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Applied Regression Analysis

by: Hilbert Denesik

Applied Regression Analysis STAT 462

Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University > Statistics > STAT 462 > Applied Regression Analysis
Hilbert Denesik
Penn State
GPA 3.92


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hilbert Denesik on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 462 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/233128/stat-462-pennsylvania-state-university in Statistics at Pennsylvania State University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Stat 462 lVIarch 3 Y ameasure quhe sueuguu quheweld x dameterufw Alluy type uf allay used 1e make the weld Alluy 1 2 Dr 3 Svenmh alloy 2 Alloy 1s categorical e the uumeuesu codes 1 2 3 are adutu Tu putAlluy mm aregessmn muue1 create m maueazuevmaMes Al 1 1 ubsesvuuuu1s allay 1 and u umemse AZ 11fubsesvuuuu1s allay z and u umemse 1 equot r 1 N111 desmbethevanable 1n uurexample we euu1u1 createA l1fubservauun1s e11uy 3 and u umemse Bug nuncethat A1AzA3 1 fur any ubsemanuu Thus A3 smug that A315 perfeme a E equanun 1n the allay pmblem a nu mteracuunquot muue1 15 E Bu B1XB2A1B2Az Gwen the fun abuve Lhs muue1 almust surely 15 Wmng Anmtemmun muue11s ECO Bu B1XB2A1B2Az BXquotA1ps X AZ Page Undu am ng the mmning n the p cnd cimts mtezpretanun quhe cue iclents rnuluplyrng the predlcturs Tu an ths Cunslder eael categury ufa categuncal yanable s stately Furaspen c categury daemne uneyalues ufall rnueazeryanables eu ef clmts rneasure Allny Exampler Nn Inmnjnnmndal Mudel fur average Yls my D p1XB2AlB3AZ Alluyl Fuths alluyAll andAZ Se 5 0 Bu BlXB21BzU Bu Ba BrX Alluy z reruns alley Al anul AZ 1 se Em BnBlXB2UBz1 z BlX Bu B Alluy 3 reruns alley Al and AZ 7 se ECO Bu BlXB2UBzU Bu BrX u Lhe slupebetween Yanux regardless uf alley Thlslswhat nulnterac1zunls abeuleune slupe betwem YandX lsLhe sarne fureach alley Themudel actually cunslsts quhreepzrallel lmes V and quotPr ll betwem Em uralluys l and 3 at any specl ed yalue qu us dlfferencebetwem mtemepts fur alle s z and 3 Mars generally ltwuuld bathe dlfference betwem Em uralluys z and 3 at any specl ed yalue qu MJMTAB RESULTS INCLUDING GRAPH 0F ESTIMATED MODEL The regressmn Eran an r 573 5u4 gtlt 2EI A 29 u A2 hem2m 5 East p anr 757 27 1543 4 49 uuuu 5 u425 uusss 5 75 uuuu A uuus uuss 2 47 uu27 A2 29 79a 4 97 5 4a uuuu FH Sl Page m mudel shuws aVrshape su themudel may nutbengqt mm Allny Examplerlnta39zctinn mndd Made fur avarzge Y1 15 E00 p mi B2A1B3AZ BXquotA1B5 XAz Alluyl Fuths alluyAll andAZ Sn 5 0 Ba B15 B21 B2U BoX 1Bs KW Bu Bz B BOX Alluy z Fuths allay A1EI and AZ 1 Sn 5 0 Ba B15 B2 0 B20 WWW B5 WU Bz B1 5 X Bu B Alluy 3 Fuths allay A1EI and AZ n Sn 5 0 Ba B15 BREW B2U WWW B5 Xquot X p 7 Mfmmebecween slupes fur alluys z and 3 MINITAB RESULTS INTERACTION MODEL The Egresslan em an 9 y r 239 419 X 123 m r 929 92 r 9259 x 549 x792 hem2m Eaef s Eaef p Eanscanr 1419 u us gtlt n7797 u nun m 1559 u 492 A2 195 n nun x n9m 757 x792 us nun GRAPH 0F PREDICTED VALUES my D amekv Drnpping the XiAl mm mm the mndel give The quesslan Equaman s y z 7 2m m2 X 752 m r 959 A2 557 Xinz hem2m T p Eanscanr 7254 uu25 X 594 mun m 352 mus A2 42 mun Xinz 519 mun Human 951 What is the inmrpmau39nn at this mm lel


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