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by: Ethelyn Hansen Sr.
Ethelyn Hansen Sr.
Penn State
GPA 3.75


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ethelyn Hansen Sr. on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MET 306 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/233044/met-306-pennsylvania-state-university in Mechanical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
MET 306 Activity 4 Introduction to ISDX Interactive Surface Design Extension Release WILDFIRE 40 Level 7 Continued The goal ofthis exercise is to be able to model the plastic cover shown above The coverwill actually be hinged on the upper back edge and the rounded area in the front is to satisfy the industrial designers requirements The cross section is shown for clarity An enlarged view of the front is shown below 11132008 Page 1 of9 MET 306 Activity 4 Begin by creating a solid protrusion shown below 11132008 Page 2 of 9 M ET 306 Activity 4 Create a datum curves on DTM1 using the following dimensions n w i mm NT i 7mm I 0900 32500 Create a datum curve on DTM2 using the following dimensions j HOKiZONTAL 44000 11132008 Page 3 of 9 M ET 306 Activity 4 The next step is to generate the style curves Start by creating a style feature Insert Style Notice the following items39 1 There is a default active datum plane highlighted the grid 2 A new menu appears vertically to the right above the datum menu These are style options Select the fth box down Create COS s by projecting curves onto surfaces Follow the menu options to Select the curves to drop datum curve on DTM2 Select surfaces on which to drop curved surface and nally select a plane to project the selected curves normal to Dtm2 Select the Check Mark to finish and repeat this for the datum curve on ELoseremuwesmdmponrosmces DTM1 CurveF8fCURVE A SurlF4PHOTRUSlON U DTM2FSDATUMFLANE Rererenm Options 5va lg ACT 5BPRT PROFILE HORIZONTAL m The next operation is to do a Create and then do an Edit rve We need a curve that connects the two style curves just created This curve will be in the center of the part First set the active datum plane to be the profile plane second button down Now pick on the third button to create a new curve At the top of the graphics screen select S ing Snap to turn on the snapping function Select Planer in the dashboard and draw a straight line as show on the r39ght We now need to Edit this curve 4 h button down 11132008 Page 4 of 9 MET 306 Activity 4 First add a midpoint to the curve right click on curve to get Add and Midpoint option This curve needs reverse curvature as shown below Turn off the Snap then selecting the point and dragging it This is best done in the right side view We now need to define tangencies Select the lower end point Move the cursor overthe orange tangent line that extends from the end point of the curve right click the mouse and select Surface Tangent You can drag the tangent line to influence how this constraint modifies the overall curve Once you have set a tangent you can select this point and the Constraints and Properties of this will appear as shown below Now set the Length to 9 and define the tangency of the other end point in the same way setting the Length to 9 also 4 WejOTtuN cab l 4533 grim 035 l Emde Dprwummallbdmu Damle in r Ralzmnus Farm Tangent t ML El ACUJJIRT R stnd l Switch to Wireframe mode Most surface modeling should be done in a non shaded format anyhow for reasons discussed in class 2 6 Style 1 We now need to create a surface Select the 6m selection down to create surfaces from boundary curves four curves are required Select this and pick on the curves shown Setting the Icon length in the dashboard will help visibilities 11132008 Page 5 of 9 MET 306 Activity 4 We now need to add in a internal curve lAli sgiemmemaicuwesranhebaundarysurface to help define this Q mm Q 1min lanength mi gamma iEUpd B surface Select Fidelanus 0mm Internal from the Eu IE dashboard and pick E on the curve with 39 defined tangencies 3 5 we just created WWW FRONTAL iii Ej Plotmsion id 39 NW m 5er 1 7 ACTjj Animal PmlENGINLER ducalmnal di nn ivnr Educanunal use only Eds gait 112w insert Analysis luff Awhtaliclni lmls mam gain Dita i 1liquot i s39 quot 6 Q l f Finishthefeaturehitthe gimggL Q I H 3 QEEEQ QQJ at check mark and then use this WW W surface quilt to make a cut in the solid geometry Use Edit B Ui U l Solidify to do this Make sure ZHDHWW you select the Cut and not the Quilt icon in the Solidify dashboard El 1 Prulvusmn ld 35 g m M1 Shell this to 100 thickness q lmei Hera lt Add a section down the center 7 Print out a screen u CUM capture showing the HORlZONTAL geometry as shown Use jifloNTAL 9 Model Setup Mesh l a rmmsmm mm Surface to add display mm the surface mesh Make We sure that the cross Curve id 51 Wei section View View Usanmm Manager Xsec Display i Shell 2 appears The model tree must be visible Make sure the model is shaded the surface will appear pink with the mesh over the top Note that Style feature is hidden Insert Have End Level 70 11132008 Page 6 of 9 MET 306 Activity 4 Begin Level 85 Create an A size drawing showing the dimensions Print this on A size paper You can shorten dimension lines by erasing the outer witness line and dragging the end ofthe leader This is under the Witness line display option in the Property box for that specific dimension Right Click and use Move Item to View instead of Switch View as in prior releases Li 1 Shillong R44UDU Penn State Erie 39 zi avifT El isiquot i in quot ACTWIW A LEVEL 8 5 IACTWI39H ii The Behrend College quotl 5 YOUR NAME A ISHEET l or I SEWWWWWWW mm quot1 NONE W 26JAN05 IKE caoenuxxx Answer the following questions Remember ISDX is a subset of Surfacing when looking through the Help pages Define GO G1 and GZ in term of their continuity levels What is the purpose of the Stop Regenerate All light in the Style toolbar Do the lights ever change color or is this just a pretty icon List the types of tangencies that can be applied to an end point of a style curve M4 8 End Level 85 11132008 Page 7 of 9 MET 306 Activity 4 Level10 Create the dimpled region shown below 1 Acsz waiver ENGINEER Educatinnal dilinn um educatinnal use nnly 5i rm minim Laals mm Help Plnl Elle Edit mew Lnsevt nely Cg irgg ggqbr f i It Shelli q lnseil Here Hint 1 Turn off the section and remove the shell Hint 2 The region was created by projecting a datum curve in the shape of a rectangle on to the surface and then creating a protrusion You need to create a datum plane offset from the rounded surface at 45 degrees Hint 3 Create an internal style curve projected onto the surface as shown below What is critical on this curve is setting the tangencies of the end points of the curve as before Make both end points surface tangent with a length of 2 Make doubly sure you connections appear as shown at the top ofthe following page Ifthey don t click near the middle of the arrow to change from G1 to 62 Failure to do this will result in a Quilted Solidify and not a Filled Solidify feature 11132008 Page 8 of 9 M ET 306 Activity 4 Generate another meshed amp cross sectioned image with model tree displayed Print this 3 ACTjVBPRT Reprint the A size detail drawing which now shows the bubbled up area Complete documentation consists of Level 7 Screen capture page Tangent and Free conditions Detail Drawing Tangent conditions Detail Drawing Free conditions Screen capture page Shelled cover Level 85 Detail Drawing Shelled cover Word document Answered Questions Level 10 Screen Capture page Shelled cover with bubble Detail Drawing Shelled cover with bubble 11132008 Page 9 of 9


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