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Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

by: Lilliana Hyatt

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation CAS 404

Lilliana Hyatt
Penn State
GPA 3.96

Rachel Reznik

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About this Document

Rachel Reznik
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lilliana Hyatt on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CAS 404 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Rachel Reznik in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/233068/cas-404-pennsylvania-state-university in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Gannonl Joe Gannon Dr Rachel Reznik CAS 404 September 21 2014 Understanding is of the Essence Conflict situations are an everyday occurrenceWith the understanding of the underlying factors of positive and negative communication conducted in situations of conflict will only enable one to become more solution oriented in times of battle The three perspectives discussed in chapter two of Working through Conflict are the following psychodynamic emotionbased and the social cognition perspective The three perspectives each depict different situations of conflict and how to deal with each one separately Even though through classificationthe perspectives are different I would like to argue that all three yet are still so very similar Conflict being the main discussion of these perspectives also shares the characteristic of a situation created by some internal or external element With the understanding of these elements pertained specifically to each perspective is what allowed me to derive one conclusion about conflict The understanding process of conflict is the most important part to conflict from here the solution is within reach I have generated three pieces of advice with the incorporation of the understanding process to provide the ability for realistic and easy application for one s future Advice 1 During times of absolute frustration or crises one s energy immediately rises from here it is then transferred into a variety of actions and with actions comes responsibility With this being said it is then within the person s best interest to quotattribute an outside source with their frustrations to other parties so that their impulses can be legitimizedquotFolger Poole and Stutman p43 This one piece of advice is essential to being able to control situations out of your reach according to the r 39 39 39 r r 39 and its llFreud and his followers portray the human mind as a reservoir of psychic energy that is channeled into various activities This energy is the impulse behind all human activity and can be channeled into any number ofdifferent behaviors ranging from positive pursuits such as work or raising family to destructive impulses such as vandalism or verbal attacksquot Folger Poole and Stutman p42 The resultants from using this range from eliminating escalation of consequential behavior along with deriving a third party s perspective and handle on the whole conflict and most importantly it allows enemy lines to be drawn How does this piece of advice stand true Well it begins with the fact that the psychodynamic perspective assess the role of anxiety and aggression illustrates llthe idea that impulses build up and can be redirected into other activities including attacks on a third personquot Folger Poole and Stutman p42 Thus with the process of displacement allows the conflicting parties to help establish an intervener to help get control of the situation ultimately channeling the llreservoir of psychic energy into a positive pursuit Advice 2 The emotionbased perspective on conflict is comprised of two distinctly different personality traits argumentativeness and verbally aggressive While verbal aggressive behavior is a negative trait and argumentative behavior is a positive trait one element is required to eliminate all possibilities of Gannou escalation for both traits understanding To flee conflict in times of verbal aggressiveness and argumentation instantly ask why the other party is mad and from here continue to try and understand the conflict in the other party sperspective until you understand their position 100 This creates a sense of comfortbecause of showing only respect towards their own feelings and thoughts while at the same time generating respect With respect from truce so simply erase everything that s going through your mind and let ease for some patience for while you listen to the person chew your ear off With all this being said one might ask how do I know this is going to work Well the emotion based perspective emphasizes two personaltraits that are distinctly different which makes this perspective alone so unique The assessment needs to take place from a deeper meaning of the two personal traits in order to be able to truly resolve a conflicting situation comprised of these traits The purpose of the assessment is to find a solution The only solution here is to find common ground or else there will never really be a real solution to this problem By having a negative trait reacting with a positive trait will only result in consequences Through theory analysis and understanding these two different trait share the characteristic of defense One is a positive defense and the other is a negative in order to change this negative defense to a positive one is to immediately make this situation all about them They do not care about you or anyone else s wellbeing so the first step from a conflict possessing a person with a verbal assaultlike trait is to ask them why their mad so you both have an understanding of the defense taking place quotThree processes in particular are likely to influence conflict 39 39 Violations quot about others and thinkina about the conflict Advice 3 The socialcognition perspective perceives many reasons and solutions in trying to get the best outcome of a situation in conflict However it also states a lot of errors that contradicts the solutions but one solution element is maintained throughout the analysis that being understanding the other parties view Contingent upon advice 2 after getting a full understanding and establishment of the other party s viewpoints then ask them what they think the best solution is for the problem at hand The reason being for this piece of advice containing two steps is due to the complexity of this r r and its The 39 f 39 that allows for this to hold true is due the twopiece s of advice either order instantaneously setting aside all differences of the conflicting parties It allows for a mutual connection to take place right off the bat When you re on likewise terms with a fellow opponent that opponent then becomes your solution That one mutual connection is essential to any solution process It allows for one person to vent while the other listens 50 of the steam created from the conflict is now gone from the isolation process of the conflicting party


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