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Women and Judaism

by: Julio Haley PhD

Women and Judaism J ST 280

Julio Haley PhD
Penn State
GPA 3.92

Linda Short

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About this Document

Linda Short
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julio Haley PhD on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J ST 280 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Linda Short in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/233026/j-st-280-pennsylvania-state-university in Jewish Studies at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Alexandra Saltz Women and Jewish Studies Week of August 2327 2010 People say that the women spirit is rising and that they are pushing for a theological change in sexism in religion once one recognizes the importance of religion then an enormous sense of injustice must follow the discovery that religions are sexist and that they continue to exert a powerful in uence on society Yes religion has impacted society for so many years not necessarily in the sense of sexism Religions have helped to form relationships between those with a similar belief system but have also separated others that believe separately This has impacted society in the fact that most wars were brought on by different beliefs yet almost all religions stress the fact that they try to build a relationship with the so called others Back to the issue of sexism if we do actually study and review Judaism for instance women are actually supposed to be considered higher and more worthy and spiritual then men That is why we as women are blessed by having the beauty to have a monthly menstruation period and give birth We have been trusted to do things that men cannot do Women seem to be separated from the men but do we ever look at the reasons behind it or do we just assume sexism right away As a human race we should always look at the facts and reasons behind the facts in order to gain credibility behind any accusations or opinions that we so thrust upon others Women sit separate from men for the simple facts that one men are required to be there and to pray more than women are and two because when one prays there is not supposed to be any distractions If the men and women sat together we all know that attraction and body chemistry do sometimes take over With the separation there is a better chance for a full spiritual connection to the meaning of the text or prayer in which is being read Within the introduction it mentioned a serious of wonderful questions that got me thinking It asked where in religion women s voices and experience contribute to molding Alexandra Saltz Women and Jewish Studies Week of August 2327 2010 traditions If we think about this question deep enough we know that religion and traditions have changed because efforts of both women and others Judaism is not like it used to be We have women Rabbis now and women can go read the Torah if they please because we have developed branches of Judaism There is not just Orthodox there is Conservative Reform and if more branches within those One of the biggest issues that the women kept stressing over and over again on was the fact that symbols of religions emphasize more of a male First off I do not understand how that is a bad thing women tend to look to their husbands for support when needed This does not mean that women themselves are weak just that we are humans and not perfect Everyone needs a better back bone sometimes Second back to facts the term of God has been formed to mean a guy when actuality the text of the Hebrew Torah they are uncertain There is always a danger in translating something from one language to another There is a lot of ambiguity that occurs In Hebrew the word n really means she and the word In really means he When translating this into English most read them both as if God is a He When in actuality there is no true sex of God in the fact that both he and she were used as a description To end this concept of religion and theology being sexist Iwould like to state that I do feel that times need to change but maybe not in the ways that it did Women did not work and now they do is not because we were inferior I feel that it was meant to protect us Since women have joined the work force and the army our life expectancy dropped I agree that women should not just be home cooking and cleaning but I feel that as a woman myself I would like to have a choice We have set it up where women are drafted just like men and women can go to school and go to work but if we do not then people look at us like you fought so long for equal rights and all you do is stay home and be a house wife We should choose without the chance of Alexandra Saltz Women and Jewish Studies Week of August 2327 2010 ridicule by society I also feel that men should be able to stay home and be a house dad without the words whipped gay or lazy coming into people s brains We have fought so hard for equality but are sexism gone for good or is ridicule going to stop Is it really equality


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