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by: Magdalena MacGyver


Magdalena MacGyver
GPA 3.78


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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Magdalena MacGyver on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 394G at New Mexico State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/233187/engl-394g-new-mexico-state-university in Foreign Language at New Mexico State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Roman Catholicism in the Southwest Presented By Michael Simmons and Shanda Rupprecht History of Roman Catholicism gt Roman Catholicism is the oldest form of Christianity gt Church gained recognition during the reign of Constantine gt Catholic Church has been embroiled in many warscon icts including the Great Schism the Crusades and the Protestant Reformation gt Up to the Reformation Church generally uni ed Europe gt Ferdinand and Isabella were Catholic Monarchs Roman Catholicism in the New World gt Conquest by Spain gt Started in the Caribbean went to the Yucatan then Mexico gt Over next century it went as far North as California and as far South as Peru gt Not a pure conversion to Christianity Many local customsrelegious beliefs in twined gt Most Memorable Evidence of Catholicism in the New World are the Missions o The Alamo o Juarez 0 Laguna 0 San Miguel in Socorro Oldest Catholic Church in the United States 1598 Roman Catholic Beliefs and Teachings gt The Nicene Creed states the beliefs of the Catholic Church 0 Jesus Christ is the Son of God Born of the Virgin Mary gave up his life to save his people 0 Forgiveness of sins resurrection of the dead everlasting life gt Sacraments o Baptism Reconciliation Eucharist Confirmation Matrimony Holy Orders Anointing of the Sick gt Sacred Symbols and Items 0 Rosary Cruci x Eucharist gt Transubstantiation The change of substance 0 Different in Catholicism than other Christian churches o Catholics believe that when Jesus held up the bread and wine at the last supper it was literally transformed into the body and blood of Jesus A priest can consecrate the bread and wine and does so at each mass and when people who receive the Eucharist they are actually receiving Christ and will have eternal life 0 Saints and the Virgin V V VVV V Saints are chosen based on their dedication to God and become saints through a formal process that takes many years Catholics pray with saints not to them Patron saints are saints that are named as protectors of certain areas of life The Virgin Mary is regarded with much respect from Catholics due to her role as mother of God There are many different images portraying the Virgin These are based on apparitions seen by people throughout the years In North America especially in Mexico and the Southwest Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most blessed and used portrait of Mary El Santuario gt gt gt V V The Santuario is a very old and famous Catholic Church located in Chimayo New Mexico In 1810 on Good Friday Don Abeyta found a sacred cruci x buried in the sand in Chimayo after seeing a sudden burst of light coming from the ground After many attempts to move the cruci x to Santa Cruz it kept disappearing then reappearing back in Chimayo So the church was built to keep the cruci x in Chimayo The dirt from the oor in the chapel at El Santuario is believed to have healing powers and many people ocked there Every year on Good Friday over 300000 Catholics walk to the Santuario to remember the sacri ce Jesus made and to worship him


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