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Week 10 notes

by: Allie S

Week 10 notes Psyc 3640

Allie S
GPA 3.46
Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben

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About this Document

week 10
Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben
Class Notes
psych 364, Clemson, psych
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 3640 at Clemson University taught by Eric McKibben in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Industrial Psychology 3640 in Psychlogy at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
3 Goals of psych 1 2 3 Predict HR is PREDICTING who will do best at a certain job these predictions are used to make hiring decisions Need to collectuse data and learn from the data Goal is to Maximize productivity Will g measured today accurately predict job success today AND 6 months from now job analysis must hold true over a long period of time Staf ng decisions Associated with recruiting selecting promoting amp separating employees 0 Who we are recruiting what KSAOs do we need where we nd those people Job and need analysis identi cation of Identification of aplnllcants lrecruitlng or droplnl desired traits Preliminary assessments f development and lapplicatlon forms resumequot 39 e e e e e e validation of interviews etc assessment methods Formal assessments ltest slindctured interviews assessment centers etcl l3rediction preliminary daeislon to refer or to hold on file Prediction final decision by manager of jdld function including background checks aliasical examination etc Administrative procedures Rejection High performance work practices Having a formal statistical job analysis 0 Include use of formal job analyses selection from within for key positions amp use of formal assessment devices for selection 0 Generally the more systematic approach your rm has the better performance ex Pepsi 0 Known for HR practices understanding internal talent and managing them in order to move them up within into key positions Staf ng practices have positive associations with rm performance EHSWMER Line managers Envvdrhers Applicants MEWS EElRES dell E dllg Ful ll SH EEWN Accurate and intpnnlative indicatdrs of applicant pp te ntial luick and easvitd nse selectidn psrdcess Flexibility and accenvmddatien pt selectidn procedures Perceived validity pt selectipn precess Accurate and interhnative indicators pf applicant petential Inpdt intd the selectidn decisionanlaking process Perceived validity pt selectidn process Apprdpriate hiring decisidn Unbiased levh related selectian precess that gives them a chance td demonstrate their patential lldnest and sensitive interpersenal treatment timely and infdrlnative teedbeck SDllREE Eilliland S W 8 Eherrv lB l2llll ll Managing quotquoticustdrnersquot pl selectipn precesses ln J lleltde lEdl Menagerie selected in mapping erpaanatiens lpp lEd lt l San Francisca Jesseeass Edpvridht Ellllll Reprinted with permissidn at thn Wiley e Suds Inc Internal Staf ng Job descriptions used universally Educational quali cations amp application forms widely used for initial screening Interviews amp references are common postscreening techniques Cognitive ability tests used less frequently personality tests used more frequently Validity Accurateness of inferences made based on test or performance data Validity designs Criterionrelated does the TEST we developed actually predict the performance Contentrelated Constructrelated l nl 95 91 85 Bill a 75 ml 65 j rill ll l l l l r ill ll 2i 30 M 5i ll Tl BU m Predictor llJU ill 1 I 95 95 39 39 quot 90 io39 zitq m 39 39 1 E g 5 39 33 8i 3112quot 3 3quot 6 2 l0 quot ill 5 2 i 65 ri5ll 651 39 39 6 i an 439 39 39 rz E ii lel Bill all Bl Jill 39i39lll B l i it 2390 liEl it39ll ll IEl Fill Ell Predictor Predictor Selection Ratio SR Index ranging from 0 to 1 that re ects the ratio of available jobs to applicants SR nN n number of available jobs N number of applicants assessed Want the ratio to be low if you only have a smaller of ABOVE average at the very least you will save money in resources 0 it is a waste of money to higher mediocre people want the higher end of the distribution this is why there are 3 yr experience requirements 0 The more applicants you have the better False positive Applicant accepted but performed poorly False negative Applicant rejected but would have performed well True positive Applicant accepted amp performed well True negative Applicant rejected amp would have performed poorly


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