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by: Florence Blanda


Florence Blanda
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Florence Blanda on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 121G at New Mexico State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/233200/math-121g-new-mexico-state-university in Mathematics (M) at New Mexico State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
r l3 13 1 7 m szy F1 e 3 2 339 3 V H quotL vmk 3 2 135 Z 3 L1H7 L S H844 31393quot 3 i l gzg 3 3 r 3 332 j 9 ballquot 7lt M39U39I 341 gz kb w 39l 3 3 1L Wax a gub LI FAGMX C q b 000 qOOOJISOOpj 0003 m w Hank L3 500 3000 3000 39300 OOO 00 3 9 QOO 3000 F IZIOOO 1OOO G39Jooob 3000 I I C1000booob quot TM 90er MW 3000 W3 Tow ru 0m pmwu 0 o m 3533x0 SLA XE IO 555 3xf 0 Suj x K gx 1 jg x Z mO39dEj 392 0 mm 08m 0mquan WMEQ p QOOSW 7 W 0005th Risky E WWWQ mumk z mumohl 83925 wm t X5 0001 7C 0002 xl gmmmm mam1116 Km W3 qu OOQH WW COO5 J X8 DOE OQQzHXS wD a OOQE 39 151 OOSEFOOO39OE Odd OOSHOOStIS2 0000 OOQ oE939 Oong1gZ I IU T 7 00005 0002 19 20 Y 39 0009 IvO I WILL C X Xoi mMmWTq l amp 2 8quotquot Y V H 39d x2 i9 G 1 T S39lzx S 3quot7 Q g 39 Z XS gs Kurd 21 6amp4ng lt 391 IN RENEW 0 0 Z ZK E C g W 3 um 15 a x 3 L F f 5 3 7 r 31 U32 t o 62 IS 2 L 3 9 z 3 4 FE F f 12 43 E E 3 g Ll 0x71 gtj90 XLIrJZD j19VQg a 8L 0 l1 71 QO 8 XH 391 9 nx2 H 3 2 1 3 Kim 2 1an j Lm QM 73 jquot gt A643 4 3 X yz 1 9m gt 0quot 332 h E H g ing n K33 own l Z me m333ampaz EDmxT3JLhj9 Ni Qmlt X3 5AMquot 513an xzMx 33 15ya W IR Ryan szngUm Z AG x Zgtlt37r77 1 G 00 50 9V 34 N5 WELL b 0 5 bowelm3 X32301 LETWM 777 2x350 33 ZXXE 73 rROJn gf gig m Eoog 1 WUW EX39L Bx 13 xx rw k gtltL 0X BWc39mm K33 m LBJ lZLXL DXQH BZ Emmy 90 LjLac AC 0300 qu rwgtltL3 nyi Q 5E 3K 3 XZ 5 LL O hQX 50565 Mex1m5 15GX39L 63 Q a 50 X79N5 to x the3 zim o 7c m 5 1 3X El n go X Z W5 39X Z39anS CD A 1700 00 7lt 9J0 yso g 30 Jammy M 3 quot 9m SCIOSQ 6 e M ii MMXmJr we r 2xio kax3 1 X XC Chb ez 1 H3 We M LEM gtltO L mm rm V PL oMa Q WW QQ RQAQADLQW ZO 79e L9 390 n 028 m Wenm Fc i n 320 18 ZZoL quotSka3LL2Pn Il Pro 11 ram 23 L8 3 A H33e n n L 3 g S 0 cS a mm na quotwhoa a n lh r ANN y UHLoZovg MS n mg mg 182 390 37L50 w38 0 ms 10mm mmwm n 39W7Io r 717k nrxinygomMaojf m 7 1 3 228 3 Mai L16quot amus l 325 3 L L 3 C1 J mmmm 10333 a 3 mom Haw L Jen z 3 S KMcSTWE Pm Q m L0 OD 0quot WUCAO m 12 3rmy mwmlt h W 0Q m DUDQ39MAHM CR Hm w n sodohmb HM W7 V5M WUL W D M C39 21 quotMb mo 2 I PSZ OOZszseg lggltgwjrnwmhp m 17 OQOOOQJOO 03 00 52 100000003 VZt33 xuoll Zt nx102gtJ WquotL t MM m L M 7 3 G A 500 1 coil rx Ana39th AJSOOL 1500mm Wm Llo Mm A1sooLLomY 1900018 117130228LH wmhvc Rail gt1 m Io8 39 431399 2 1amp39519 R39 V9 Ze0 it 1e39 sw H In Zr 63905 t n 1EQ WJC nZ t 9091 112 85Q0389L3W WM NWt mm Ho m 0w WK 097 www Dmkm d WWW A 150m l 7r oo 00th Avrm H0 Lamu A21 QOQLQOQRMO 130C LO Qty 80 34 Wigwam 3W huhRSI c4009 107M 1 MZWA EMUJWKPm a SLl e O Oggtlgq 00L 5n LI8LHoOlolo lbx tkvh l H90th Ham LDLl ND ugm 1C4 wh lscmmz go om92 h h 7 1400000000 1 W ZHOOOOOOO O Nomi200031 Ztloooooooo 1 30000000 N G 10401 was U 8 CC DUO7XL erxg 0012LXZLXL1 3i Z ix2z lZLx 231 g7 fzf X 0372 Z Z 2H3 itz h 2 2 079 7 13191 N M m gmuma Km ak0ui Q 9 9382BRBN05 3w 5ch L gas jrms rgth m 31 15 3ts382 0140 030 ZHL 30 Lo mamLka 3oqu3o zqa 5LLJ 382 65 Q 3100000000 quotlg o dz ZHooooocO 0 3L 2 2400000000 k b0 a oOOO OL ZHOOO A TT ISLI H 3338mQLgt yum muf nx ZXZ Wx r39 2xzwxgtq 2xZZx l 3 Ll z J ZXl1 L Z x Dquot a Wan X 22 Li L 4 l quotnUS ZL1LIU LJ Zlt i L 41LI 2M 0 J RQQAM 03V lWi LU P5 0 L1 Lx3ylrz31jg Mom 2gtlt DZH0 iLgtlt7 31 O IUX DZ Hquot Z Z i it xv Lo 2Lx3 2 7 X Z L z 7 j 1 7 ELX39W a1 Linn 1 77L 3Lgtlt DI CX Z 39v H37 wxl t0 gtlt1 x 31x m 3zx mam an 45 xw 3xm Bquot1L jrz2X 0416sz Ra x39233o oe m Xa LIS lYle m x LJDL131513HI xa3103080 E quot p 09 m 47A Lgt zx L ng Va A Po39mxir m Oamp 41 gt OCLLamp 90km Lo M 4 49 044335 A H w L g a A Nquot M a9oo zsox 2900 85 2 G X Zq Worx1i rmm Pmpi r D VQId gXn 125 0 0 X armamii quot15 X VOLAL 0 VNW U E 77 f x1115 Lam Wm 01939 quot2060 3952 WZBOUN 2900 SWW A H 3 g WMU QM W10 1LZ Mn 0 W3 3 9 y btxj bZ HQQ 1 393 2a quot1LZSO IlzgozMJZQOOXi bo A 2L29005 250 SsagezS OO B BMOOOD 900 a 1Z 0Y 8c1u o o W W z o3 o 3800 Xb TLZSOJHSSO m x 7 ampSO L3 O 3800 800 X 1 o S m X Z x g ZXH gt0 m 7 za 6 1 9 f quot39 l KELUx x 2 Zx 1m 2x ag Hex 22a 77 7 7 77 quotw W m lH Be fix 1 quot717332 W W Zugailati az 935 331 H 930 3 c h Viv Sc3t M 53L7L11 T3xdm 3amp6 mfgwe 4m wkmw mi SW5 art 7 1 bi Ch 5392 LL 1 G T 5Q5 Q Log Hme T 50 00 QESSLE 50 490 UKUJM b 5DQU E 5 1 D 150 M 3 164 500 500 1 H T 0 Tim quot2 90 was m btgo IO gt haw Q qult lgt 2050 mug 23 EH 500 Q05 H T so 3lt Egg D 9 3 500 m BH39O T 310 g B LJO 986 pm t Q 3 IN 80 ELOO i8t 5 E 9 184c9mq o T18 C A QM 3 50 8 E


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