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Iberian Civilization

by: Savanah Heathcote

Iberian Civilization SPAN 130

Savanah Heathcote
Penn State
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Savanah Heathcote on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 130 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Guerrero in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/232984/span-130-pennsylvania-state-university in Spanish at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Cross Crescent Star 711 1492 The Visigoths are defeated by the Moorish invaders from North Africa romancero poem Alone upon the battle ground beneath a dying star Rodrigo stood in black despair his hosts were scattered far Eight battles had they bravely fought against the Moorish band No hope remained within their hearts to save their native land Cross Crescent Star 711 1492 Thuluth caligraphy of Muhammed the Prophet Muhammed had died in 632 His followers were nomads at first Gradually however the prophet had kindled a flame in multitudes from Arabia Asia Minor Persia North Africa Sicily and nearly the entire Iberian peninsula Cross Crescent Star 711 1492 AliAtar Sword of Cordoba carry your religion into the lands ofthe infidel by fire and by sword said Muhammad The Moorish invaders did that and were fierce conquerors However by the 900 s a remarkable civilization took root in Spain under their leadership Cross Crescent Star 711 1492 The Arabs assimilated and brought to Spain much ofthe best in Greek philosophy Roman law and government Byzantine and Persian Art and Judaic and Christian theology 0 Meanwhile the rest of Europe from a cultural perspective in the arts architecture sciences and other branches of knowledge still lay isolated and quotin the dark Cross Crescent Star 711 1492 front of Cordoba Mosque In C rdoba which became the first of 3 great Moorish cities General 39 Muza allowed the Visigothic church of St Vincent to stand and Christian services to continue in one half while the other the Moslems used for theirs Later the great Mosque was built in its place by Emir Abderrahman The C rdoba Mosque The C rdoba Mosque The C rdoba Mosque Byzantine influence on design I The C rdoba Mosque bird s eye View The Co39rdoba Mosque The Cordoba Mosque Interior of Prayer Hall showing transition from Moorish Arab to 16th Century Gothic Christian architectural design of chapel The C rdoba Mosque nterior diagonal View looking southeast down qibla wall The Mihrab is seen at center in an Islamic mosque a quotMihrabquot is a niche within the interior wall facing Mecca The C rdoba Mosque Detail ofdoor to the left east ofmihrab 16 tons ofmosaic pieces were brought from Constantinople along with workmen to set them The C rdoba Mosque lnterior ribbed vault before mihrab and zone of transition The C rdoba Mosque Exterior view of the bell tower former minaret with 17th c additions looki ng north inside the Court of Oranges Asturian Chieftan Pelayo In 722 the Moorish army had been sent to N Spain to defeat the Cantabrians Pelayo led the first defeat of the Moors at the Battle of Covadonga Pelayo was named King of Asturias King Juan Carlos quotPrince of Asturias Felipe Prince of Asturias baptized as Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borb n y de Grecia born January 1968 Madrid Spain is the third child and first son of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain As the Prince of Asturias he is the M aggarent meaning he is first in the line of succession to the Sganish throne As heir to the Spanish throne he bears the official titles of Prince of Asturias Prince of Viana Prince of Girona Duke of Montblanc Count of Cervera and Lord of Balaguer


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