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Urban Geography A Global Perspective

by: Roslyn Hilpert

Urban Geography A Global Perspective GEOG 120

Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University > Geography > GEOG 120 > Urban Geography A Global Perspective
Roslyn Hilpert
Penn State
GPA 3.75


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Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roslyn Hilpert on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 120 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/233049/geog-120-pennsylvania-state-university in Geography at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Geography 120 Urban Geography A Global Perspective Review sheet for 2quot 1 exam Wednesday October 8 2003 Key Concepts 1 111 Land use issues a Possible Land Uses Housing Transportation Retail Commercial Industrial Agriculture RecreationPreserved b Land Use and Change Ability to change StreetTown Layout Buildings Land Use Itself c Basic concepts 0f ec010gical models ofthe city i Competition invasion succession d PoliticalEconomy Models of Land Use Change i Circuits of capitaliprimary secondary tertiary e Major actors in production of built environment Roots of Urban Planningitiming trigger factors broad perspective a Basic features of UK planning systems eg national context overarching goals b Basic features of US planning system and planning paradigms eg fragmented few guidelines market driven i Evolutionstages of US planning know well enough for TF or multiple choice questions not essay 1 Greenbelt cities 2 City Beautiful movement 3 Comprehensive planningGeneral Plan 4 Pluralism in planning 5 Advocacy planning 6 Regionalism 7 Smart Growth Migration and Neighborhood change a Why people move and decision to move b Moving process and impacts on neighborhood character c Processes of neighborhood declinehousing abandonment d Processes of gentri cation Housing and Housing Policy a Multiple roles of housing in society b Different housing options c Why housing markets are different and why this is important i Heterogeneous both unit and neighborhood Immobile Durable Expensive Moving Costs High Neighborhood effects d Broad distinctionsdifferences between US and UK housing patterns e Housing assistance in the US Supplyside and demandside i Know what tax expenditures are and the impact of housing related tax expenditures on distribution of bene ts from housing assistance VI Retail Patterns a Different types of retail districts and broad patterns of change b Forces affecting changes in retail patterns c Entertainment and retailing d Impact of information technology in retail i Think about impact of WalMartiwho gains who loses and why What could be done about improving impact of WalMart Transportation and Urban Form a States of transport Walkinghorse car electric street car recreational auto freeway b Traffic problems i Movement congestion i Crowding iii Offpeak inadequacy of public transport iv Difficulties for pedestrians V Environmental impacts V Accidents vii Parking difficulties c Solutions i Public vs private transport ii Transport system management efficiency iii Nontransport solutions 1 Work patterns 2 Urban structure Geography 120 Urban Geography A Global Perspective Review sheet for 3ml exam Friday November 7m note this is different from the syllabus Key Concepts 1 N E 4 V39 Politics and Local Government a Administrative Structure i Purposerole of local government distinct from StateFederal Government b Spatial structures eg County Citytownshipmunicipality Special districts c Revenue Sourcesiknow the most important sources d Fragmentation and reintegration i Strategies of regional integration and factors making regional integration difficult Power politics and urban governance a Multiple perspectives on urban politics elitism pluralism structuralism b Public participation and urban social movements i Hierarchy of participation formal and informal social movements c Governmental knowledge and power i Systematic ordering of space ii Surveillance Economic Change a Know basic definition of economics and components required for economic activity b Understand basic transformation from prel970s to post1970s period c Key characteristics of mass production d Some key characteristics of information production e Broad implications of economic transformation for urban structure Division of labor a Definition b Key concepts and distinctions between different types of work c Key trends in information economy labor markets Urban Poverty a Distinction between relative and absolute poverty b Some basic patterns of poverty and implications of multiple deprivations c Key theoretical models for explaining poverty and their implications for policy i Culture of poverty i Transmitted deprivation iii Institutional malfunctioning iv Maldistribution of resources and opportunities V Structural class con ict Basic geography of poverty 3 1 6 Race class and urban space a Causes of residential segregation both personal and structural b Geography of basic waves of immigration and internal migration in the c Dynamics of separation defensive avoidance protection social action d Understand path dependent trends and importance of structural racism 7 Gender and urban space a Understand gender differences in the following areas and how this affects urban structure i Employment Housing Transportation Children Urban governance 8 Queers in space a What is gay space and how does understanding this relate to the space for other minorities b What does the 2000 Census tell us about gayslesbians in the US What doesn t it tell us What are the factors that led to concentration of gays in San Francisco What are the factors that contributed to Harvey Milk s successful run for the SF Board of Supervisors and what are some lessons for other minority groups 9 TopDown Responses to Economic change a Broad Federal government approach i Know key elements of each of the timeperiods discussed in class b Know stages of statelocal government economic development strategies including positives and potential negatives of economic subsidies c Know basic characteristics of cultureled development and some of the positives and negatives of this approach 10 Bottomsup responses to economic change a Flaming approaches b Community development Movement i Including experience of Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative c Urban social movements d Labor movement and urban development e Radical approaches 11 Collective Consumption and social justice a Definition of collective consumption and examples of related services b Theories ofpublic goodservice provision c Different human needs and mechanisms for meeting that need d Changing nature of the welfare state 9


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