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Rhetoric and Composition

by: Izabella Corwin

Rhetoric and Composition ENGL 015

Izabella Corwin
Penn State
GPA 3.65

Cynthia Clem

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About this Document

Cynthia Clem
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Izabella Corwin on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 015 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Cynthia Clem in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/233176/engl-015-pennsylvania-state-university in Foreign Language at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Alexandra Saltz English 15 Section 78 Journal 2 Due September 16 2010 Violent Media Is Good for Kids is about how violent media is not necessarily bad It can help kids to understand their own feelings better Gerard Jones s major audience seems to be mainly parents and teachers that think that violent media is bad for the crucial development of children His main purpose is to argue that violent media should not be shielded from children because it shields them from their own feelings and fantasies and against power and selfhood He shows this with a variety of evidence He uses research from Melanie Moore PhD This helps him to establish logos He uses a mass amount of reallife examples He first uses his own example to establish his point He then uses his example about his own son He even uses two examples of these girls that he knew By starting with his own life example it helped him to establish that he had ethos He reaches an emotional appeal with his use of dialogue throughout the entire paper This helped him to establish pathos Together with ethos pathos and logos he has shown that he has credibility in his paper and it helped to get his point across better It is emphatically organized going from most important his personal story of how he shoved his emotions down in order to be what his parents expected him to be to least important telling us what everyone says about violent media This was very important for his paper because it helped him establish himself in the paper early on Ithought it was effective from my stand point but not as effective as it would have been if I was his directed audience If I was a parent or teacher that thought that violent media was bad for my child it would have been better or if he expanded his audience to high school college level kids as well Sister Act is about showing people that sororities are really about the aesthetics of a person rather pure motif The audience is college students interested or thinking about joining a sorority or fraternity Evan Wright tries to argue that sororities really are not the idealistic view of college They say that they are philanthropic and that they do not tolerate drinking but in reality that is the basis of all Greek parties and gatherings She uses a variety of evidence but not as effectively as Gerard Jones did She uses a large amount of reallife examples Every section of the argument seemed to have been someone else s or her perspective on an issue with Greek life to explain another point of her argument She establishes ethos with this but Ithink she took it a little far because instead of getting common ground I felt like I was being more and more brought away from the true purpose of her argument She also has emotional appeal with dialogue This established pathos and she establishes logos with the statistics that she uses at the beginning of the paper She did not form as good of a credibility as she could have if she every now and then in the paper added another statistic to help tie her original purpose back into the paper The argument is emphatically organized from least effective point her basic statistics and the view of sororities and how they make strong female role models and promote ideals of service sisterhood and leadership It ends with the strongest point of the depiction of the party scene of Greek Life This was important to the establishment of the conclusion to the purpose of Evan Ithought the paper was very ineffective It had everything there to be a good paper but I felt it drag I did not fully understand a lot of the body points of the argument The clarity affected my entire view of the paper


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