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MGMT 382: Lecture 3

by: Emily McIlhattan

MGMT 382: Lecture 3 MGMT 382

Emily McIlhattan
GPA 3.72
Management Information Systems
Dr. Dejoie

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About this Document

These notes are a discussion to the article: Four Ethical Issues by Richard Mason
Management Information Systems
Dr. Dejoie
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Emily McIlhattan on Thursday January 22, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to MGMT 382 at Purdue University taught by Dr. Dejoie in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 120 views. For similar materials see Management Information Systems in Business, management at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 01/22/15
MGMT 382 Lecture 3 Outline of Last Lecture I Finish Tech and Society Coverage II Start on Info and Business Outline of Current Lecture Discussion of Richard Mason s Article Four Ethical Issues of the Information Age 0 Concept I What are the ethial issues associated with information and information technology 0 Objective 1 Current Lecture Richard 0 Mason There are technology out there that are more advanced and will have rami cations PAPA Four Main Ethical Issues Accuracy a In the information age there is a lot more decisions life and death components b Information is the means in which we craft out lives c Technology is a currency that we have to have comparable to the idea of public school system i Ex Getting a scholarship without actually applying that data comes from a database ii Even important data can have inaccuracies local agencies 50 inaccurate information d Don t just take numbers as you see them investigate for Red Flag Items Good Data good information good decisions 2 Access o If information is a currency we al need access to it o Wealth is now determined by the intanglible much more accessible to the common man 0 The bar keeps going up about what is required Mason is referring to Everybody in this article 0 US 34 of the population have general accessibility to a computer has to be here because it is in every part of our lives Property a Who owns the information it is intabigbe a lot easier to duplicate and share so a lot harder to protect b Deterioration does not really exist because of the electronic les c Who is the author Who owns it i Ex Medical tests who owns it 1You 2Doctor 3Hospital 4PoHce 5lnsurance co etc d How do you adapt the law computer crime i Our laws have not fully caught up connect to Future Shock idea ii There are laws for poems and songs and such but what about intellectual property 4 Privacy 0 Schools companies people want your information 0 Why 0 Increased value in the information powerful o Idea of computing capacity you can collect it store it tie it together process it spin it and trend it 0 Mason calls this the threat of exposure by minute description pieces of data are meaningless but all together it can be dangerousvaluable If you know A B and C about someone you can gure out D E and F


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