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Introduction to Information Technology w Lab

by: Antonio Bins DDS

Introduction to Information Technology w Lab CSIT 1110

Marketplace > pellissippi state community college > ComputerScienence > CSIT 1110 > Introduction to Information Technology w Lab
Antonio Bins DDS
pellissippi state community college
GPA 3.94

David Brown

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About this Document

David Brown
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Antonio Bins DDS on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSIT 1110 at pellissippi state community college taught by David Brown in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/232976/csit-1110-pellissippi-state-community-college in ComputerScienence at pellissippi state community college.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Description Part 1 Week 1 Cuns1dered Fa1ner e1 Cumpmer History of Computers Emery Numbers Re1aus ENLAC UMVAC a unruersa1 autumahc cumpmev A1 geneus a1eer11nns muermurr en the 2mnzen1ury Date of impnmnce 179171871 182 sheganwuvkun D111ererrce Macnme 191071995 94 May Tunng cumpmev 23 sernp1e1e anu enerauena 1946 a 1311 s uphun un ns pa1en1s Ecken 19191995 MaucMy 190771990 1 my eernrmsseneu Meme Senem e1 Engmeevmg 1er11nne 1ab1es 1956 Nune1Pr1ze1n Pnyses as a mum Most39mpmhnt enntn39hutinntn wnatpemn is known on ma u Urr1uersa1Macn1rre wnesepurpuse n w u uan y e1 1n1nes ne11us1ene Separauen e1 1ne rnasn1ne1rern1ne1ask Wur1d s11rsHurrm1urra1 pmgvamrcummHed cumpmev wre1e 11rs1 men 1eue1 pmgvammmg 1anguage P1anka1ku1 ENLACsvacuum 1un based eernnu1er1as1er 1nanre1ausbeeamenerneu1nena use ne1aue1errn1errneu1rs1us cumpmev cumpany nuuereeu 1e se11uue1e eernrnun1s11e11es11a1se became umvrxo Enghshman wne hmke 1ne Gerrnan e pners anuueuemneue1es1rerneenan1ea1rnaen1ne hndmgsemnw 1erEn1erna rnaenne dmmg WWH Tvanssmrs ren1aseuuasuurn1unes anu uHayers Msmcuw sulhey ean as1 as swnmes hke van and ve ays heme them Wuvked 1m Fem a ev 1989 mnded by Naz nL awards nahhle hievements by Brnsn guvemmem 1e euersee nauagahun ues1rerueunyA11euanaskueue1eneu11rst s1eraee many awam beers muemuns Ernmeyeu a1 Meme Schum e1 Engmeevmg a1 MaucMys PHD prevesser e1 physms a1 Urs1nus CuHege 1nen a1 Meme Bardeen1a1em 1m mathemahus amam Jun1queHuW PHD math 1mm Pnrrceturr Shunk eysa emp u cummevc ahze transsmr 1ed1u S111cunVaHey as nub ure1ectrurr1us 1nrruua11urr Pennnamy heliecs cuminlice Camankemm exadng ow na1eu uvgan gvnders anu neen re1ers naux ennuren m1 en1y3suru1ueu1eauur1nee aurnen1a1 breakdmun u1eua1age79 Marneu wnn 5 en11uren1nnugn1us1ng uaeuurn 1unes was a srazy mea Tnen cumpany was aseuneu by Rernnemn Ranu wnsn mevged wun Burreuens Cum 1e became Umsysm1986 Was a nernesexua1 anu cunvmed euen snern1sa1sas1ra11en1nrunerrnenes an sernrnneusunue n 1952 Was exnenera1eu 1n2009 Eavdeenqmet nerrna1 rana1neu1e1 nerrna1 Shunk eysqmet nerrna1 In uences nrwas Transsmrreumurrtmrnzede1ec1rurr1us1rrdus1ry ura euren ennnu1ers1n n1ss1es anu was 1150 as 1arge mnns eernputersernpany11rs1eernrners1a1 desgn e1e1nereernpu1ers Creuueuwun permquot le lnr he as vacmbes 11 vep aced 1quot TVs and vamusiuv arsn11es1ures1rn11ar1e rneuern cnmpmev rnagne1es1erage mpmev n US 1nuen1eurnereuryue1ay11ne erea11ngA1 and use e1gene11ea1ger11nns anu Mme of Computer Dumped e1es1ren1es Transs1ers mum he 1eennuua un nau1ra1nrneesses Science w1reu1ege1nernu11ee rnanywneswas drawback Pro IIIquot Machine Code Gears rneenan1ea1 9 S W Re1aus e 1ebc1r1ca1 d quotWWW Ur 1m 39ca 1eu anary erna11ue1anguaee 39 Evolution nmar ware WW Ewe mm rMaennecedesens1s1e11neb1nary1ns1rus11ers1na11e11anameu1areernnuier1erenuwna11e Liam s IE I 5 made up Dr Equot mnewuenes speaxmnaryanu humansspeak na1ura1 uer Euery CPU nas 11s ewn 1ns1rus11ense1 29 E 5quot 5 1aneuage suen as Ene11snFrenen snansn ruery1eu1eus1enreerarn1nb1nary Mmmpmcessurs Gamaquot Em 39Tu 1e11 ne ennnmerwnann du we enenue 11 s Assenmu Language Somam warm 39b39a equence e1 1nsrus11ens mung 1na naruware wnamperaiiersm perverrn39 me n u 1139 39h WHI Equot m a sump umma1eru and n asen rn39asmneversnesrie purp amua r k au11u1nesnr1ware reeu1ress1ens enneemrnn renunernencs d8 3 Ed 9 39 su eses er 1s at ne sysmnwaresneewne new hmqu a nurnan quotd0 Gumpmampr speakhinarys1 a n 1rnn1ernen1a11en Tne uea s rrrsrm rnasnne because a were preeessing pmgvam ru auatabase Tnerevereme unwersa1 machine usessemwarem makE sequence e1enes anu zerees 1na1 eerresrmnu 1e naruware 1rnn1ernen1a11ens Assernn1y1aneuaeeseurse 171 WWW e1 39 hu1s111gru1ng1uuasess1u1ns1 set rAssernh1ers1ak e an ennr39e assernb1y1anguage seurse seue 111ean umnuert111e exeeu1ame masnne seue werrs Me a sernnuer un auuanseu 1aneuaees Easn CPU renunes 11s uwn assernmer rALsnare seue rgt Assernmer Masnne mue rAssernnw1aneuaee1s1ne sesenu generauen e1 1aneuaees urawnasrs We rnasnne seue are 1 151 annrewauens 1er masnne seue se ene rnus1 knuw naruware hemg pmgvammed anu 111na1 naruware snanges 1ne seurse seue rnus1a1se be merged 1nru 1ne assernmy 1aneuaee1erexas11u1res11ers us11ens1n a sernnu1ers 1 1 1n masnne eeueumnary


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