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Electronic Circuit Design I

by: Brook Moore II

Electronic Circuit Design I E E 310

Brook Moore II
Penn State
GPA 3.88

Mark Wharton

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About this Document

Mark Wharton
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brook Moore II on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to E E 310 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Mark Wharton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see /class/233173/e-e-310-pennsylvania-state-university in Electrical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
PENNSTATE n 39 quot Diode Models EE 3m Lecturez I quotpinI39m I Ideal Diode P39 quot newl MadJ ukm on um adul End uh uh quotwas ID a a shaddrle u39 r my 1gtgto mm i l a new D 39 opowfm x mm on m u Jioch 4 HM n a I 39 a 1 arm Md L 30 4quot M3 5 9ng L25 Tnmdezlmodc a Lhc 17v chuckmuss M39th ideal made rhuquwmm a shun mum Madls Nonideal Diode Bub 5 V md k 39 a Min volh1 H W a 4 a 4 Ruhhr VI runM k rlpc o in LV v v chauiuh a PM Vquot quot rf quot 395 quot I quot3 gure 31 Thcdwdcp cwmcquwa1cmcircun m m the quotnnquotcand1unn when VD m m the quotoff sandman when M vy and a piecewise um appmmmmn when 0 Wm n a me ollng am he mm s a Emma a VB vy when m mod n scandumng Lecture 2 Page 1 PENNSTATE w l Example EE am Lecture 2 I A silicon diode exhibits a forward resistance 7 of 20 Q and a cutin Voltage Vy of 06 V Predict the diode Voltage drop at a forward current 0 10 mA using the following three models 1 Ideal diode 2 Nonideal diode 7f 0 Q 3 Nonideal diode 7f 20 Q 1 gm vw gtrB w 2 r o v ocv gtU OGv 3 Q uh v 0M gt 11 i V U MIA105 0Lv 08v Lecture 2 Page 2 PENNSTATE w DuodeAC Model EE31EI Lecture 2 I i v uknru39lark c is um IP lM Incremental or Dmamic Resistance Model A T 39n MW A Lute 1139s 1h sniping k w y 0 A r max dldn m A W 7 7 Sr nu VMN I39n Ahh unwed 3th 39DC VIM Ina 1h lush b 6 Nu a hitA 11 mining V39d D MN I r we 1h slay J 1h lovsJTa mm L a Wuhan I 5 13 5397 M a r 3 1 1 Is E ya u 4 An 4 V w m 510 Tuna F gura 35 AC mum analysxs39 m cm un mu comma dc and smusuidal mpm u 1 a diode mlmgc superimposed on ma qmcsccnl value and m orwardrbmcd mom Hr ch aucnsm mm a misundle cumm and vuhagc mpmmpmd an m quiescent values Ple i9 ann4nv r2 nV ml uni rm I 0 25 Lecture 2 Page 3 PENNSTATE W EE 3m Lecture 2 I Vp5 V R 5 k9 Vy 05 V v 01 sin mtV up madh rstquot Ion V V 1504 3805 r f R A n1 quV snow rquot i no I W 2 Ac saluhn39 v o and Im mahl 39n F In Li m cm n a zLv REA lsrw 13a 88 WLTiWALnu 1 r o39 New M m V n 1 155 5 u w m 4a ACtxrnn am yms my mm mm wmb39mzd a m mmm Fm smuwldd mummy u a mum an m numu m 1 m m s num dul Wme n K m a 0 w u m lsmuscmn mm m Jlmgcmvcnmnus an m Julcsum n am anuuanzxs 59mm V v gady r ngm ms Equnmem cucuns39 m dc mm m at Lecture 2 Page A PENNSTATE EE 31E LEcturE 239 quot quot Circuits paw ngm 21 Dmgmm afan extcum a power supply 17 mums ma cnmacxcme each mm dmgram an cansmcrcd in ms charmer Lecture 2 Page 5 PENNSTATE II 1 Transformer Basics EEai LectureZl Tums Ratio De ned PfiMfquot Stud uniJog NTM Pri was amp finalA hm N IF hgtl we luau sky Juan MalMm nlt m km 9 hfup mum v1 no v n o Fm u Lem 2 Page 5


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