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Instrumentation, Measurements, and Statistics

by: Chester Goldner III

Instrumentation, Measurements, and Statistics M E 345

Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University > Mechanical Engineering > M E 345 > Instrumentation Measurements and Statistics
Chester Goldner III
Penn State
GPA 3.79

John Cimbala

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About this Document

John Cimbala
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chester Goldner III on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M E 345 at Pennsylvania State University taught by John Cimbala in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/233070/m-e-345-pennsylvania-state-university in Mechanical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
ME345 Fall 2009 Professor John M Cimbala Today we will Finish reviewing the pdf module Regression Analysis Do some example problems regression analysis Review the pdf module Outlier Points Do some example problems outlier points Example Regression Analysis Given Twenty data points of xy pairs with lots of scatter see Excel spreadsheet on website for the raw data 1 2 4 To do Perform regression analysis linear quadratic and cubic and compare how the tted curves t to the data points Solution See Excel spreadsheet I will show in class how to do the regression analysis in Excel b m P b h mu or T Mul h l K 1 Qumh mm w 5 L I Ml We 11 m39nvo gag 5 M S h w W JTM Y 39N 16quot Vii33 Example Outliers single set of data Given Four data points are measured sample mean 4425 7 7 sample standard deviation 63443 1 I To do Eliminate any of cial outliers one at a time Solution anq c mm um 39 75 mech 34H lt a m m J5 zx w my in l G Mill gr ll 391 Lwlul I U fu ly l f a 039 A NM othr am m Example Outliers single set of measurements Given Janet takes l2 temperature measurements ranging from 230 C lowest reading togjjoC highest reading 0 The sample mean of all 12 readings is 24880C o The sample standard deviation is LEE To do Determine which if any of the extreme readings lowest or highest is an outlier Solution I L 27 L613 39Z39J 39 hfm c 39 1 Q M mag l v3 11 4 V3 W Me n M 3 Q MM 8 0812 LE X m 4 quotc m Example Outliers single set of measurements Given Eleven measurements of pump efficiency are no hm I taken listed in increasing order below A N 5 8 72 74 74 76 77 80 80 82 85 and 22 3quot Wquot 439 Rwy a To it Are there any official outliers Ifso remove them How many good measurements are left b To do Based on the measurements that are left estimate the population mean and its con dence interval to 95 con dence M 713 i 2113 IA 3 Da 7quot WM c To do Based on e m ft estimate 5 rule the population standar 39 39 u 39 nce interval to 95 con dence Zs 65 an X Solution a I 6quot I m u 3 1111 I 1 8510 4 Mai S v Q SI quotJohfhx 7 DIV1 S gtTJ TNquot Mm C Hug ff WHY R Pt l I HW MAIIW j 0 bl 7 l 7739 M J Ir 4quot m fl 8 Y1 8 n Lml CT L798quot T39s N Bsb M rm J7 T l 039 Am An can nwc NW 19 2 No Make wmw Example Outliers data pairs Given Twenty data points of xy pairs are measured 37 42 66 To do Eliminate any official outliers one at a time Solution See Excel spreadsheet I will show in class how to do the analysis in Excel RQJ A V quot mm m Mupl MUr 3 No Mm Wcm 0M at 6 l V 39l eAt qu 3 em my x allv lm39h wt cf x ph39n


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