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Graphic Communications

by: Shayne Goldner

Graphic Communications ET 200

Shayne Goldner
Penn State
GPA 3.62

Sofia Vidalis

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About this Document

Sofia Vidalis
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shayne Goldner on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ET 200 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Sofia Vidalis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/232977/et-200-pennsylvania-state-university in Engineering Technology at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Date 9Reinforced Concrete OUTLINE INTRODUCTION Introduction Concrete pommd Cement e Wrdely usedtoday Comme e Lnruany developed by anerentRornans Reinfomed COWquot Portland Cement Joseph Aspdin 1824 Reinforced Concrete Jack Monier 1850 Prestressed Concrete Eugene Freyssinet 1927 PORTLAND CEMENT HowisPonJandCernentrnade7 1 1 wnntenal image d L 2 mung 3 dm Lonesome Clay mm on 4 ehaung s u n 4 a hnkersturage x 7 ddruunsgypsurn yashete a emenlgmdmg emusup Gypsum mm o Elmenl PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE T f fP 11 d C t AS 7y I an quotmquot TM Produced by mixing cement and water with We ne aggregate such as sand and coarse e Type II 7 Type In aggregate stone or gravel 7 Type IV U1urnate strengthreached a erZS days e Type v e Arr Entxamed Types LA11A111A ET 200 Page 1 Date Placing 7 Nheelbarrows powered buggies conveyor belts 7 Pumpcrete pumped concrete hosespipes 7 Shotcrete Wet mix concrete sprayed pneumatic spray un Ex domes and pools 7 Gunite dry mix and water pumped to the gun through separate hoses and shot into place REBAR CHAIRS ET 200 9Reinforced Concrete Proportioning 7 Affects strength and durability X Ex124 7 Watercem ent ratio wc Mixing 7 Mixed on site or at central plant 7 Transit m xer ar s mix concrete with water added automatically while on way to job site 7 An agitator is used to keep concrete in a workable condition before placing CONCRETE Curing 7 Obtain max strength at 28 days 7 Freezing weather Water or aggregates may be heated before mixing and kept above 50 F for the 7 days after placing temporary framework 7Salamanders Oilburning stoves IIigh early strength cement Type HI used during freezing weather cures rapidly and gains 7 day strength in 3 days Type II or IV used when excess heat is a problem heat causes rapid curing which lowers the strength of the concrete causes cracking due to early surface contraction BAR PLACEMENT HE ws E moo BLCCK HIRE VIE Fm news comasve roormc AND WALL STEEL Page 2 Date 9Reinforced Concrete BAR PLACENIENT ET 200 Page 3


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