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Properties and Processing of Engineering Materials

by: Kacie O'Keefe

Properties and Processing of Engineering Materials MATSE 259

Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University > Materials Science Engineering > MATSE 259 > Properties and Processing of Engineering Materials
Kacie O'Keefe
Penn State
GPA 3.83

Todd Palmer

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About this Document

Todd Palmer
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kacie O'Keefe on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATSE 259 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Todd Palmer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/233030/matse-259-pennsylvania-state-university in Materials Science Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Polymer Science the nightmare begins There is bad news and bad The me rals par r of Ma rse 259 is over I VW And The polymer par r sfar rs To day W Outllno Today39s Glass Infroducfions Course maferials Recommended bunks T esm and grudm Whaf is this course all abouf Why on earfh should I bo ler fo learn any ling A all abouf polymers Matse 259 INSTRUCTOR PROFESSOR PAUL PAINTER 320 STEIDLE 8655767 painterems psu edu CD quotPainter and Coleman on Polymersquot Available 0139 Bookstore OVERHEADS On Free CDROM Course Outline LECTURE 1 Introduction LECTURE 2 Early History LECTURE 3 The Dawn of Understanding LECTURE 4 Polyolef39ms 1 LECTURE 5 Polyolef39ms 2 LECTURE 6 Natural Rubber LECTURE 7 Structure and Morphology LECTURE 8 Crystallization and Melting LECTURE 9 Glassy Polymers LECTURES 10 and 11 Mechanical Properties LECTURE 12 Viscoelasticity Tests TWO onIine res rs mul riple choice November 24 26 December 10 11 PRACTICE TESTS ON FREE CD POLYMER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING WHAT IS IT THE SCIENCE OF LARGE MOLECULES I am inclined to think that the development of polymerization isperhaps the biggest thing that chemistry has done where it has the biggest effect on everyday life LORD TODD President of the Royal Society of London POLYMER PHYSICS AND PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHARACTERIZATION What Are Polymers And Why Are They Important Long Chain Molecules 39 EXfraordinary Range 07 w Physical Properties Many No All Are Cheap I y They Are Jusf Damn W In feresfinglll What is a Polymer Poly mer39 many uni139s M M M M M M POLYMER MONOM ERS HOMOPOLYM ER COPOLYMER BLEND A large molecule made up of small building blocks The building blocks What you get if The building blocks are all 139he same A polymer made up of differen39l39 monomers A mixfure of differenf polymers How big are Polymers Check ouT The chain of beads on The right Imagine each bead is an eTherne uniT EThylene Polyethylene CH2 CH2 gt H2 CH21n Then because There are only 200 eTherne uniTs in This chain ie iT is a 200 mer39iTs molecular39 weighT is only 5600 28 x 200 QuesTion if a chain has a molecular39 A 30000 B 15000 weighT of 420000 how many eTherne 639 150000 uniTs does iT conTain D I don T know and I don T care Even more molecular weight Commercially produced polyeThylene39s ofTen have molecular weighTs in The hundreds of ThousandsTo give you a feel for Thisimagine ThaT each eThylene uniT has a lengTh of 1 inch insTead of a couple of angsTroms Hz CH21 1 inch Then The lengTh of a fully sTreTched ouT chain of molecular weighT 420000 would be almosT one quarTer of a mile These are very big molecules indeed A last for now comment on molecular weight Applications Pockogingfims Everydoy household s ruff Poin r Adhesives S rr39uc rur39o mo rer39iols AUTO 39saer39ospacee7 c Fibr39es Eec rr39onic applications EosTomers


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