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Instrumentation, Measurements, and Statistics

by: Chester Goldner III

Instrumentation, Measurements, and Statistics M E 345

Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University > Mechanical Engineering > M E 345 > Instrumentation Measurements and Statistics
Chester Goldner III
Penn State
GPA 3.79

John Cimbala

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About this Document

John Cimbala
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chester Goldner III on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M E 345 at Pennsylvania State University taught by John Cimbala in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/233070/m-e-345-pennsylvania-state-university in Mechanical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
M E 345 Fall 2009 Professor John M Cimbala Today we will Do some review example problems predicting the mean using the t PDF Finish reviewing the pdf module Other PDFs the Chisquared PDF Do some example problems chisquared PDF mm M TIME Example Estimating the population mean Given A company produces resistors by the thousands and Gerry is in charge of quality control He picks 20 resistors at random as a sample and calculates the sample mean f 8240 kQ and sample standard deviation S 0314 kQ To do 39 10 a Estimate the population mean and the con dence interval of the population mean as a i value to standard 95 confidence level b Repeat for 99 confidence level Do you expect the con dence interval to be wider or narrower Solution 1 7 IS 9 M m ka 5L UL ohmy h yh hilv hobs S39 Q mu AF vm l3 Q 332 MA lWIl lo LI k0 m 10530 ll Tluv a 3f vaeoy 19 quot an M Example Estimating the population mean Five measurements are made of the force required to break an expensive Given component too costly to do more 3122 3206 3155 3141 and 3196 lbf The sample mean and sample standard deviation of these data are 3164 and 3592 lbf a To do level b To do interval to i20 lbf Solution W l39 5 M X klh 5 HL M Estimate the population mean and its con dence interval for 95 confidence Estimate how many samples would need to be taken to reduce the confidence an my M L e 3J2 W 1c 177 I 6h 33ltJvlt3zoa Iw G 317 W lmu Lm W l 111 v W39r39 6quot 6 m0 Jdvg e 1 t 31M 1 10 M J4 SM 4 n 13w 1 ink or no TIW Mama we ALIA 9 1quot 9qu m r 4 H QL gamma To int KS AF nI m 3 ern Lyo391 L33 HA1 E 41 5 1 1mm 1an r 5W 0 Dv PPnuml39b39ll I 7 7 N 8 1 Example Estimating population mean and standard deviation Given A quality control engineer pulls 10 resistors at random from an assembly line that makes 10kQ resistors and measures each esistance The measurements are given here n Measurement number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 a To do level 1010 1008 1011 1009 1007 1005 1012 1011 1008 1006 Resistance kQ 3913 39 sample mean 10087 kQ sample standard deviation 002312 kQ Estimate the population mean and its con dence interval for 95 confidence b To do Estimate the population standard deviation and its con dence interval for 95 f con dence level c To do The company guidelines specify that the population standard deviation be less than 035 of the mean to 98 con dence Estimate how many additional resistors the quality control engineer needs to pull off the assembly line to measure Solution 4 th c w I 99 4 U 76quot HF N 140 329 Q 0mg 01quot I ow CAM Gr 6 r 5mm 71sz 00T t 0011 Ht 09 00 093 00 Ly 3 70 00m W1 1 037 quot1 m M 4111 V144 Mum 639 6quot Ll h 7 l out 7 g 111i 0013 1w 7Lquot 3901 lnj quot Sb 00m XLPILI 3 anquot bf 80153 lt Clt 00 111 MI lwvi mum A 6 J C 5 00m Ht La W WM 6 9 390 I mquot W0 03S A F a Mum M qok 7 60981 kn 003311 Plyfquot db 30 L us mm 1 e 3839 4953quot Vk C I agr n M puu d J V u 3 XLT 001 IL W6 hsw PMSMwm quotch mmmb NW9 m u om M New mu 5 v Amy as m 4 mm M but In our awn


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