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Western Civilization I

by: Taya Schowalter IV

Western Civilization I HIST 1010

Taya Schowalter IV
pellissippi state community college
GPA 3.6

Kathleen Johnston

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About this Document

Kathleen Johnston
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taya Schowalter IV on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1010 at pellissippi state community college taught by Kathleen Johnston in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/232963/hist-1010-pellissippi-state-community-college in History at pellissippi state community college.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Western Civilizations Ch 3 The Hellenistic World 336150 BCE Alexander39s Conquests Successor Kingdoms Economy Culture Philosophy Science and Religion TIMELINE CHAPTER 3 550 30 BCE Aexander the Greal E Philip H 3377323 BCE conquers Greece 38 BCE Plulemaic Egypt 3mm BCE Declui Ofllw Poleis t magi Seleucld Kanle39ll 30564 BCE 375 350 325 his 150 M25 qu rules Macedonia conquers destroys comsm me kmgdoms th HeHemSUC CoSmopohtan cmes 5th Western Civr zations Ch 1 Paleolithic Neolithic Bronze Age Iron Age Civilizations System nomadic cave art people area to political area up through records copper slavery horses Turkey Fertile Crescent from Persian marshlands provided rich BCE Hierarchy of rule made organized society Ur laws commerce by priests built stone and luxury items wheel ruler Sargon earliest written laws King Hammurabi ruled S intended his laws to outlast Valley fees penalties marriages amp Germans elaborate graves BCE Moses Exodus Egypt BCE King Saul BCE King David 922 BCE BCE Prophets BCE Babylonian BCE Second Temple Civ Izations approx 1650 BCE called Period BCE ofthe Old Kingdom Intermediate Period Famine Period where local 22001 570 BC E Kingdom Period Period introduced by 20601785 BCE of Thebes he Intermediate Period began when female ruler funded arts IV tried to change religion quotAtenquot or sundisk died at 18 ll negotiated rst pact with Hittites Israel Lebanon western lsaac Jacob patriarchs led lsraelItes th en King David King Solomon upcoming Sea so erfect for communication and transportation Nubia on the Nile for gold ebony and aromatics BCE developed Hieroglyphs used Pharaohs Kingdom he Egyptian empire far as Spain A 39ican literature history of ancient Torah King Solomon N capital of Israel in 721 Persians Babylonians that were Persian King Orus Second Temple period hierarchy laws language armies and wealth import and out Egyptian and a phonetic alphabet with changed from a of rituals in he heart and a personal Religions Hon Bible homes Ch ristianity Civ Izations areas of Syria and cookware tools hardest metal on behalf of god Assur tunnels BCE collected huge empire defeated by coalition edes and Egyptians 612 BCE aided by a for ruling like Babylonian god but had severe heavenly for enemies rulers astronomy division in Old other conquered territories and Egypt and empire in brilliant ruler consolidated and expansion Persepolis and 7th century between 39om Persian Persia in math created or 39magi39 religion Western Civilizations Ch 2 Mycenaeans Minoans Greeks Archaic Age Persian Empire Classical Age Golden Age of Athens Civilizations quotMinoansquot he rst Greeks nobles and slaves BCE Trojan War because mother cities from this Persians ime period remain creating an urban middle weakened aristocracy rule BCE lower classes force citystate and Each polis had a run government or few Athens Trade Art I Literature palaces had vast storerooms and were shows Egyptian in uence of colors and script from Aquot which has has been transl t ci Ie a ed t39 s hick walled for protection invaders Crete Pales ine and Cyprus 1 yrs destroying it in war over Trojans and home 39om Tro replaced bronze as the primary metal for olive oil and goods began to ourish again ancient disregard for other cultures other form ofhuman perfection people who interpreted divine will philosopher astronomer and horn Miletus used knowledge to solar eclipse and formed rational of mathematics stated that an rotated on its axis ground in a city central place ofassembly and market ice common as mentoring arrangement 39om Lesbos loved women from her in uence creatu re oftheir society BCE volcanic activity nearby may have 1200 BCE possibly because ofthe War failure of crops northern outhward into the but rather abruptly society complete end and all except alphabet Poetry islands in Aegean Sea coins weights and for trading Hera Aphrodite goddess of love higher m and war39 goddess of wisdo the sea Apollo god of divination and healing and Demeter developed because Greek beauty most women con ned to but in 6th century debt Civilizations form of hree later nine male citizens sole archon 594 BCE passed failed about 527 BCE Hippias full democracy instilled units who had of 500 Athens gave great leader of preserved by cons itution introduced by 600 BCE as sport 776 BCE foot racing Later boxing each child was examined by elde s and de cient the child was le outdoors 7 yrs had their own handled economic and househo Id t ained and contests Civilizations Persians and with Persian Xerxes 485465 BCE of the building impressive queen of Caria in Persia strategy for Greece and their Persian destroyed philosophy and representative Delian League of defenses each and Persian Wars strategos elected strate o and political architect He insured poor citizens could par icipate in paidjurors beauti cation efforts paid built according to mathematical adorned with many sculptures and and success drama Persian Considered History politics 496406 BCE Plays onset of Peloponnesian War


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