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by: Reina Conn DVM


Reina Conn DVM
GPA 3.54


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reina Conn DVM on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASTR 305G at New Mexico State University taught by Churchill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/233212/astr-305g-new-mexico-state-university in Astronomy at New Mexico State University.




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Date Created: 11/01/15
Review Sheet FINAL EXAM ASTR 305 Life in the Universe FINAL EXAM COVERS All material covered on midterm exams 13 Use this Review Sheet and Review Sheets for Exams 1 2 and 3 New Material is Habitability Ch 10 Discovering Exoplanets gravitational wobble effect STUDY ADVICE First study the solutions for the previous exams 23 of the FINAL will be duplicated verbatim from midterm exams 13 though there will also be some new questions on the material covered on these exams Flash cards of some of the de nitions and of the main points of the essaymatching questions may be helpful Second go through the Review sheets and identify topics you still need to review Third study the lecture notes PowerPoint slides and your notes of these topics use the text book as a third supplemental source here too do not go back and read the book use it as a reference book being sure to be thorough enough that you do not end up thinking negative examples and such are the correct answer Last do a final last overview of all material not just your weak points For most ef cient studying I recommend that you make sure your midterm exams are clearly marked with the correct answers including the essay questions Then I recommend that you have somebody ask you the midterm exam questions as if you were retaking those exams This would be like an oral exam Keep careful records of what you get correct and what you miss or in the case of essay questions which points you did not respond to clearly Be sure to always answer only what is being asked for in the questions Study the problem spots and repeat the oral exam on those spots This will be your best point maker for the final Then going through the review sheets do a general review of all material that is on the review sheets but that did not get asked about on any of the midterm exams Use the Powerpoint slides you class notes and the text book This step should make it so that you have covered everything you need to study FINAL FORMAT 30 of total grade structured like midterms truefalse multiple choice matching and or ll in the blank short essay answer RECALL 23 of each section will be verbatim from midterm exams 13 MATERIAL COVERED POST MIDTERM EXAM 3 Chapter 10The Nature and Evolution of Habitability De nitionConcept of Habitability surface habitability pp 239240 Three Important Factors of Surface Habitability pp 338341 role of planet distance role ofplanet masssize role of atmosphere connected to planet masssize The Habitable Zone de nition The Continuously Habitable Zone de nition p 344 Fig 105 Evolution of the Sun changes in size temperature luminosity and ending point see class notes Evolution of Sun s Habitable Zone with regard to Earth Fig 105 changes with time thickness changes optimistic versus conservative history of Earth within future of Earth within pp 344345 Chapter 11 Habitability Outside the Solar System How do we detect planets around other stars p 370 Gravitation Response of star to planets pp 370371 Fig 117 The Suns wobble around its center ofmass Fig 118 GOOD LUCK BEST WISHES AND HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY If you have any questions do not hesitate to come by my of ce or Tanya s of ce Chapte Chapte Chapte Chapte Review Sheet Exam 3 Life in the Universe r 8 Mars Lowell s canals and Martian Cities Fig 82 Mars size temperature atmosphere distance to sun in AU Tab 81 Viking 1 and Path nder Missions Figs 84 85 Reasons for Seasons on Earth Fig 86 Seasons on Mars brieflong hotfrigidmild Be able to explain them Permafrost water on Mars Sublimation of polar caps cycle Major Geological Eras Fig 82 tab 82 Evidence that Mars running water and substantial atmosphere pp 272276 How Martian atmosphere disappeared pp 277278 Basic nding of Viking Like experiments not details of each p 281 Fig 277 ALH84001 Sec 85 r 9 Life on the Jovian Moons Basic CharacteristicsProperties of lo Europe Ganymede Callisto and Titan Synchronous Rotation Fig 96 Tidal Forces Tidal Effects Tidal Heating Figs 97 98 pp 302303 Resonance Orbits of Jovian Moons Fig 911 Combined significance of Resonance Orbits Tidal Heating for sustaining life Io s interesting properties Fig 99 The 10 Torus Jupiter s Aurorae Notes Where would life be if it could be on Europa Ganymede Callisto or Titan Evidence for oceans on Europa Ganymede and Callisto r 10 The Nature and Evolution of Habitability Habitable Zone surface water innerout boundaries pp342343 Fig 104 Summary of Habitability Factors p 341 Continuous Habitable Zone CHZ Role of planet distance role of planet masssize Evolution of Sun s Habitable Zone Fig 105 factors HistoryFuture of Earth within the Habitable Zone r 11 HabitabilityOutside the Solar System amp Exoplanet Lectures What types of stars are most suitable for CHZ that could sustain life Fig 113 Doppler Velocity method spectra Doppler shift edgeon selection of planets Astrometry method imaging accuracies faceon selection of planets Eclipsing method light curves selection of planets strengthsweaknesses Gravitation Lensing method how it works selection of planets Direct Imaging why infrared blocking the star family portraits future plans o How to detect life on extrasolar planets Fig 1120


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