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Electronic Circuit Design I

by: Brook Moore II

Electronic Circuit Design I E E 310

Brook Moore II
Penn State
GPA 3.88

Mark Wharton

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About this Document

Mark Wharton
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brook Moore II on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to E E 310 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Mark Wharton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/233173/e-e-310-pennsylvania-state-university in Electrical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
PENNSTATE m mm rimi HalfWave Rectifier EEamLEWESI A piecauiu liw d39dl mum vim mt In Myquot mu quotpieae39 paddy DI I wk mltvhnl s on IM 5 1 wk r Mlh b 39u w H i a vIr U I E u unleut aim1 an 390 u 0W mm 22 Hallrwavc mm m umle and my Lullngt unnstcrclmmc nsucs 36 39 Eut gtuo my 7 Evivslud dy d wkm D is MY V I v a To gt V0V sV 1M1oh m slqci b Tum V Lecture 3 Page 1 EE 3m Lecture 3 Waveforms PENNSTATE n uu Slum y m vF s w braJ quotMaud Eda munquot19 HIV Push inmevulhqn 91v 395 WM V1 mud h dick I mch crurcuil msinusmdal npunanngc my mum Figum 23 Signals Mme harm umpul thngc mm m mode whagc Lecture 3 Page 2 PENNSTATE Identify the Following Quantities from the Waveform EE 3m Lecture 3 I Instantaneous Voltage V0 1 Peak Voltage VP Peaktopeak Voltage Vprp Average Voltage VAVG or V0 RMS Voltage RMS MF P N A Inmp wi39 l39 56ml inkLt a HML E a 1 Vp Vault VAvG m 3 Vvp Vnu Vmiw l Var Vmw n M v1 quot 5 RM quoturanium urn 4 mg am PM 14 ms you F v Lel Asrnlwt v T 39 Vp A VM 1A Vm 3939A mum o RMS ulwla 39m T I wanna V I 3 A A 111thquch 3 139 5quot H 2 F TJIJL wasquot a 7 339 5 gt Tm Ar shunquotIli uHAwmll ru M emu1 rumuxhif RMUK was an an Lecture 3 Page 3 PENNSTATE Admxhgns EE am Lectura a I Edmds emu rm Lam RAF th a Uquot Eufsr 11 RH bisdmhggs Md a lynxl MW um No Iij windJas kcs 39Ml39cb as math ppm I m u m vm Jamming 5 6M cnmcmnsm and w mpm and uulpm wavcmnn ngve 25 Ful rwnvc mum mammmmcememppm mnsrmmer h volmgc transfer 5 Lecture 3 Page A PENNSTATE I W A vtnb e SiMphA Wham 39D s dvmuqs Bridge Rectifier Uses 2 m munLu 4 slim v3 u1v Mo dishing Ms um h annReud39 IRde fa mil w 3v 439quot Ixmf h Buf Vida L S39uup Ivhd nu l you Inuzhh3 1w 51 1511711 Nva Iiqt Tm wm ti gt EE 3m Lecture 3 T Madam 031D D 0 b mum Rmll F ng 25 A mva bridge manner in mum shnwmg me cum mdirccunu fora rm 0 v 1mm I milazc wm39ckvmls B aging 27 m FulHui bi lupin and umpl m c hndgc manner mum m produce negsz mllpm wlugcs 39L fnfms Lecture 3 Page 5 PENNSTATE w Filter Fanarifnn in Power Supplies EESlDLecturE a I c quot5quot nun 5 Iquot elttlt as C dung5 at Tyml sank h J magmas r W e m as t s 3 H l 3 Afru T 1 1 I rm 77 u 7 m a ovwm ma mumpk MM Wu D is on r ENJth u is oFF fu vltrv V m ngum 23 S mplculhrrurrml mum emur mch mm xmpmnmmpm Vullagc and mum pnmon ofmllpul mung m omle vnlmy msulung from cnpncnar discharge m expanded new m mpul mm mupm muagcs mummg capacnnr dischmgc bcgms m m A m m madymm mpl and mnpul vomgc Lecture 3 Page 5


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