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Social Problems

by: Zita Wilkinson

Social Problems SOC 005

Zita Wilkinson
Penn State
GPA 3.54

Frank Clemente

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About this Document

Frank Clemente
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zita Wilkinson on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 005 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Frank Clemente in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/232991/soc-005-pennsylvania-state-university in Sociology at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Soc 005 Exam 1 Noles Kalie Huber Eoch underlined fopic is or new lecfure sfories ore pink insighfful fhings ore blue Concepfs 1 Big Words Trufh honesfy infegrify honor respecf 2 Professor 0 sfudenfs should be exposed fo senior level profs b Fronllt will do onyfhing for sfudenfs 3 Give Book 4 Free Wheeling The Curve Boll o be flexible fhere is no schedule 5 Sfories Sociol Chonge 1 People follting chonces is whof build fhis counfry sfor Grondmo who moved from lfoly fo NYC 2 Worriors o everydoy heroes 3 Children of fhe sfreefs sTory GreoT GrondmoTherwos or homeless gypsy Type child in Poris mon odopTed her roised her in Americo 4 AdopTion o Fronk hos 8 kids b 4 ore biologicol 4 ore odopTed sTory wonTed To odopT losT Two kids buT couldn T decide which bobies To pick They wonTed The cuTe liTTle one ormed boby buT Then his son soid ThoT The 3 kids whose porenTs died in o cor occidenT needed Them more lnTervenTion l lnTervenTion definiTion d To come beTween Two forces os on influencing force in order To modify seTTe or sTo some ocTion sTory KoTie Jonivis ossoulT T964 KoTie Jonivis o borTender in Queens is ossoulTedsTobbed in fronT of her oporTmenT Neighbors onched ignored The guys ron owoy ond come book To conTinue she died 37 wiTnesses only 1 guy colled police 2 People Todoy ore dehumonizeddesensiTized o The quesTion is when do geT involved 3 Penn SToTe sTudenTs like To Throw Things o 423 mphbeer con from bolcony b people Throw sTuff wiThouT Thinking of consequences ond implicoTionswhen do we inTervene sTory girl of fooTboll gome is hiT in foce wiTh boTTery mulTiple surgeries ruined foce Doesn39T jusT offecT The ossholes who Throw iT iT offecTs The people who jusT onched How did They respond JusT onch or do someThing 4 On The spoT Where do sTond STory Penns Volley drunk kid BAC l 7 killed womon ond himself in cor 0 self defense sTory girl who goT beoT up by her boyfriend b WhoT would you wonT your son To do sTory 3 sexuol ossoulTs in one weekend girl is being horossed guy riding by on his bike sees Guy Tries To help buT geTs punched in The foce The girl runs owoy wiTh her ossoulTer onywoy Ien ogreed wiTh ocTions Women should hove kepT going STory SeoT belT noT on liTTle boy who Fronk Tolks To oT gos sToTion Fronk Tells porenTs To puT o seoTbelT on buT They soy no Fronk s friend soys JusT ignore iT iT s noT your business Scrooge Ivlonkind is your business Form versus FicTion 1 Form olwoys ofTer funcTion STory WresTling versus Wrossling owesome Ivlodison Teom Trovels upsToTe To give or new Teom procTice newTeom beoTs The crop ouT of Them form boys wrossling No moTTer how good you ore someone con olwoys beoT The shiT OUT of you STory Boxing versus FighTing Ivlory Ann from The sTeel Towns or friend of Fronllt people who worked of The sTeel mills were legiT Robbie s friend Richie wos 0 Golden Gloves boxer ond o ToTol bully ond jerk Richie beoT up Mory Ann becouse she wouldn T hove sex wiTh him LoTer Ivlory Ann wonTed him To meeT her broTher BroTher STump wos o 5 ff 8 300 pound mill worllter beoT The shiT ouT of Richie fighTing Trumps boxing 2 Ivlindless implemenToTion of funcTion ofTer form 0 WhoT moTTerswhoT is imporTonT To YOU b Don T leT oThers decide foryou STory new boby or one closs STory home for 911 for 34 GPA STory Fronllt wos supposed To hove o meeTing wiTh The deon buT his doughTer needed or bobysiTTer Fronk chonged mindwenT To spend Time wiTh PoyTon oge 3 grocery shopping chips Tv nop IT was 1 wonderful day ThoT Fronllt remembers buT PoyTon will noT Sociol Chonge 1 Row Numbers Asions ll million Blocks 34 million Hisponics 38 million Whiles 191 million nol including illegdl immigronls o for every 100 Americons under oge 30 There ore 523 lndions ond 455 Chinese JOBSllllll b sleel consumplion in 2009 542 million c new cors 2030 370 million Chino 70 million US We all hove fhe row fhe bocnL fogefher Slory 4lb grode visiled friend Willy in rich neighborhood Willy wos nol ollowed lo ploy wilh Fronk becouse he wos colholic Slory Benji from Ohio Fronk s friend from school Fronk look or rood lrip lo Unionlown lo Ben39i s fomil form Shool m with BB gLJns H hod greol pie On woy home soid spoghelli ond meolbolls ore jusl for llolions Grondfolher hugely offended smocks him ocross lhe foce Irish Colholic insull Guido beols him up ond lhrows him in joil Populolion l Populolion wins we ore OH in complelion 2 Chino s shore of demond for key infroslruclure moleriols os lripled o eslimoled GDP in 2035 Chino 32755 billion US 25278 billion Slory Snookski fomily dog loved KFC choiler of life closed onolher opened fomin wilh puppy of pork Fronk s Colleie Coreer Whof is imporfonf in life 1 Friends don f counf Sfory kid offending funerol of friend professorwos o bifcn obouf if denumonizofion we frusf no one Sfory Roilrood frocks Fronk ond friends lo ed on fne frocks jumped over fne plonked wells Pirofe ome Alon fell in fne well Fronllt 39Um ed info sove Alonouf of curiosify Firemon soved fhem Alon lofer killed in o cor occidenf offer efnom Life is on occidenf Sfory Ivloose Robbie ond Fronllt visifed Covingfon Kenfucky sfoyed of or friends monsionnorse form decided fo sfop of OSU on fne woy home 0 kid pushes Donny of fne diner so Ivloose beofs fne lltid up lhe cops hoppen lo drive by bul Moose in joil few hundred dollor boil Fronk ploys pool 9 boll lo moke boil losl gome for finol 100 owesome pool shooler cool block guy misses lhe losl shol on purpose M friend is in foil loo and I con l gel him oul for TOO Cullurol Log The Slog of Billy l Definilion of cullurol log 0 lhe lime belween lhe oppeoronce of or new ospecl of sociely ond lhe developmenl of oppropriole odjuslmenls in 0 corresponding oreo of cullure b The lime of on odjuslmenl is oflen relolively long c The new porl of cullure could lollte ploce olong mony lines invenlions inlernel weopons nucleor sociol behovior women in workforce lows divorce lows demogrophic Chino s lock of girls due lo one child policy 2 There ore more boys lhon girls bul worse off o lf 0 girl wonls lo morry or college groduole loo bod lhere oren l enough b boys ore o mojor foil in sociely righl now 3 Are we going lo be oble lo be compelilive in lhe world 0 women s sludies bul no men s sludies b need lo know how if effecls sociely c whol mokes men lhe woy lhey ore Slory Apollo PA form wilh cousins Fronk gol o buclltel of frogs wonled lo lollte lhem home lo Pillsburgh 7 grode beoling up of cousin Lee iniliolion lhing molorcycle bells lerrible lorlure kids wenl lo juvee Slory Billy 4lb lime in 7lb grode drove molorcycle lo school DA haircuT like blonde guy in Grease Troublemaker 7Th grade orjail a FirsT lnTeracTion Picnic aT Kennywood Park Tommy Bully The Barbarian acTed up every Time The Teacher Rachel showed up sTuck Nancy s pig Tail in The oil well spiTs on women ouTside of bus Billy smashes his face againsT The meTal bar of The window b Second lnTeracTion Assigned SeaTs Billy geTs his own row no man s land behind Frankie SiTs in The back and smokes waTches moTorcycle Frank puTs a mallocup on Billy s desk always geT Them for a while sTarT Talking in class Frankie s birThday 7quotlb graders Try To beaT him up buT Billy arrives and beaTs Them up for him Ride home on moTorcycle Don T ever Touch one of my friends c Billy aT bowling ally Billy was poor asked Frankie To seT up pins wiTh him aT bowling alley Green haT guy hiTs Frankie wiTh ball wenT To hospiTal Everyone beaTs up green haT guy ends up in The hospiTal Too d Billy hangs himself years laTer Drinking Rules 1 Basic Premises a Ivlany sTudenTs do noT drink no inTeresT moral legal heolth b drinking is or serious business mistokes leod to disoster c Drinking hos or function in society reloxotion sociol lubricont reduces inhibitions escope reolity d University is often colled on institution of higher educotion but even more importont role moy be lower educotion leorn to drink sofe environment drinking on job interviews 3 mortinis e Mony students don t know how to drink t boll exomple don t know the rules of drinking f There will olwoys be assholes Poin ond disoppointment ore importont monoge don t ignore Leorn from losing not winning Need ossholes to show you where you don t wont to go Story Trip to New Orleons for cruise drunk idiots ot Bourbon Street bors Story Uncle Eddie olcoholic Fronkie hod to hel him home from work before he of beot u Story Tom on Spring Breok killed by d beoch cleoner Story Tennessee porty offered or drunk girl or ploce to stoy she soid no died Nurse killed on woy home from porty Story Tennessee footboll ronked 2 thought they moved up to l riots on The Hill Fronk drinking SoCo jump on truck flotbreods Dennis fell off died I like to have a martini Two at the very most After three I39m under the table after four I39m under my host Dorothy Parker Celmente s Rules For Drinking 1 Don t drink ond drive Never drive with someone who hos been drinking 2 Hove or drinking plon ond or structure post drinking Toxi Don t trust your own judgment ofter drinking 3 Eot eot eot ond eot some more If you wont to drink like the boys eot like the boys 4 Stort ondor end with woter or juice etc Hydrote 5 Bewore of hord liquor Fronk drinks screwdrivers wokes up under or truck 6 Keep control of your drinking pottern Drinking ond non drinking times Count your drinks Set limits 7 Don t be or dog off or leosh 8 Drink with friend in o sofe environment University own oportment 9 Don t trust your friends They hove olso been drinking Your friendspeople you knowbig difference 10 Don t let someone moke o fool of you Girl on 215l with 68 BAC ll Don t go over siX drinks without mojor bockup l2 Toke ospirin or full gloss of woter go to bed Live 0 full life University 1 Line of coste systemtenure line 0 Profs ot PSU rorely teoch especiolly of lower level b Fronk is giving us or chonce not to cheot 2 How did we get to point of constont poronoio of or university level 0 Grodes b 40disoppointment Whot did you leorn c All dimensions of life ore cruciol notjust grodes Story Footboll ployer told by odvisor thot he would never get into grod school Don t need people to tell you what you can t do but whot you con do 3 College is botting proctice for reol life but in reol life there ore reol pitchers 0 find something in life thot you enjoy ond you con hit the curvebolls b get the full lower educotion will you re here will help just os much in reol world 4 Porents o onXious for us to do well but get in yourwoy b don t try to live somebody else s dreom c Did you get or job Are you joining the donce ike the congo line of or wedding 5 Follow your dreom When else will you follow it I om 65 years old and I ve never heard one person soy Oh shit I followed my dreom Story Summer before grod school hitchhike to Chicogo of NYC whoever gets ride first You will never hove this freedom ogoin Life closes in on you Take advantage of moments before you re tied down


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