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by: Mr. Mollie Lang


Mr. Mollie Lang
GPA 3.51

Ruth Cantrell

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About this Document

Ruth Cantrell
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Mollie Lang on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THTR 110 at New Mexico State University taught by Ruth Cantrell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/233221/thtr-110-new-mexico-state-university in Theatre at New Mexico State University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Thtr 11001 Introduction to Acting Sp 2009 Instructor Ruth Cantrell Professor O ice Regents Row 125 W Phone 646 5812 email rucantrenmsuedu Office hrs M W 1030 1130 T 900 1000 COURSE OBJECTIVES To provide students with an W J t 139 g of the quot 39 39 39 39 based acting theory and terminology To provide students with beginning performance experiences including monologue To have the students understand an actor s method of script analysis To provide students with a working understanding of the elements of expression the dramatic elements and the comic elements COURSE REQUIREMENTS This class will explore character work through various exercises focusing on movement vocal written and visual analysis The process of work culminates in the 10 line study project and the monologue presentation You are required to attend three productions during the semester You are required to present your monologue during the allotted Exam time on May Attendance Attendance is mandatory For each absence 2 points will be subtracted lournals It is strongly recommended that you keep a journal of the following My process of working due May Observations of your work from classmates and professor Your own observations of your work and your classmates Lecture Notes Definitions and terms Assigments Written assignments are not accepted via email and are do at the beginning of class on the date due Analysis Presentations and Papers Type of Character Jan 29h 00 points Submission of Preliminary 15 lines Feb 12 h 00 points Selected 10 lines returned Feb 19th 00 points Select monologue points Analysis regarding character Written Play analysis Written character analysis Written 10 lines study analysis Written monologue analysis How I work as an Actor Analysis of productions Do a Rosita s Jolopefio Kitchen Pixie She Stoops to Conquer Presentations Collage Movement study Ten lines study Monologue Exam 100 90A 89 802B 79 70C Mar 31St 00 Feb 10h 10 points Feb 17 h 10 points Apr 2 05 points Apr 23rd 05 point Apr 28 h 05 points Feb 3rd 05 points Mar 10 1 05 points Apr 30t 05 points Feb 26 10 points Mar 10 12h amp 17 10 points Apr 14 16 amp 215t 20 points May 7 h at 3230 5230 10 points 100 points 69 60 D 59 belowF Note exam time is not at the regular class time Plagiarism See NMSU Student Code of Conduct Section III Academic Misconduct at httpWWW nmsn edn7EVpsaSCOC class Feel free to call Jerry Nevarez Director of Institutional Equity at 575 646 3635 With any questions you may about NMSU s Non Discrimination Policy and complaints of discrimination including sexual harassment Feel Free to call Michael Armendariz Coordinator of SerVices for Student With Disabilities at 575 646 6840 With any questions you may have on student issues related to the Americans With Disabilities Act ADA andor Section 504 of the Rehabilitation html We will discuss this further in Act of 1973 All medical information Will treated confidentially Selection of Ten Lines A preliminary selection of 15 lines is due Feb 12 h The professor will select the final 10 lines and return them to you on Feb 19m Select 10 lines from the entire play that give an overall View of your character These should be one or two sentences for each line The lines should reflect the various emotions of the character These lines should be typed and should have six single spaces between each of the lines This allows you space to write blocking and transitions notes Pointers on selection of the ten lines Y on may find that you are selecting lines with a similar emotional feel If that is the case you need to look for lines that depict other emotions of the character Make sure you have selected lines from various scenes in the play and not limit yourselection to one or two scenes You ll have a chance to focus on one scene with your monologue selection Written Analysis of 10 lines The written analysis of the selected 10 lines is due on Apr 2nd See below for details 10 Line analysis to include the following Character s super objective Character s objective for each of the 10 lines A description of the action which has occurred during the transitions from line to line Character s objective for each of the transitions from line to line Note there may be several objectives for the transitions Written analysis of the play The written analysis is due Feb 10 The paper should be typed You will discuss each of the Aristotelian elements plot character language theme spectacle and music In regards to character you will describe the protagonist and the antagonist Written analysis of the productions The written analysis is due for Dona Rosita s Jalapeno Kitchen on Feb 3Id Pixie on Mar 10 h and She Stoops to Conquer on Apr 30 h The paper should be typed You will discuss each of the Aristotelian elements plot character language theme spectacle and music You will also discuss what you thought were the strengths and weaknesses of the production In regards to character you will describe the protagonist and the antagonist Written analysis of your process of work A three to five page typed paper that discusses your strengths and weaknesses as an actor due Apr 28 Character Analysis The written analysis is due on Feb 17t See belawfar details The paper should be typed Each heading can be used as a paragraph break Explain your answers from the actual text If it is not exactly in the text you must make an educated assessment based on data from the text From the Text State the lines the act and scene in which they are found Design Emotions Write 10 words from the stage directions that describe the character Write 10 descriptions other character s say about the character Write 10 descriptions the character says about himselfherself Draw a ground plan of one of the scenes in the play Draw or write a paragraph describing one of your character s costumes Explain your design Who are the protagonist and the antagonist in the play What is the theme of the play Where is the climax What is hisher super objective How will he she achieve it Is he she sympathetic If so why or why not What are hisher dreams hopes Describe What is hisher basic outlook on life What is hisher weakest emotions What is hisher strongest emotions Who is hisher con ict with and how is it resolved Where is hisher turning point in the play What complicationsobstacles does the character face Give three examples Outward Appearance Intellect What does heshe look like What is hisher age What is hisher education What is his her social status Are they smart Well educated native intelligence other How does heshe speak Slang proper English other Elements of Expression Movement How does the character move What sort of physical mannerisms nervous habits does he she have Silhouette What part of hisher body leads Where does heshe hold hisher tensions Rhythm What is hisher basic rhythm How does hisher rhythm change when he she is in con ict at peace Space Describe the character s room Where does the character escape to How does the character relate to the antagonist s space Does the character dominate the space heshe is entering Texture What textures describe the character s personality What textures does the character wear Color What colors describe the character s personality What colors does the character wear Light What sort of light does the character surround himselfherself in What sort of light describes the character Line Draw the type of line that describes the character direct indirect curves straight etc Sound What types of music does the character enjoy What sort of vocal quality does the character have Written analysis of the monologue Written analysis of the monologue is due Apr 23 d The written analysis will be typed and double spaced and will include a description of the action preceding the monologue the character s super objective the character s objective and tactic for each of the beats RE DO Jan 18 warm ups and terms I an 23 lmprov Jan 25 Discuss type of character due I an 30 h J an 30 Due Type of character objectives exercises Feb 01 Assign plays to read Assign play analysis due Feb 8th Assign character analysis due Feb 15th 06 Intro elements 08 Assign production analysis due Feb 20 h Vincent Mar 15 h Nature of Mutation May 3 Virginia Woolf Due Play Analysis 13 quot of Preliminary 15 lines 15 Character analysis 20 Vincent at Brixton analysis Selected 10 lines returned 22 collage due 27 Work Movement Study Mar 01 work Movement study 06 work movement study 08 Movement study 13 Movement study 15 Nature of Mutation analvsis Movement study 20 Spring Break 22 Spring Break 27 Review ten line study 29 Select monologue Review ten line study An 03 Written analvsis 10 line studv Review ten line study 05 Review ten line study 10 Review ten line study 12 Perform 10 line study 17 Perform 10 line studv 19 Perform 10 line studv 22 Beat analvsis of Work Monologue 26 Work Monologue May 01 Work Monologue 03 Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf Analeis Work Monologue May 8 1030 1230 Exam Monologue


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