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Evolution of Jazz

by: Harmony Thompson

Evolution of Jazz MUSIC 007

Harmony Thompson
Penn State
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Harmony Thompson on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSIC 007 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Goldstein in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/232979/music-007-pennsylvania-state-university in Music at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Music 007 Mandy Mao 828 George Benson Guitar p360 quotSmooth Jazzquot F i 3 quotSoftly as the morning sunrisequot 830 quotSoftly as the morning sunrisequot AABA Standard Bluesiness Elli lj ll lj Wynton Marsalis Trumpet p350 quotExpress Crossingquot quotBEBOPquot l j f i5 DaniER Neoclassical Bluesive Pieces controversy SA 11 EC NH EXPRESS CROSSING Dissonance fni 2 Tempo Ht Dynamics E c g WEE Swing k SWING ERACHAPTER5 John Zorn 1987 alto sax postmodernmusic with no centre quotSpillanequot it is about a crime Destruction 7l r The Spinanes a band in USA 94 Joe LovanoJoseph Salvatore post bop jazz saxophonist quotHeadin39 Out Movin inquot performer Joe Lovano composer Gunther Schuller who raise the concept of quotThe third Stream Jazz P240 Woody Guthrie Google HW Woodrow Wilson was an American singersong writer and folk musician whose musical legacy includes hundreds of political traditional and children39s songs ballads and improvised works A I39I39ENTION 918EXAM 1 920NO CLASS Cross Over 25 Abstract Sound quotSCAT Singingquot l l kr Jurin ii 15k JUDISILVANO JOE LOVANO 641 ARCO The way of how Jazz played 19941995 quotFAR WESTquot Tim Hagans trumpet player composer arranger East culture mixed with American Jazz Globalism North Indian vocal female stored in computersampled quotIt ain39t necessary soquot with trump pianoJAZZ George Gershwin composer spanned both popular and classical genres and his most popular melodies are widely known Herbie Hencockgreat pianist mainstream jazz Help to redefine the rhythm section of Jazz Form Design in music Rhythm how it organize time AABA s s s s BENSON39S p6 32bars AABA songs form Barbeats time in music Hi3 Ilj39 Eggb4 tempospeed 44 J J J J gt accent ME Phrase a complete sort in music sort short group of musical notes that is part of a longer piece 96 A B A C other forms Wynton s quotExpress Crossingquot Essence ofJazz Composer s View quota a bquot 4 4 4 beginning bridge final section blues form Bessie Smitha a b 12bars Rhythm Changes chord l ZTgL gl i UxZ EJJITLJJZEJJ 0 Listening Test from type form beats section Early blues 19705 49805 Bessie Smith p51 Robert Jonhson love in vain p50 country blues 911 Style a characteristic mode of musical expression created by the interrelatedness musical materials depend on the use of these elements 1 Form egrag time 2Rhythm Tempo eg Swing Jazz is syncopated 2435 accents in places where they would not normally occur0 3 Melody plot tell the story succession of the tones 4Harmony the connection of chords progression of chords 5Texture the grain of piece of music lightness music thin thick a characteristic way of treating melody polyphony 2 or more melodies monophony counter point 39115 two independent melodies together sounding at once each with their independent pattern Bach 6 Timbre the nature of the sound that a particular instrument singer has JAZZ 343 a a b form blues polyphony Ei S Lq39x Ni i wawa of a trumpet Rang time Jazz is the product of syncretism gr ljllb European West Africa traditions quotSpanish Tingequot Jelly Roll Morton 24 Scot Joplin 1899 born in Midwest composer Other formquot A A B B C Cquot 913 Sonny Rollins quotBlue 7 traditional folk forms 12 minutes limprovisation composer is also the performer 2 Idea of Sound Only thing that makes it Jazz 3 Swing realitymusician creative in it polyrhythmpart of swing cross rhythm sound at the same time7lla 9 la tl ll 6 I 4 conflict rhythm


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