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Small Business Consulting

by: Isadore Braun V

Small Business Consulting MGT 548

Isadore Braun V
GPA 3.54

David Boje

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About this Document

David Boje
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isadore Braun V on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 548 at New Mexico State University taught by David Boje in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/233224/mgt-548-new-mexico-state-university in Business, management at New Mexico State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Develo MGT4480154801BA 448 M01 Small SEAMiS 50010 Economic Business Consulting 252232 230345 PM Mon amp Wed BC 204 Ef eizrgosrtoach to Small Blisfiness consultation in the David M Bole PhD ASSIstant world NMSU is Of ce BC 318 one of the only US Home532391693 Teaching Assistant TBA Universities to be db OJ c an authorized by Talking Stick Assistant Memorandum of OFFICE HOURS 1230 to 2 PM Mon in Understanding with Frenger Food Court new Dynasty Otherwise Joe ISEOR France by appointment Just after class is also good Gladstonema tol oegnmsuedu University 3 of time Lyon France to Course details are at Small business Tool box is at train you in httQbusinessnmsuedudbo39esbcsbchtml amp SEAM httQbusinessnmsuedudbo39e448 Syllabus is at httg businessnmsuedudbo39e448448temglatehtm WebCT If you would like to has the required COURSE SEAM MANUAL for you to print out go to France Start with SEAM overview httpweb nmsuedudboieTDseamhtm summer I and get more advanced required amp There is are slides online of topics we cover in class SEAM training amp httpbusinessnmsuedudboie448SEAM2htm to give you overview Small Business Consulting Service CLIENT APPLICATION credn for 2 NMSU httEllbusinessnmsueduldboiel448SBAAssistanceAEEIicationhtm mugs come and in WebCT Class Materials Due by 2nd class meeting eg Artist pro essor BOJe or business alts service organization galleries or museums at etalls39 httptalkingstickjnfo Schedule Monday amp Wed Classes gray boxes are required classes white boxes are required team meetings with instructors 20 minutes each Jan 14 Wed We have a great learning event please select clients for organizations listed at httptalkingstickinfo and Please visit them and Give them SMALL BUSINESS APPLICATION and invite them to our next class event Introduction to course httpbusinessnmsueduNdboje448 Homework for next class proof of Visit to one event in Arts Scene as you begin to study history of Arts Scene 1st Fri each month is ARTS RAMBLE on downtown mall 57PM every Wed Sat mornings 8noon is Crafts Market amp every SundayThurs is Mesilla outdoor market Thurs 11 am4 pm Sun 124 pm Or set up your own contact databases at httptalkingstickinfo 1 For next class Please Print the 180 page Socioeconomic online SEAM MANUALhandbook by Henri Savall Veronique Zardetamp Marc Bonnet in WebCT PLEASE WRITE IN PAGE NUMBERS FOR EASY REFERENCE TO SEAM TOOLS in WebCT Class Materials bring it to class 2 Memorize 4Leaf Clover top leaffor next class httn39 hu ine nm u du 39 btml 3 Get your Black COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK composition style from Big Lots has a 100 recycled one you can take notes at Sep events bring tape recorder amp camera 4 Review Mid Term Check List begin with HISTORY 6 Propose client for your group to work each individual in group does one application each then group chooses one next class databases at httptalkingstickinfo TONIGHT Boje will introduce you to 6 SEAM Tools you will use with with the clients This is AXIS B for chart with the 3 axes On line httpwwwiseorcomimagesprse4gi and please print and use the online 6 TOOLS Examples Boje or the PDF version IESAP InternalExternal Strategic Action Plan This is SAP for internal organization and external environment change IESAP covers 5 years It is a simple chart with 3 objectives and a 5year implementation schedule pp 112 113 in SEAM Manual 2 PAP Priority Action Plan for one semester This is a simple chart translating the IESAP goals to speci c subobjectives with priority actions and who is responsible and when it gets done during the semester pp 114117 CG Competencies Grid aka Scale of Skills What are their strong weak and critical competencies to develop pp 118120 in SEAM Manual also 9699 amp 5659 4 TM Time Management Self Analysis ae this is a diary of time usage pp 121125 This is where the client learns to delegate and eliminate tasks so a space can open up for strategic actions In the words of Peter Drucker quotThere is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great ef ciency what should not be done at allquot Drucker Harvard Business Review 1963 E 5 SPILB Strategic Piloting Indicators Log Book ae Your Black Composition Notebook serves as your SPILB a no other book will do Develop 5 types of indicators for IESAP PAP etc pp 126 129 in SEAM MANUAL 6 PNAC Periodically Negotiable Activity Contract PNACs your contract for three objectives your team will complete with your client PNAC is renegotiated several times during the term to keep your objectives in sync with client and instructor expectations The PNAC builds on the SMALL BUSWESS APPLICATION and it goes further Here your 3 intervention project OBJECTIVES get specific piloting indicators you work out how the supplementary incentives for you its grades for workers its bonus etc work out And you plan out the resources and means allocated by client to meet each objective time from specific parsons work space copy machine etc you need to get your intervention to happen Note PNAC change from the first agreements in early part of term to the middle and before the end Plan on itpp 130134 Your task is to get not only yourself using the 6 tools which are the main parts of your nal report but to get your client trained in using the tools SEAM IS NOT ENFORCING CONSULTANT39S WAY OF DOING THINGS CONSULTANTS AND CLIENT BUILD THE GOALS AND THE PROJECT FOR INTERVENTION COOPERATIVELY WITH OWNERS MANAGERS amp EMPLOYEES ALONG THE JOURNEY YOUR GOALS WILL CHANGE PLEASE PLAN FOR THIS THANK YOU NOTE Students who missed the first class please submit proof of your Visit to ARTS SCENE and summary of one interview with potential client thank you for continuing Your team will work in cooperation with the leadership class during Spring term see httpbusinessnmsuedudboje388assignmentshtm Good intro paper of the problemopportunity saturated Arts Scene httpbusinessnmsuedudboje3882009 booldpdfArts20Scene20Theatre200f 20Leadership20thematicspdf How to coordinate Small Business Consulting will focus on SEAM orgaanization intervention Leadership class will focus on leadership intervention 10 CLIENT ORG TYPES see httptalkingstickjnfo for contact info For Each of the following Do a Census of WHO are the organizations in the Arts Scene sort them by public private amp grassroot develop history of entire sector and gure out how to get them involved which ones to focus on as client Work both with entire sector and with clients that exemplify the sector 1 Museums public private amp grassroot types 11 Galleries public private amp grassroot types 111 Media covering Arts print radio Intemet IV Visual Arts Service Organizations oil amp watercolor painting wood amp metal sculpture pottery V Performing Arts Organizations includes Theatre Street Theatre amp PowWow VI Economics amp Government for Arts Winterfest in Sept can there be a Springfest VII Education in Arts University Community College High School amp Crafts Training VIII Literary Arts Service Organizations Border BookFestival is Apr 15 19 2009 also Poetry publishing writers IX Music Arts from HipHop to Classic Opera amp Choir X Arts Convention Planning Spring amp Implementation Fall 6 W39s Who will host it in long run What will happen When will it be Where will it be held Why is this a contribution to economy amp Wow ways that this is an exciting important milestone event not to be missed Jan 19 MLK Holiday Mon NO CLASS Jan 21 Wed Please get Small Business Application completed to get your client application and inVite client to the next scheduled class Students who miss class are required to write make up assignments no exceptions ReView competed Client Applications one per each team member is due today See httptalkingstickinfo databases to select your client STUDENT ASSIGNMENT For this class results client meeting review VERBATIM notes in your BLACK COMPOSITION NOTEBOOKS amp Each Team please Do a Census of WHO are the organizations in the Arts Scene in your sector and bring it to next class meeting Jan 26 amp 28 Mon amp Wed NMSU Small Business Classes Mgt 448 amp 548 SEAM PROJECT TRAINING STUDENT ASSIGNMENT Tonight help each team come up with 3 OBJECTIVES and their own PAP Priority Action Plan plus outline an INTERVENTION PROJECT that students and client will codesign coimplement and coevaluate for completion by Finals Day Feb 2 amp 4 Mon amp Wed NMSU Small Business Classes Mgt 448 amp 548 SEAM PROJECT Training STUDENT ASSIGNMENT 448548 Submit lSt draft of your ARTS SCENE sector HISTORY and sketch out your Client s IESAP STRATEGY 9 Feb Mon team consultation meetings with instructors milestonebegin AXIS A implementation project Chapter 6 of SEAM BOOK we have team meeting appointments 16 Feb Mon team 39 meetings with in u ucLoi iuilc Lone Do 6 tools of AXIS B Chapter 7 SEAM book HOMEWORK SEAM Root Cause amp Story Charting PRISMA Training Client application due today SEAM Hidden Cost amp SEAM Coding training Bring print out from WEBCT for Prisma Confidentiality BMAQ amp SEAMBOOKLET or be on stage 23 Feb Mon team 39 meetings with in tnictnr quotmile tone AXIS C Policy and Strategic Decisions codebook to class SEAM Mirror Effect 1quot 39 SF AM39 2 Mar Mon team 39 meetings with in uuctoi team meetings with instructors milestone work on implementation of project AXES A REQUIRED Mar 9 MD TERM PRESENTATION of 3 AXES OF REPORTaD D all Mid Term Check m items are due today This is your 6 tools the project your are doing with the client Mar 16 Mon team consultation meetings with instructors reView results of midterm reView Mar 2329 NO CLASS Spring Break Mar 30 Bring Final Check List to class team consultation meetings with instructors Apr 6 Team meetings with instructor Aprl3 Team meetings with instructor Apr 20 Team meetings with instructor Apr 27 FULL CLASS MEETING rehearsals of project presentations May 4th Your Final report due by 5 PM with copy of completed Final Check List signed con dentiality statement and evaluations by client Final evaluation of SEAM projects by client and the SEAM learning by students please insure your client can attend the presentation and evaluation event please include your midterm check list REQUIRED TEXTS Available on WebCT Class Materials 1 FROM WEB CT SEAM MANUAL Savall H Zardet V amp Bonnet M 2000 Releasing the untapped potential of enterprises throuoh socioeconomic management France ISEOR is available on webct its 150 pages but then its free to you instead of paying 75 for it PLEASE PUT IN THE PAGE NUMBERS THANK YOU 2 Boje D M 2008 Course Materials for 448548 contains many ofthe on line web documents and study guides Also Free and available on web ct COURSE FORMAT The scheduled class meetings that are highlighted will be the only meetings involving the entire class A schedule of meeting times with instructors will be set up for individuals ampor groups to report on the progress of their case Approximately once every week individuals or team members must meet with the instructor to discuss their progress ALL MEMBERS OF ANY TEAM MUST ATTEND EACH OF THE MEETINGS THESE MEETINGS WILL MAKE UP A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE COURSE MISSED MEETINGS WITHOUT MAKE UP WILL RESULT IN A GRADE PENALTY PLEASE TAKE THIS PRE TEST DON39T KNOW QUESTIONS KNOW ALL 1 WHAT IS MIRROR EFFECT IN CONSULTING 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 WHAT IS ROOT CAUSE CHART 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 WHAT IS STORY CHART 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 WHAT IS HIDDEN COST amp UNTAPPED REVENUE AUDIT 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 5 HOW TO DO STORY NOTICING 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6 WHAT DOES SEAM MEAN 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 WHAT DOES IESAP 0 12 3 4 5 6 7 8WHATISPAP 01234567 9 IKNOW HOW TO CONSULT TO A SMALL 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BUSINESS 10 I CAN USE SEAM TO CREATE OR RUN A SMALL BUSINESS 012 3 4 5 6 7 TAKE THE ABOVE TEST AS A POST TEST WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE COURSE TO ASSESS YOUR LEARNING GRADING PERIOD PROGRESS ASSESSMENTS based on midterm check list 30 1 Instructor evaluation including timeliness of work preparedness for meeting with instructor effort as re ected in the rough drafts participation in class ampor group meetings amp maintaining confidentiality throughout the project Deduct 5 for each absence not made up 2 Client39s Final Exam day evaluation of students39 report coparticipation timeliness of intervention amp results achieved 3 Peer evaluation of each team member for teams only note this can significantly lower individual scores 4 SEAM notebooks EllNotebook must have detailed verbatim notes of the interview sessions outlines are not accepted each team member takes their own notes and SPILB Instructor may require tape recording and transcription if notes are not comprehensive and complete do not outline CLIENT SHOWS UP AT EVENTS Evidence of coparticipation of students with 10 client in implementing Project 6 SEAM tools and PolicyStrategic Decisions MIDTERM presentation of work done to date on the 3 AXES p 33 of Manual see 10 Proiect FINAL PRESENTATION of 3 AXES Report see Proiect 20 FINAL REPORT Proiect QUALITY amp Attendance of Client to the Final presentation 30 Each team member will be graded on his or her total effort Peer evaluations where appropriate will be filled out at the end of the semester by all team members amp will be reviewed amp considered before assigning final individual grades Team member inequity of contribution slacker will lower an individuala 395 grade Lack of professionalism affects final grade NOTE An important aspect of all business decisions is their timeliness therefore rough drafts amp final reports must be turned in at the agreed time to obtain full credit Report tardiness will result in a grade penalty Professionalism Professionalism will be determined by classroom and team behavior Professionalism will include such variables as attendance participation teamwork attitude etc Attendance is required and will be taken at every class meeting more than 2 absences will be considered excessive You are expected to participate in classroom discussion and group work activities Excessive absences or tardiness sleeping reading newspapers failing to participate whispering in class and doing assignments for other classes are just some examples of behaviors that would cause you to lose your professionalism points Cheating or plagiarism will result in loss of all professionalism points and failure of the course POLICY You must contact DaVid Boje if you miss any scheduled class or your Teama s appointment With instructor for consultation for any reason Individuals missing a scheduled class for whatever reason sick sports sleeping wedding etc owe a 2page makeup assignment based on the web links in schedule for day you missed Deduct 10 of nal grade for any outstanding makeups TEAM POLICY Each team will do a 360 peer review Those peer reviews will weight the nal grade and can lower individual team member39s grades The client also does a nal assessment of your project which weights the nal grade The instructor uses judgment in determining how it is weighted if you have a problem team member the team may elect to re them The red team member can be picked up by another team or do their own independent project Please re early to leave individual suf cient time to move along in their growth and development INTRODUCTION Bring back small business Between 1865 and WWI and again in 1990s quotSmall Businesses were replaced by rigidly hierarchical and authoritarian industrial organizations that relied on the cheap and plentiful sweatshop labor supplied to new waves of immigrationquot and in far ung global supply chains Hellinger amp Judd 1991 24 ae N The Democratic FaA adea TM Brooks Cole Publishing Table 1 presents alternatives to rigid hierarchical authoritarian leader styles and relates this to the SEAM methodology of small business consulting Table l is for students who have had the Mgt388G course from Boje The main Leadership IN THE BOXOUT OF THE BOX web site is at httpbusinessnmsuedudb0je388 and SEPTET http39 quotmsquot quot u 39 For application see Enron Metatheatre website at httpL quotmen quot J 39 um COURSE OBJECTIVES 1 General To provide a practical experience in SEAM analysis amp decisionmaking N with respect to the problems amp opportunities associated with small business amp entrepreneurship Specific Develop amp demonstrate this ability by these metrics Read understand amp analyze an actual experiential field case in small business consulting Investigate amp describe a business situation using socioeconomic tools such as priority action plans time management etc 3 Develop interpersonal skills in oral and writeeh presentation team partiicipation and cooperative behavior with consulting clients 4 Design meaningful recommendations to problems and feedback to client using Mirror Effect 5 Design a useful implementation plan for integrating recommendations into an ongoing business amp for controlling the integration amp impact ofthose recommendations The Implementation 6 Perform research of current literature with regard to small business N gt1 Study the dyamics of the environment its history and develop antenarratives of the future as context to work with client organization 8 Listen analyze question amp recommend business objectives strategies policies amp procedures MBA GOALS Mgt 548 students 1 Demonstrate welldeveloped oral and written communication skills measured in report amp presentations 2 Demonstrate welldeveloped critical thinking skills measured in use of antenarrative root cause and intervention 3 Demonstrate pro ciency in quantitative analysis measured in indicators logged into notebook eld notes amp report 4 Demonstrate welldeveloped interpersonal skills measured by behavior with clients and in team 5 Demonstrated pro ciency in dealing with ethical and legal issues in business measured in Axis C ethical behaviors analysis amp in answerability for conduct in consultation PROJECT DETAILS The end ofthe second or third class meeting you will identify individuals or teams consisting of from two to four persons No team larger than four persons is permitted Students will work as assigned to aid specific local businesses Each individual or team39s job for the semester includes but is not limited to diagnosing the firm39s current situation all aspects preparing an analysis of the industry to which the firm belongs identifying the firm39s problems providing recommended solutions to each problem amp integrating the solutions into a feasible plan for the entrepreneur to follow The individual or team members will introduce themselves to the business owner amp work with the owner visiting the premises as often as required in order to produce the best report possible AT LEAST 10 TEN VISITS ARE REQUIRED NOTE Weekly quotProgress Assessmentquot visits with your instructor are required unless otherwise directed These are usually 1520 minutes depending up sign up order first come first serve During the course ofthe semester amp during meetings rough drafts of different sections of the report will be reviewed analyzed amp edited by the instructor ampor the coordinator This permits the students to receive regular feedback amp guidance in order to produce a high quality amp useful finished report After completing the report on the assigned small business individuals or team members deliver a final finished bound copy after obtaining the instructor39s approval to the business owner The students are to go over highlights of the report with the business owner amp obtain feedback from the owner NOTE there is a peer assessment of teams This means that slackers will not get the same grade as their team PROJECT REPORT OUTLINE See p 33 Fig 41 of WEB CT document Savall H Zardet V amp Bonnet M 2000 ae oeReleasing the untapped potential of enterprises through socioeconomic managementa for chart with the 3 axes On line httpwwwiseorcomimagesprse4gif SECTION AXIS A PROCESS OF IMPROVEMENT See chapter 6 DIAGNOSIS 0f 6 Dysfunctions W0 WC 3Cs TM TNG SI that includes root cause and story chart Mirror Effect direct quotes from stakeholders copied out of your Notebook interview amp observation verbatim quotes amp hidden revenuehidden cost use p 68 amp p 162 Fig 32 and p 172 Fig 59 as templates PROJECT INTERVENTION that is codesigned with your client and is over and done by the end of the semester Please tell the story of the project intervention and how it was codesigned IMPLMENTATION ae please tell the implementation story of your project implementation ASSESSMENT OF RESULTS ae how are you measuring the results of the intervention and its implementation Note Client must agree to be present on Final Exam day to provide oral assessment of results N E 4 SECTION a AXIS B 6 SEAM TOOLS See Chapter 7 IESAP InternalExternal Strategic Action Plan This is SAP for internal organization and external environment change IESAP covers 5 years It is a simple chart with 3 objectives and a 5year implementation schedule PAP Priority Action Plan for one semester Make one for client This is a simple chart translating the IESAP goals to speci c subobjectives with priority actions and who is responsible and when it gets done during the semester CG Competencies Grid aka Scale of Skills Do one for your client before and after the project intervention What are yourtheir strong weak and critical competencies to develop 4 TM Time Management Self Analysis by client of time use then see what can be delegated or eliminated N E 5 SPILB Strategic Piloting Indicators Log Book ae Your Black Composition Notebook serves as your SPILB a no other book will do Develop 5 types of indicators for IESAP PAP etc for yourself amp your client 6 PNAC Periodically Negotiable Activity Contract PNAC your contract for three objectives your team will complete with your client PNAC is renegotiated several times during the term to keep your objectives in sync with client and instructor expectations SECTION a AXIS C POLICY amp STRATEGIC DECISIONS See chapter 8 l STRATEGIC STORY CHOICES STORY ae tell story ofthe external N environmental changes products markets rules interorganizational collaboration and new technologies choices And the internal story that includes founding story mission vision values motto and logo you develop jointly with client QUALITATIVE amp QUANTITATIVE DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN POTENTIAL STORY See p 87 Figure 63 includes nancial evaluation Tell the story of how your intervention improves human potential ENTERPRISE STRUCTURES IMPROVEMENT STORY ae See p 136 for examples of physical technological organizational demographic and mental structure improvements BEHVIOR ETHICS STORY Story of ve ethical areas individual behavior ethics group activity behavior ethics sectoral behavior ethics ie across units pressure group ethics amp collective behavior ethics End your report with your version of Figure 81 Four Main Kinds of Strategy Tell story of the intervention moving the organization from one type of strategy to a more favorable one Course Policy on doing Your Own Work Anyone who plagiarizes part of their reports or enters bogus data into the Web CT data archive will be given a as oeFa o for the entire course Please reference others39 work quotput other people39s work in quotation marksquot and give full citation A quotFquot will also be given for anyone who falsifies attendance sheets or for team members who faih to get by on others39 work including members who collaborate in the deception Each student is responsible for understanding what is plagiarism Please consult on line Student Policy on plagiarism httpIibhmsueduihstructiohplagiarismforstudehtshtm Course Policy regarding Cell Phones Turn off cell phones and pagers during class time each violation lowers your grade by one unit Do not accept or place calls or text message during class time no exceptions 15 offense is volunteering in Bojea ms improv theatre training repeated offense will lower one grade DisabilitiesEmployee Relations Call the Director of Institutional Equity at 5056463635 with any questions you may have about NMSU39s NonDiscrimination Policy amp complaints of discrimination including sexual harassment Call the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities at 5056466840 regarding student issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA andor Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 All medical information will be treated confidentially GOAL OF THE SMALL BUSINESS INSTITUTE SBI The goal ofthe SBI program is completion of a report intended to assist entrepreneurs We will hold two no cost SBla 5 during the term Their purpose is to help small businesses work on strategy that will enable them to become more economically viable This helps to build the economic health of New Mexico CLIENTS Clients ofthe SBI program should be owners or ownermanagers of small business as defined by the Small Business Administration Occasional exceptions are allowed with the approval of the SBA amp the instructor FINAL REPORT amp CLIENT RAPPORT Three copies of the final report are required The report should contain a plan for implementing the recommendations made to ease identified problems It is neither the responsibility nor the intention ofthe student the instructor the university SCORE or SBA to force the entrepreneur to take this advice The advice must be quotsoldquot like any other productservice to the consumer client This selling process will be ongoing during the semester as the students interact with the entrepreneur The rapport between consulting students amp consumer clients will have a significant effect on whether or not the advice will be taken IT IS THE STUDENT39S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE EVERY EFFORT AT DEVELOPING amp MAINTAINING A GOOD RAPPORT WITH THE CONSUMER CLIENT SELECTION Most clients are referred to the SBI program by the SBA SCORE NMSU39s Small Business Assistance Program the local banks amp other institutions dealing with small business owners All clients must sign an agreement to participate in the program amp to hold the university amp the SBA harmless for the report39s recommendations The instructor gives this form to the clients before students are assigned to the case CONFIDENTIALITY The relationship between the client amp the consultant requires complete confidentiality Students will not discuss a case with anyone outside of the class This confidentiality matter will be fully discussed in class RESPONSIBILITIES 0 Clients 0 Clients do have responsibilities among which are to fully amp actively cooperate with the students in providing relevant information about the business amp the ownermanager or key employees Such relevant information includes financial statements educational amp experiential backgrounds motivations for opening the business goals amp objectives ofthe business amp known or suspected problems If a cooperation problem with the client arises it will be the students39 responsibility to inform the instructor immediately Waiting until the end ofthe semester will be too late to correct the problem 0 Finally clients will be asked to evaluate the student team amp the value of the report to the client amp the business Consulting Teams Each member of any team is expected to carry his or her load amp is expected to cooperate fully with the client amp the other team members If a cooperation problem with a team arises it will be the student39s responsibility to inform the instructor immediately Waiting until the end of the semester will be too late to correct the problem Individual students amp team members have several responsibilities during the course of the semester Among these are 0 O Interviewing the client amp key employees of the business Analyzing the industry of which the client39s business is a part Preparing each part ofthe report amp the final report Maintaining the confidentiality of information given to students during the course of interviews amp research Obtaining approval according to procedures set by NMSU before conducting any research on human beings Making a final presentation to the client Completing peer evaluation forms amp submitting them to the instructor Being on time for all meeting with the class instructor amp business owner amp participating fully in these meetings


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