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Information Processing I SUBTITLE MICROSOFT WORD

by: Jany Metz

Information Processing I SUBTITLE MICROSOFT WORD BOT 211

Marketplace > New Mexico State University > General > BOT 211 > Information Processing I SUBTITLE MICROSOFT WORD
Jany Metz
GPA 3.82

Tracy Tillett

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About this Document

Tracy Tillett
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jany Metz on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BOT 211 at New Mexico State University taught by Tracy Tillett in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/233220/bot-211-new-mexico-state-university in General at New Mexico State University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
DONA ANA COMMUNITY COLLEGE BUSINESS OFFICE TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM BOT 211 7 INFORMATION PROCESSING I 7 Microsoll Word 2007 Sccu39on D04 Spring 7 2009 3 credits Instructor 0nc required class mee ng1162009 Classroom Hour Tracy Tillett Email Address ttille0gisdk12nmus trtl39H tnmsuedu BOT onicc Phone 575 5 77570 llomc Message 575 252429 1200 a 130 pm onicc Hours y appoinimcnc Class Rationale Prerequisite Textbook 8 Materials Equipmcm 0c Sonwarc Objccuvqs Procedures 1n codays business world a basic knowledge ofcomputer hardware wonl m A moi f I 39 is essential Manybusinesses are using N croso Word The abilicyco produce f vquot v quot2 h I mworkuse 39 39 I 39 quotI r1 7 i i r Li protocols BOT 119 or BOT 101 or equivalmt wilh a minimum of30 me using the touch method oftyping Morasa Of ce 2007 a windows XP Edition by Nita Rutkosky 21 Audry Rulkosky Rogge amp Paradigm Publishing Inc 2008 ISBN 9780763829995 So cover Text CD a approximate cost 00 Memory su39c r Rccommcndcd notes 123 MB or larger A 3 holc hindci wilh appiopnacc tabs in which to keep class Access to a computer with Windows XP or Vista licensed Word 2007 licensed 39 39 39 Ad 11 P 51quot v Version 7 or higher This equipment and soliwaic is available free to registemd Hours of operation Vary 575 8747780 or 575 8747782 De ne and apply basic wonl processing concepts and techniques nil 1 kill h L39 haninm iin quot quot i i testsquizzes documents quickly and cf cien y r i are assigned 5 lo cach chapter Remember allhough you will complete only 5 pmjects you should complete Aquot H Some projects may build upon each other also Each chapter is assigned a total of 50 points Read all steps carefully Chapter projects are due on Fridays 7 see the schedule below for due dates Also view Chapter Project Instructions button WebCT for submitting your projects You will use the Chapter Projects Submission button WebCT to upload your folderfiles View the Calendar button also on WebCT for due dates Quizzes below is a schedule of Chapter Quiz availability There are 8 quizzes in total 7 one for each chapter There are set times you will be able to take your quiz for each chapter If you fail to take the quiz at the set time you will receive a score of zero Click on Chapter Quizzes 1 8 button WebCT and then click on the link for that quiz Follow all directions carefully View the Calendar button also on WebCT for due dates Chapter 1 Quiz 1 Availability January 30 2009 12003m January 30 2009 1100pm Duration 30 minutes Chapter 2 Quiz 2 Availability February 6 2009 12003m February 6 2009 1100pm Duration 30 minutes Chapter 3 Quiz 3 Availability February 13 2009 12003m February 13 2009 1100pm Duration 30 minutes Chapter 4Quiz 4 Availability February 20 2009 12003m February 20 2009 1100pm Duration 30 minutes Chapter 5 Quiz 5 Availability March 20 2009 12003m March 20 2009 1100pm Duration 30 minutes Chapter 6 Quiz 6 Availability April 3 2009 12003m April 3 2009 1100pm Duration 30 minutes Chapter 7 Quiz 7 Availability April 10 2009 12003m April 10 2009 1100pm Duration 30 minutes Chapter 8 Quiz 8 Availability April 17 2009 12003m April 17 2009 1100pm Duration 30 minutes Theogy Tests below is a schedule of Theory Test availability There are 2 theory tests in total 7 one covers chapters 1 7 4 and the other covers chapters 5 7 8 There are set times you will be able to take your theory tests If you fail to take the theory tests at the set times you will receive a score of zero Click on the Theory Test button WebCT and then click on the link for that theory test Follow all directions carefully View the Calendar button also on WebCT for due dates Theog Test 1 141 Availability February 27 2009 12003m February 27 2009 1100pm Duration 1 hour Theog Test2 58 Availability May 4 2009 12003m May 4 2009 1100pm Duration 1 hour Production Tests there are 2 production tests in total 7 one covers chapters 1 7 4 and the other covers chapters 5 7 8 There are set times you will be able to take your production tests Ifyou fail to take the production test at the set times you will receive a score of zero Click on these links for directions and the assessment Production Test 1 DirectionsAssessments and Production Test 2 DirectionsAssessments Click on the Chapter ProjectsProduction Test SUBMISSIONS button WebCT and then click on the link for that production test Follow all directions carefully View the Calendar button also on WebCT for due dates Prod Test 1 Submission Availability March 1 2009 12003m March 6 2009 1155pm Maximum grade 100 Prod Test2 Submission Availability April 26 2009 12003m May 1 2009 1155pm Maximum grade 100 Student Responsibilities It remains the student s responsibility to be aware of enrollment status assignment due dates changes to the syllabus and deadlines for the NMSUDACC academic calendar Each student is responsible for hisher attendance and properly withdrawing from this course if necessary I will report attendance in this course by your completed and scored assignments and performance assessmentsquizzestheory tests Professional Ethics Honesty online in the classroom or in the lab is essential for your personal success High ideals and academic integrity are expected of all students This means you must act with integrity Dishonesty will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely Giving your work to another student using another student s work as your own or having someone else produce work for you may result in Emergency Alert System Services for Students with Disabilities Financial Aid Notice Cell Phones Withd raw al Attendance Policy Counseling Assistance disciplinary actions being taken and a nal grade of F in this class Please review the 2008 7 2009 Student Handbook Code of Conduct section starting on page 52 For inclement weather notices or handling of other emergencies Emergency Alert System EAS messages can be found at httpsafetynmsu eduemergencyhtm The Services for Students with Disabilities office provides resources services and assistance to ensure educational opportunities and personal development for persons with disabilities Ifyou have or believe you have a disability you may wish to selfidentify You may do so by providing documentation to the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities SSD located in Room 117 at the DACC Central Campus in Las Cruces Gregg amp Espina Phone Voice 5277548 TTY 5277647 Contact us at ssddaccnmsuedu with any questions Appropriate accommodations may then be provided for you httpdabccwwwnmsueduservdss is the Services for Students with Disabilities web site If you have a condition which may affect your ability to exit the premises in an emergency or which may cause an emergency during class you are encouraged to discuss this in confidence with the instructor andor the Specialist Services for Students with Disabilities A brochure Self Disclose Don t Presuppose is available in Room 117 Ifyou have general questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA call the ADA Coordinator at 5277545 You must attend classes to receive financial aid If you stop attending or drop any courses you may be required to repay all or part of the financial aid received As a courtesy to your fellow classmates it is important that you refrain from talking during lecture so that others can hear iPods CD players beepers etc must be turned off during class Cell phones are to be either turned off put on vibrate or on silent and should only be used during an extreme emergency If your job requires that you be on call during class time please speak with me at the beginning of the semester Students are expected to attend regularly or if enrolled in an online course regularly login for all courses which they are registered When the number of absences or failure to login online hinders a student s progress in a course the instructor may initiate a statement of the student s excessive absences including a recommendation of retention or expulsion from a class Based on the recommendation of the instructor and with the concurrence of the course division head and the Campus Instructional Officer a student may be dropped for persistent absences or for persistent failure to complete assignments DACC 20082009 Student Handbook page 49 The Student Handbook can be found at httpdaccnmsuedustudentsdocsDACC7HB0708pdf Student concerns can be addressed with the help of the counseling staff Counselors are licensed by the State of New Mexico and are available by appointment to assist students with academic personal and career concerns Counselors are located in room DAMAl77 of the Student Services area and Tutorial Services Student Success Center Library Services Career Placement Services Bookstore appointments can be scheduled by calling 5277548 20082009 Student Handbook wwwdaccnmsueduSSC quot is the C quot A 39 web site Oneonone learning assistance is provided for subjects such as math English reading language testtaking study skills and most of the program areas These services are provided free of charge to students who are already enrolled in programs as well as those who want to upgrade their skills prior to entering a program DACC 20082009 Catalog pg 12 Contact the Student Success Center at 5277646 or drop by Room DAMA 83 for more information on the tutoring centers at satellite campuses such as the East Mesa Gadsden and Sunland Park The library system offers a variety of resources in both print and nonprint formats and promotes leadingedge technology and electronic resources The student college ID serves as a library card for checking out books which are loaned for three weeks If you would like more information contact the Library Media Center at 5277555 or the East Mesa Library at 5287260 DACC 20082009 Catalog pg 13 Through a variety of services the Career Placement Office located in room DAMA99 assists students in achieving this goal Students are advised to contact the office early in their first semester at DACC in order that they might familiarize themselves with the services available and have adequate time to explore career options For more information call 5277525 DACC 20082009 Catalog pg 14 The bookstore is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and is located in room DACLl70 In addition to textbooks the bookstore sells calculators educational supplies and other types of merchandise To receive information on extended hours during registration periods for fall and spring semesters call 5277692 For information on textbooks sold at the East Mesa Campus call 5287254 DACC 20082009 Catalog pg 13 DONA ANA COMMUNITY COLLEGE MISSION VISION amp VALUES MISSION STATEMENT DACC is a responsive and accessible leaming centered community college that provides educational opportunities to a diverse community of learners in support or workforce and economic development VISION STATEMENT DACC will be a premier learning college that is grounded in academic excellence and committed to fostering lifelong learning and active responsive citizenship within the community VALUES STATEMENT As a leaming centered community college DACC is committed to the following core values Education that offers lifelong learning opportunities fosters dynamic learning environments designed to meet the needs of our students guarantees equality of rights and access ensures integrity and honesty in the learning process provides comprehensive assessment of learning Students who will be 7 o respected for their diversity 0 provided with a safe and supportive learning environment 0 challenged to become critical and independent thinkers 0 expected to take an active role in their learning process Employees who 7 practice tolerance and inclusiveness in decisionmaking shared governance encourage and support professional growth demonstrate high ethics and integrity encourage collaborative interaction among faculty and staff practice responsible fiscal management and personal accountability ensure equal opportunities for a diverse faculty and staff Communities that 7 0 build partnerships including educational alliances o strengthen industry partnerships to provide workforce development services and programs in support of economic development 0 develop and adapt instructional programs in response to changing economical needs BOT 211 Information Processing Section D04 T Tillett Microsoft Word Spring 2009 Online TENTATIVE SCHEDULE WEEK Date Class Assignment Quiz Theory Test Production Due Test 1 Friday Required Meet 01162009 Jan 16 1200 130 pmDAEM 219 1 Orientation a Getting Started in Office 2007 b Using Windows XP c Browsing the Internet Using Internet Explorer 70 Homework read through chapters Getting Started Using Windows XP amp Browsing the Internet Complete all projects in Using Windows XP There are no assignments to submit 2 Friday Read and complete Chapter 1 Jan 23 Projects 3 Friday Read and complete Chapter 2 Submit all Complete Jan 30 Projects Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Projects Quiz 4 Friday Read and complete Chapter 3 Submit all Complete Feb 6 Projects Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Projects Quiz 5 Friday Read and complete Chapter 4 Submit a complete Feb 13 Projects Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Projects Quiz 6 Friday Review Chapters 1 4 Submit a Complete Feb 20 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Projects Quiz 7 Friday Theory Test Chapters 1 4 Theory Test Feb 27 Chapters 1 4 8 Friday Production Test Chapters 1 4 Production Test Mar6 Chapters 1 4 9 Friday Read and complete Chapter 5 no more Mar 13 projects projects accepted for Chapters 1 4 after this date 10 Friday Read and complete Chapter 6 Submit a Complete Mar 20 projects Chapter 5 Chapter 5 projects Quiz 11 Friday Read and complete Chapter 7 Submit a Complete Apr 3 projects Chapter 6 Chapter 6 projects Quiz WEEK Date Class Assignment Quiz Theory Test Production Due Test 12 Friday Read and complete Chapter 8 Submit all Complete Apr 10 projects Chapter 7 Chapter 7 projects Quiz 13 Friday Begin reviewing for final exam Submit all Complete Apr 17 theory and production Chapter 8 Chapter 8 projects Quiz 14 Friday Review for final Chapters 5 no more Apr 24 8 projects Make sure all projects have accepted for been submitted for chapters 5 Chapters 5 8 8 after this date 15 Friday Production Test May 1 Chapters 5 8 16 Monday Final Exam Theory Test May 4 Chapters 58 Spring 2009 GRADE SHEET Chapter Assignments Quizzes Theory Test Production Tests Number WebCT WebCT Earned Possible Earned Possible Earned Possible Earned Possible 1 50 10 2 50 10 3 50 10 4 50 10 20 Questions Chapters 1 4 5 questions from each quiz 100 4 projects 25 pts each 5 50 10 6 50 10 7 50 10 8 50 10 20 Questions Chapters 5 8 5 questions from each quiz 100 4 projects 25 pts each Total 400 80 40 200 Summary of Grades Earned Possible Semester Grade Assignments 400 Divide total earned points Quizzes 80 by possible points Theory Tests 40 Production Tests 200 Total 720 I Student Name I Mid Term PointsGrade I FinalSemester PointsGrade


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