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Subatomic Physics

by: Otha Leffler

Subatomic Physics PHYS 406

Otha Leffler
Penn State
GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Otha Leffler on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 406 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/233090/phys-406-pennsylvania-state-university in Physics 2 at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Introduction to Subatomic Physics logarithmic scale 1 metre 1 mnlimetre 1 micmmetra 1 nanometre 1 pxzometre 1 remtumetre 1 auumetre 1 zeptometre 1 yncmmetre Physical Scales PHYS 406 m m new Va 1039 m J mquot m m atom 1 1o 10 m 10 m 1 M T man 10 1039 m w m 1 4s m 27 m manna 10 10 m m a o 10m m 1 my C Flanck Scale 10 m vvv my luv ed amenumldlgm Four types of elementary interactions four forces mm Strong Gluon g mg 2 0 l5 Holds 10 m N 1 nuclear nucleus proton size Pion 7t I my 2 O Electromagnetism Holds atom Infinite N l Photon y 2 1000 1 1 Wi Z Weak Radioactivity 10 7 rn N m mW N mZ N 100 GeV Gravity Mass infinite N 1038 Graviton G attraction Standard Model of FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES AND INTERACTIONS maller ccnsumenls FERMIONS spin Leptons an I2 Mass ETecTrTc sexTH Charge 2b 3 15 m 01 as w m 0 va MM T 395 1M mum TTTmmpn WW spTTT n ma mum mqu WWI oT warms uTTTTonuTu Tmm mm n m swo 1 saw menu 4 x mu m waym uT mumsqu he mmwa Tm Tm Hwy mm m M nlwmn TTT mm a mum mums a me m mun m pm wmmhv sm39lwmm I 5w 0 n 1 runW mu m nuns magmas ennui miniquot Kn Ncuulro NnuMnu no woman Tn Winn supomm mum mmhvalcv 00an w my mm mam My mm mm m In 4mm an an oT mm mm mm was vs Vquot u u TamTTm Mr W Wpa uT mm InnlouuswdIud me bwodmwun sum T mam mun mmm l KM om Mum m m mm m up m In T H To and mTTaT de In mallamd The ma 4 m m gammm mumr m u ATTITTTmner 39 m mum Two mm 11 luavw yum Tm lhurn u WM bav mT u was mama hm and a mum Puma am TT Tum mm mm Irg lwn bulumun mm Sam T Maw my bus T a 2 m mam Particle Processes Thund nillm an an anmmmbn BMW quotannual35W Tn n p e a e e39 uniquot T w T VT TTTTT 5me Jami er mumquot 63quotka 59quot l mm mm armm Tum qummm a Tm wan TTTuTTTImT ma malm mm In 5 unhs an We owe Mme mm was TTT Savln39 uT AcTs on Pammes ExpeTTeucno Farm 5 menmlmg T Swengm 3T T T n ma oT mm mum mm1m anvllauannl lmm on Mass 7 Energy AH Gtzvuun mm m tuman 1039 quot Toquot tome cameTs BOSONS san 0 T 2 Uni ed Eledroweak gtan a T 5Tme mm Mass Emma Gem charge ETecTrTc Value Nam Mass new charge cm cm mmua mamTAT ch by maTeTTuauMTm v anTuTn Tm mmTau mum mum a mhnmmg among mm cme Tn Menus and Burynns Guam and alum unnal 5 water My am comma Tn cowMural pmmaswo mm m memunl mm quotmm 39mm TTuTTTpTT Tmm Tu gum mm mu mm m mmmumJu mm Mam mm m wan MM nan m mm W mkH lm d humanm Tnuam murme mnlvnhthnmmmlu anaTTwT mumanuun m m am am unuqum Ihun mm TnTn mm mm an mum smwwullls m W nmmwm hm my nbinrM 4n mum mum W m mm m Amm Mnylvpesalbmm mmm In mm MTTmeunTanMTMTmT mmMaA MEL m omen rags am mm and n m away as h mnknlln pmml mam T nndlhnm mnmnm Jmmg In many Typos m mm mum wu M WT Fail 5quot 15 w 39 L TimpaniWT ParucleHdvcnkurmrg caTmmTaTga T Tr 39 Dcpanmvnl us m c39 a 6 U s IaliunalScience FoTTTTua39T ToTT 0V mucus Twcncd Bend2y m1 lTalLabur tDry T u 1 T ercTEm Tu mm TunAW M m39 wTme quotTTTTT M HTTMHT IWNNMTHXHVW mm T T wmmw quotmm mm 1mm mm mm Hmcs Properties of the Interactions The strengths of the interactions forces are shown relative to the strength of the electromagnetic force for two u quarks separated by the specified distances Gravitational Weak Electromagnetic Strong Property Interaction interactmnmectmweak Interaction i Interactlon Mass Energy Flavor Electric Charge Color Charge l 1 Particles experiencing All Quarks Leptons Electrically Charged Quarks Gluons Graviton H 0 Particles mediating notyetobsewed W W Z r y Gluons 1018 m 41 Strength at 10 0398 1 25 sxio17m 1041 104 1 60 matter constituents FERMIONS spin 12 32 52 Quarks spin force carriers BOSONS spin 0 1 2 Fl Mass 39 Approx39 Electric avor Flavor Mass Unified Electroweak spin 1 GeVC2 2 Charge i 7 7 GeVc 22 11 I g 9 Ge Me 11y mm 0013x10 9 up up 0002 23 0C 79 8039 1 1 e1 electron 0000511 1 u down 0005 13 24 W k l 5 39 l 1 3w 133220i0009 013x10 9 0 charm 13 23 0 1 v 2quot 91188 0 muon 0106 1 strange 01 l 13 J 7 1 i 223 004 014x109 0 q top 173 23 1 l V l l tau 1777 1 bottom 4 2 13 Ni 39 tructure within the Atom Quark Size lt 10 19 m Nucleus Electron Size 1014m Size lt 104839 9 MO Neutron 0 and Proton z 15 Atom Size 10 Size 2 1010m If the proton and neutrons in this picture were 10 cm across then the quarks and electrons would be less than 01 mm in size and the ntire atom would be about 10 km acro High energy accelerators mu Ar cuc Ocean Newgb39gmgmds a a 39Newmundh d su a mm w 7 mm mm Nonh Atlantic V menu my Us mm me a E s s W G mm C 1 1x aw x 5m as ms 7 q r quot z m a a gt H v Aambwqu w m39 M aagascar y mm Indian Ocean l wk F khnd m I V tA E W f cm a w C mmw me39q imam SM Saulgeeauu d w Xwennr39m Cosmic RayNeutrino Observatories mu Ar cuc Ocean Newglble nmgmds 12 Ar cuc Ocean 7 Green and Den a a 7 WWW a 7 223 Age Lg SuperKamlokan e Dammmn Repubhc ms Rm warm 7 mayquot me my n m reamed Sums WE C MW Wm 05 mm 61 may Wmmmm Sa ama 3 4m ri b Indian um Ocean W 4 WE CW m c mwbv mm TM Saulgeeauu d w Xmm39u Nuclear physics facilities mu Ar cuc Ocean Newglblgimgmds IZEI Ar cuc Ocean 7 Greeniand Den 5 435 n bk u e mam sg me ffe rso n La n Wm Repubiic menu my Us mm Fegfauni s Sums was w W 757m e r an as was Emum g m e ms Ma dagascar i Mmus i Indian 39 u a nik Ocean 1 i mm was im 39 Ma quotVI 0 m w mem39q Vim W rm swgeau h d w anm Overall v w of the LHC experiments QQ c Fermilab LHC detectors


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