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Seminar in Organizational Behavior

by: Isadore Braun V

Seminar in Organizational Behavior MGT 650

Marketplace > New Mexico State University > Business, management > MGT 650 > Seminar in Organizational Behavior
Isadore Braun V
GPA 3.54

Michael Manning

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About this Document

Michael Manning
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isadore Braun V on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 650 at New Mexico State University taught by Michael Manning in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/233223/mgt-650-new-mexico-state-university in Business, management at New Mexico State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Prof Michael R Manning Business Complex Room 321 Of ce Phone 6462532 EMail mmanningnmsuedu MGT 650 SEMINAR IN THEORY AND RESEARCH IN ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR FALL 2008 Tuesdays 230505 PM The eld of organizational behavior has a long history dating back to the original Hawthorne studies from 1927 1932 This research uncovered the informa side of organizing that has led to most of the basic topics motivation attitudes emotions human needs leadership group dynamics decision making social networks etc that still de ne the study of organizational behavior today The primary objective of this seminar is to introduce you this discipline and provide you with a beginnin foundationunderstanding of the research issues and questions that predominate the minds of OB scholars The eld of OB has grown substantially over the years so that it is impossible to cover all the topics in a semester s seminar And as time has passed it has become less clear where the boundaries of the field lie Most OB professionals focus their effort on micro organizational processes and leave the macro topics for strategy and organizational theory There are two basic approaches that can be used in a doctoral seminar The rst approach is for the professor to provide the students with a de ned set of readings and then assign these readings on a weekly basis that then get discussed thoroughly in the seminar This is the traditional approach and has a well tested track record of success Another more recent approach is to use the seminar as a space to coconstruct the structure of the seminar and therefore allow the student greater in uence over their own learning This is an innovative approach that holds great promise but also some risks The promise is that it can help you know the eld better since you are involved in a survey of the eld as well as making choices regarding what to include in the seminar s reading list This often results in the inclusion of topics and readings that the student nds of interest The risk is that the student needs to actively engage in the seminar at all times and not passively wait for the professor or others to provide direction If every student does not do this then it will affect all members of the seminar For this semester I have chosen to follow the second approach with some variation Part of my reasoning for this lies in the fact that I recently went to Wikipedia to look up what had been written there on organizational behavior I was surprised to nd that the only entries for organizational behavior came under the general heading of organization studies a catch all term that includes both micro and macro aspects of behavior in organiztions Although there are various leads to OB topics it appears that an opportunity exists to develop the entry for organizational behavior The one requirement for this course is that we as a class create the organizational behavior entry in Wikepedia A second objective of the seminar will be to practice the discipline of precis pronounced praysee writing Precis writing is one of the most useful skills you can acquire as a professional Writing a precis involves summarizing a document to extract the maximum amount of information then conveying this information to a reader in the minimum number of words In reducing the number of words you will express the ideas from the original document in your words and not the words of the author However you will not inject your opinion or thoughts in the precis since it will solely be true to the thoughts and ideas of the author Below is a brief guideline for writing precis PRECIS The following has been excerpted from Warriner39s English Grammar and Composition Complete Course pages 429437 A precis is a brief summary Writing a precis is valuable training in composition Since the writing requires you to be clear and concise you must choose your words carefully and arrange them skillfully you get the maximum amount of meaning into the minimum space In addition to its value as a writing exercise precis work is excellent reading practice In order to summarize another39s ideas in your own words you must understand the idea thoroughly In school and in life after school there are many situations that call for the writing of a brief accurate summary of reading You are frequently asked to prepare a summary of what you have read in your textbook or in the library Answers on examinations often require a brief summary People in business in club work and in social work must prepare short digests of articles and reports Study the following facts about precis and the basic steps in writing 1 A precis is a short summary It is not a paraphrase which merely says in different and simpler words exactly what the passage being paraphrased has to say A paraphrase may be along as the passage itself A precis rarely is more than onethird the length of the original selection and may be only onefourth as long 2 A precis gives only the quotheartquot of a passage It omits repetition and such details as examples illustrations and adjectives unless they are of unusual importance 3 A precis is written entirely in the words of the person writing it not in the words of the original selection Avoid the temptation to ft long phrases and whole sentences from the original 4 A precis is written from the point of View of the author whose work is being summarized Do not begin with such expressions as quotThis author saysquot or quotThe paragraph meansquot Begin as though you were summarizing your own writing In writing a precis proceed as follows 1 Read carefully sentence by sentence the passage to be summarized Try to grasp the writer39s main point Spotting the topic sentence will help Look up in the dictionary any words whose meaning is not absolutely clear As you read take brief notes to be used in your writing 2 When you have finally decided what the author39s main point is write it out in your own words Do not use the wording of the original except for certain key words which you may find indispensable If you cannot translate the idea into language of your own you do not understand them very well Be especially careful not to rely too much on the topic sentence Do not add any opinions or ideas of your own 3 Revise your writing until you are sure that you have given an accurate summary 4 Usually you will find your precis is too long if it is more than onethird the length of the original Continue your revision until you have reduced the precis to the proper length In this careful revision lies the principal value of the precis as a composition exercise The work on reduction on pages 25762 will be helpful to you in shortening your precis Don39t try to get the precis into a single sentence unless the passage is very short EXERCISE 1 Read the following paragraph two or three times Then read the four precis of it given below Each of them illustrates one major error in precis writing The first thing that strikes the critical minority as it looks at the whole cultural picture is that ours is a nation of newrich people well washed all dressed up rather pathetically unsure just what it is washed and dressed up for a nation convinced that a multitude of material goods standardized furiously and expensively advertised by appeals to greed and vanity will in themselves make life worth the living Because we are newrich we overvalue possessions Almost any individual who makes a great deal of money very rapidly supposes that mere possession of wealth is evidence of worth He also is apt to imagine that with his means he can buy happiness These mistakes usually seem folly to the oldrich to one who was born to poverty whose father and mother were bred with it Such a one knows that merely because he or his friends have it it is no sign that they are worth it but quite commonly the contrary He has learned through experience that money is not in itself very valuable stuff Happiness which is what all men desire cannot be purchased it is an illusive something not for sale The oldrich know these things well enough but the newrich rarely discover them until they have grown accustomed to possessions So it seems to be with our society We go in almost without question and in all classes for the sordid nonsense of supposing that externalities possessed ennoble the owners that a full fist invariable indicates a fine spirit FAULTY PRECIS 1 Ours is a nation of new rich people convinced that material Phrases and goods will in themselves make life worth the living Any individual sentences merely who makes a great deal of money rapidly supposes that wealth is copied from original evidence of worth He imagines that with his means he can buy happiness These mistakes seem folly to one born to property He knows that because he or his friends have it it is no sign that they are worth it Happiness which all men desire cannot be purchased We go in for the nonsense that a full fist indicates a fine spirit 96 words 2 On the whole we are a nation of new rich people who are well washed and well dressed but we don39t know what we39re washed and dressed for Our material goods are all standardized and expensiver advertised Advertisers appeal to our greed and vanity We think these material goods are the means to wealth and happiness The old rich know that their friends aren39t worth the money they have but the new rich don39t know this until they have been rich for a while 81 words Precis misses point of original and emphasizes unimportant points 3 First the critical minority says that we are a nation of new rich people all dressed up with no place to go We think the material gods advertised by appeals to our greed and vanity are what makes life worth living Anyone who makes a lot of money thinks his money shows his worth and believes that it will make him happy The old rich however think that these ideas are foolish Born into a rich family with property these people know that money and property don39t make them any better people They know that the opposite its frequently true They know that money in itself isn39t worth much and that it won39t buy happiness which is the thing everyone wants The new rich however don39t know these things until they have been rich long enough to find them out Almost everyone regardless of social class believes that possessions make their owners better and the more you have the more worthy you are This is nonsense 163 words Precis is too long nearly twothirds the length of original 4 The critical minority says we are a nation of new rich people who are victims of newspaper magazine and television advertising which by appealing to our greed and vanity tries to convince us that all we need for happiness is a lot of possessions We don39t need most of the advertised stuff like appliances big cars and fur coats but the rest of the world judges our worth by what we have In many other countries people don39t have the material goods we have We can39t all be as lucky as the old rich who don39t have to worry about money because they already have it 104 words riter of precis has injected his own ideas ACCEPTABLE PRECIS Critics of American culture see us as a new rich people who because we are new rich think that material goods make life worth living We think that money is an indication of worth and that wealth brings happiness The old rich know better Born to property they do not believe that just because they have it they are worth it They know that happiness cannot be bought The new rich however make the mistake of believing possessions indicate the worth 0 owner 80 words ftheir Idea stated in precis writer39s words Less than onethird of length of original To begin we will start by organizing our group to accomplish the overarching task of writing a Wikipedia entry I have some ideas about how we might do this that I will share but we will need to jointly decide how to proceed


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