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Peers, Gangs, and Delinquency

by: ehoy32

Peers, Gangs, and Delinquency SOCIOL 4511

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Sociology > SOCIOL 4511 > Peers Gangs and Delinquency
GPA 3.28
Juvenile Delinquency
Dana Haynie, Emily Shrider

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About this Document

Notes from 3/24/16. Will be covered on the next exam!
Juvenile Delinquency
Dana Haynie, Emily Shrider
Class Notes
Juvenile delinquency
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by ehoy32 on Saturday March 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOCIOL 4511 at Ohio State University taught by Dana Haynie, Emily Shrider in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Juvenile Delinquency in Sociology at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 03/26/16
Ch 8 Peers Gangs and Delinquency 3242016 Adolescent Peer Relations 0 Peers have increasing in uence on youth between 814 0 Why More time with peers 6 hours a day and extracurricular activities Attach more importance to peers More strongly in uenced by peers YouTube The Peer Pressure Experiment Part 1 o What role has social networking played in peer relationships In contact with peers almost constantly Information can diffuse quickly Exposed to more at a younger age 0 YouTube Social Networking starting to become dangerous Cliques small groups of friends who share intimate information 0 Close friends you regularly socialize with Crowds loosely organized groups who share interests and activities 0 Provide identity and selfimage What purpose do quotcrowdsquot ll in high school Why are they so common 0 Serve as a way of establishing status in school YouTube Mean Girls cliques Actually social crowds Modern issues involving peers and problem behaviors o Cyberbullying o Slutlists YouTube Outrage over 39slut list39 0 Sexting Colorado High School Investigates Sexting Scandal ABCGMA o Videospicturestexts about assault and rape are broadcasted widely Peer Relationships and Delinquency Peer group relationships are closely tied to delinquent behaviors o Delinquent acts tend to be committed in small groups cooffending 0 Having delinquent friends is one of the strongest predictors of a youth39s own delinquency What are delinquent peer groups like 0 Most only engage in minor delinquency on an occasional basis 0 Usually small 2 to 4 juveniles 0 Group members similar in terms of age race and sex Most are made up of males 0 Quality of friendships similar to nondelinquent groups Not chronic offenders quottypical teenagersquot Why are individuals in delinquent groups more likely to engage in deanuency o Reinforce delinquency 0 Provide delinquent models 000 O Social learning theory Foster beliefs conducive to delinquency Increase status or prestige Fear of ridicule if they resist participating Reduce fear of retaliation Do delinquent youth cause delinquency OR do delinquent youth seek out other delinquents to befriend O O O Delinquents are as detached from their peers as they are from other elements of society Alienation or social bonds model Delinquent friends cause lawabiding youth to quotget in troublequot Peer in uence or learning model Antisocial youth join up with likeminded friends look for other delinquents to be friends with Peer selection model


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