignment so you will want to pay close attention during this workshop This session will get you familiar with the Homepage An engineering handbook database Knovel Locating books Using the subject listing for engineering to find engineering databases Locating articles when article title and journal name are known Via the catalog and when a topic is known and nothing else Proquest Direct Citing sources academic integrity Proxy Tour 1012 minutes Knovel Have the students search with a topic that matches their discipline such as mechanical design for mechanical engineering students fire for Fire safety and so on Go back to the library home page Tell them in the upper right hand corner of the screen see the link for the OSU library catalog Library catalog demonstration Basic search IfI know the title or the author then I do a basic search Basic search 1 search for the title A Tale of Two Cities I can do this by entering Tale of Two Cities However I cannot find the book by searching The Tale of Two Cities or A Tale of Two Cities Because A An and The at the beginning of a title are not recongnized by the online catalog and most other catalogs Go ahead and omit them to start the search Look at the record of Tale of Two Cities Note the call number Take down the complete call number if you are writing it and when you look for it remember that you have to look for the complete call number not just the first 3 numbers Remember IfI know the title or the author then I do a basic search Basic Search 2 Search for a book by title and separately search by author Shadow warriors I do a basic search on Shadow Warriors given that I know a book by that title was written by Tom Clancy recently Then I pick Tom Clancy s book from the list of titles Begin a new search I can also do an author search for Tom Clancy to see how many books he has published Search Clancy Tom Click on the author name in the record for Shadow Warriors or I can start a new search From the listI have a good idea that this is the right author because there is only one Tom Clancy listed and there are 21 titles with that name I can go into that list and click on Shadow Warriors and look at the assigned subject terms For example I can decide that I am interested in Special Forces and click on the link United States Army Special Forces to determine how many books are grouped under that subject The first 9 of the 25 entries in the list correspond to that subject I can also look at Special forces Military science United States to find books on the topic Thus you can see how you can start with the title of a book or an authors name find the book and then click on the assigned subject terms blue links to find more books on the subject That is basic searching Now for keyword searching Keyword search I would do a keyword search if I only knew the terms that described the book and not the author or title Another advantage of this kind of search is that the output is in reverse chronological order newest item rst Search 1 C yields about 400 hits with C anywhere in the record One advantage of this kind of search is that the output is in reverse chronological order meaning the most recent books are at the top of the list I could also take advantage of the controlled vocabulary blue links which are used to label books by the controlled vocabularly terms subjects to which they belong Those subjects are listed in each individual record as a blue hyperlink For example I am interested as C Computer Programming Language as my subject so I click on that in a record and find that there are 200 titles matched by that subject C and C bring up the same 200 records because they are treated the as equals in the index It is also possible to put the results of a controlled vocabulary searchsubject search in reverse chronological order that is done by scrolling down to the bottom of the page click on sort published date descending and click on retain selected blue links controlled vocabulary subject terms Consider talking about the telephone book as an example look for glasses gt the phone book says see optical goods retail The keyword glasses is translated into the subject term optical goods retail Note A keyword search on C by itself as a search ties up the search engine Why Because the every case of c appearing at any point in a word is being retrieved So if you want a book on programming in c do a keyword on c and then go to the hyperlink for C programming language click on it and find the item you are looking for Guess what The hyperlinks for C and C programming languages connect to the same 208 books Search 2 Whenl do not know the title or the author I can also search more than one term at a time in a keyword search For example baseball in the first box and history in the second box using the AND operator Search 3 Or I could search with a phrase and a term Pay close attention this could appear on the assignment To locate case studies on baseball type in case studies as a phrase use the pull down menudrop box to select as a phrase Then leave the AND operator as is and type in baseball leave the pulldown labeled all of these as is To locate books use the 3 X5 cards that you find at the reference desk The cards show call number and location There are also location lists elsewhere in the library Course Reserves click on the course reserves icon on the library catalog page which is further down the front page of the library catalog and you will be able to search by instructor department or course number to find materials currently on reserve Course reserves items are placed there via the instructors These include assignments books articles The items will either be stored at the circulationreserve desk or electronically on the web The paper items will have a checkout time from 2 hours to 3 days generally Check Damron Steve for example of electronic reserve Your Library Transactions tells you what items you have checked out and the due date Locate the print or electronic copy ofa journal How do I determine if we own the print or the electronic copy of a journal GivenI know the exact name of the joumal Mechanical Engineering I will look in the catalog for the print and the electronic version and verify the electronic holdings via the Full Text Periodicals List In the catalog I do what kind of search for a journal title Answer Basic Search I find print and electronic version in catalog And electronic version in FTPL How do I determine if we own the print or the electronic copy of a journal Let us say that I know the journal has the word mathematics in the name To find out if we own the print copy of a journal along with some links to electronic holdings as well as microform go to the library catalog do a basic search for journal title in this case mathematics This will pull up a number of hits To find out if we own the electronic copy of a journal go to the Online FullText Periodical Titles on the library homepage Enter the term mathematics This will pull up 50 items with mathematics in the title This page will tell you what database has the journal which you can click on as well as the date range Thus we can scroll through the list and hopefully identify the name of the journal ProQuest Direct go through a search example Search with the terms baseball in the first line And home runs in the second line Use the diagrams on the board and discuss Boolean searching Do Boolean searching with this search AND OR NOT Be sure to ask them which Boolean operator they are most likely to use in a search Answer AND Then scholarly and full text limits This database is chock full of full text articles on baseball including the New York Times However the database can also be limited to scholarly publications meaning roughly the same thing as peer reViewed articles which means what By scholarly publication we mean publications where there are footnotes indicating where the author cites others work in the field By peer reViewed articles we mean articles that have been reViewed by others in the same field before they are published Peer reViewed articles also have a list of citations or references at the end of the article like the scholarly publication Do the search over for limited to full text Go back and show examples of an abstract full text and local holdings links A local holding link in PQD means that PQD does not have the full text but tells you where to find it Via a call number or by going to the Microform Media Room A search on electrical and design produces roughly 200 hits from full text peer reViewed articles be sure to click on number of items found also in the same search Compendex go through a search example may have to correct this at the discus Librar sion of full text print and electronic at OSU library Compendex covers most engineering disciplines however IEEE is better for electrical engineering At this point You will only get the abstract however it is not a bad source for identifying the items you might need It is possible to order the items that we do not own through interlibrary services Show the link to interlibrary services from the homepage Do a search on mechanical and design Look at an individual item by clicking on the Detailed Record click on the OSU Catalog link at the bottom If you have a journal title plug that into the catalog to see if we have it in print as well as electronic Plug the same title into the online full text journals list to confirm electronic holdings G0 to the catalog and check the holdings in the demo for the students to see Most of the time the catalog will tell you both the print and electronic status It s a good idea to go to the online full text journals list to confirm the electronic status G0 to the FTPL to con rm the electronic holdings Decide if there is anything else I want to show with Compendex Basically anything a Freshman needs to know ians be sure to consult a librarian regarding your search they are a very important re source Discipline by subject USE THE LINK CHOOSE A LIBRARY INFO LINK ACCESS YOUR DEPARTMENT INFORMATION GATEWAY You can locate sources relevant to your discipline via the respective pulldown or clickon item correct this description You will find listed there online journals databases and websites that would be useful to that discipline This should help you cut down on the guesswork initially on places to go for information For example look at the link for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department How to cite sources for a bibliography show the OSU library link on citing sources Talk about in detail Click and use the pull down to locate How Do I Cite Resources in a Bibliography Scroll down that page and tell them to use whatever citation style the professor wants Give them the assignment now and tell them the due date and that it is to be returned to the instructor Proxy It is also possible to access the library Via a computer both from on campus including the University Apartments or from off campus Via the Proxy server Tell them I am going to take over their computers Accessing OSU Library39s Web Databases From Off Campus At the bottom of the screen click on Anytime Anywhere Libra r1 Access Then one or two links which will take you to OffcamQus access Click on the Important Notice About Remote Access Give the spheil describing username context password etc May use the following two items and for the spheil describing username context password etc http www librag okstate edudlsezproxy htm http argolibragokstateedu2048login If you need to access the databases from oncampus you already have a direct connection and you simply go to the library website If you need access to the library s databases from off campus then you need to log into the Proxy server When you log into the proxy server you are logging into a campus ip address which allows you to have access to the databases OSU subscribes to except for Dow Jones which is not available from off campus The databases OSU subscribes to are in FT and abstract formats By logging into the proxy server you will reconfigure Netscape or IE whatever you are using Show the following on the Remote Access Notice as linked to from the previous page Username proxy server login Context this is Where you live andor work example students0kstate your network password either What you use to login to network or if never logged into the network then its your initial default password If you have any questions contact Digital Library Services their info is located on the library website and you can visit them in person They can guide you through any problems you might have over the phone Then as reinforcement show the Anytime Anywhere Library Access link again Tour of the library approximately 12 minutes Outline of the Tour Description of the building Reference Desk items that are frequently consulted Almanacs Terminals throughout the building Proxy server Current periodicals Current vs bound show Via hands on New Books Reshelving Area on First Floor Reserve Course reserve Electronic and print Circulation Microform Media Room Tour of the library detailed Start in the open area in front of or down from the reference desk Description of the building Can be given anywhere in the building including at either the north or south entrance Depending on for example where the students are coming from The building was completed in 1953 making it 50 years old This is a 5 story building with a basement There are over 2 million volumes in the collection The books are organized with the Dewey Decimal system which is probably what most of you used in your high school The Dewey Decimal system ranges from 1900 Books are spread throughout the building based mostly on subject Engineering books are located in the basement and on the first floor Reference Desk At the reference desk you will find a librarian behind the reference librarian frequently consulted reference books Almanacs encyclopedias and the reference books on the shelves to either side You are welcome to ask questions here Feel free to walk up and ask away The librarians are eager to help Whether you need help with search terms or where to look for information on your topic Study Rooms to either side Walk into the Study Room with the Group there are reading rooms on the east and west ends of this floor They are set up with large tables and conducive for conversation and group study It is a great place to come if you have a group project Walk out into the Hall There are smaller conference rooms on the either end of the building also Silent study areas are set a side on the 4th floor Terminals throughout the building On the first 2nd and 5th oors have the most terminals for you to use Most of them are on the 1st and 2nd floors The 3rd and 4th oors each have two terminals so that you can at least look up the location of an item without going to another floor None of the terminals in the building has the MS Of ce package However there are laptops available for 2 hour checkout that do have the package including Powerpoint Proxy server Databases delivered through the OSU Library webpage are only available to computers connected to an OSU server such as dorm office University Apartments or computer lab or from offcampus via the Proxy Server OSU ID required Before trying to connect to these databases from offcampus you need three things your fully qualified NDS username proxy server login your network password either What you use to login to network or if never logged into the network then its your initial default password and YOU MUST reconfigure Netscape and Internet Explorer to connect to the OSU Proxy Server If you have any questions contact Digital Library Services their info is located on the library website and you can visit them in person They can guide you any problems you might have over the phone optionally leave out If you live in the Stillwater area you may pick up your fully qualified NDS username and your network password from the CIS Help Desk in room 113 of the Mathematics Sciences building CIS has also introduced a new webbased password management application that can be used to retrieve this information This application can be found at httpsosu ns03cisOkstateeduokstateevpcisprismnsf Current periodicals Current vs bound show via hands on The current periodicals are located here on the first oor and are filed in alphabetical order After a given period of time 6 months to a year journals are sent to the bindery and bound together in volumes given a call number and shelved in the collection with the books Bound journals look like a book For example here we are in the science and engineering reference area and we have Current Advances in Plant Science So you get an idea of the appearance of a bound journal Reserve Course reserve Electronic and print 75 of our reserve materials are electronic meaning the print copy has been scanned Reserve items can be found by going to the online catalog and clicking on the blue icon labeled course reserves Homework solutions are not placed online Circulation As you would expect you can check out books here also Microform Media Room Laptops 48 Videos and CD s ERIC documents are kept here on microfiche For longer tours work in Gov documents if there is time 4th oor and 1st oor and basement Engineering materials Summary of where we have been and what we have learned Knovel an engineering handbook database Homepage Proxy Catalog to find books Subject Listing for Engineering General database ProQuest Any questions Remember to turn in your assignment to your instructor when it is due Which means doing the work soon Any librarian will be glad to assist you but make every effort to do your own work Good luck and have a good semester Notes Items important but not for presentation On keyword searching A subject search using the blue hyperlink often retrieves fewer items than a keyword search because the keyword search covers the Whole record as opposed to the subject search which is only looking at the subject terms assigned to the record


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