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Fundamentals of Public Speaking

by: Vergie Green V

Fundamentals of Public Speaking COMM 110

Marketplace > North Dakota State University > Communication > COMM 110 > Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Vergie Green V
GPA 3.84

Christopher Mattix

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About this Document

Christopher Mattix
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vergie Green V on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 110 at North Dakota State University taught by Christopher Mattix in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/233234/comm-110-north-dakota-state-university in Communication at North Dakota State University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Writing Tips 1 Avoid quotThere is and quotThere arequot as the beginning of sentences Do not say quotThere are several new and interesting things about communication that theory explains instead say quotTheory explains several new and interesting things about communication 2 Avoid the ambiguous itI thatI and they quotIt was a wonderfully bright shade of orange and I have grown rather attached to it over the week but it was beginning to look a little bare so I decided that it would be best for me to throw it away WHAT THE HECK IS IT quotWhat they mean by that is that when too much rain falls it will flood They talk about plans to prevent the flood That means the City of Fargo needs more volunteers for sandbagging That should be easy to get since there are three collegesuniversities in FargoMoorheadquot WHAT What is that Who is they 3 This or that should be followed by the word to which this or that refers This was not as useful as the computer information but it was still a shocker for me to learn WHAT IS THIS 4 TENSE matters Is it PAST or PRESENT Pick one and stick with it Do they quotmquot or have they quotstatedquot Ethey believe or ill they believe Is it SINGULAR or PLURAL Both should not be in the same sentence For example quotAn individual s favorite food tells you a lot about them NO You should write quotAn individual39s favorite food tells you a lot about him or her YES 5 Vague Language Things got better the next day because I started to make more friends and such What THINGS What does llAND SUCH Mean Explain 6 Avoid contractions in formal writing DO NOT do it notice I did not say don t quotIt s all so overwhelmingquot Vs quotIt is all so overwhelming WHICH SOUNDS SMARTER 7 Commas and conjunctions between independent clauses This would be called a comma splice without one quotI had expected beforehand to have a tough time with the bathroomsI and it has unquestionably turned out to be the hardest thing to deal with so far 8 Good opening and closing paragraphs are key Start strong and end strong 9 KNOW APA Do not lose easy points If you are a COMM major it will likely be a good investment to purchase an APA Manual as a reference APA Manual s are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online or in the bookstore in new or used condition Think about it 10 Paragraphs Paragraphs should never be an entire page long Start a new paragraph when ideas change ALSO unless you are writing in AP style paragraphs should never be fewer than three sentences FlNALLY the beginning line ofa paragraph should be indented 11 THERE is a difference between quottherequot and quottheirquot quotIs it their dog or is their dog over theirquot quotNo THEIR dog is over THERE SEE IT S FRUSTRATING 12 14 1 U1 1 CD 1 l 1 OO 19 2 0 There is also a difference between your and quotyou requotL vou are quotYOUR car is in the way YOU ARE you re going to need to move itquot YOUR is possessive YOU RE is a c0ntraction so it should not be used in formal writing anyway is a noun and verb that typically come before something you describe TOO many people misuse the word ELTOOTWO Remember TWO is a number TOO indicates quotalso in addition or excessquot and TO indicates a movement or a direction quotI am going to the bathroom or the first part of an infinitive This year I am going to give up french fries There is definitely not an quotAquot in the word definitely It makes a difference whether or you say quotwhetherquot or quotweatherquot For example Do you know whether or not the weather is going to cooperate this weekend Repetition is good because it helps us remember but too much repetition becomes confusing because too much repetition says the same thing over again so too much repetition hinders your message The point Be careful how many times in a row you use the same word or phrase to start a sentence or how many times you use the same words in a single sentence or paragraph WHO DAT Use quotwhoquot not quotthatquot when talking about or referring to people For example quotSmith was a researcher that believed all messages were strategic instead say quotSmith was a researcher who believed all messages were strategic Misuse of comma For example quotThe bank bank with is not down here in Fargo I tried to use my mom s accountquot NOTlCE A SEMICOLON NOT A COMMA Microsoft Word s Spellcheck is great but never underestimate the power of PROOFREADING Proofreading is defined as quotto readin order to detect and mark errors to be correctedquot quotWebster s College Dictionary 2005 p 986 There is a big difference between PUBLIC education and PUBIC education Spell check will not highlight this mistake


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